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The Hidden Truth About Weight Gain

HORMONES & FERTILITY5 Hormonal Aspects of Infertility

CDC reports 22% of women have trouble getting pregnant

Causes include: - 21% anovulation - 14% tubal damage- 6% endometriosis

Overall, 28% of cases were unexplained

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There are 5 key hormonal aspects to infertility

Ovarian insufficiency as follicles fall, estrogen is still produced but ovulation does not occur

Luteal phase deficiency ovulation may occur but progesterone levels are insufficient to sustain pregnancy

PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome most common endocrine disorder in women of reproductive age

Thyroid deficiency also implicated as a cause of infertility

Stress High or low cortisol levels can affect the ability to conceive

Women with infertility also tend to experience monthly hormone changes, such as . . .

High FSH level on Day 3 follicular phase reflects ovarian insufficiency

Low estradiol & progesterone on Day 21 could indicate low egg reserve

High estradiol & low progesterone in luteal phase indicates non-ovulation

High testosterone + DHEA-S with high LH relative to FSH points to PCOS

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