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Prologue for Hope's Folly, my take on Pinstar's Apocalypse Challenge (using the FT/AL/M&G rules created by the Apoca-Borg at Boolprop).


  • 1. Hi, everyone. Thank you for reading my attempt at yet another Apocalypse Challenge (created by Pinstar) using the new EP rules cooked up by the Apoca-Borg at Boolprop.com. Hopefully, I wont break too many!Ive played through various versions of the AC since it first came out, but that was just for fun. Ive never documented my AC play before. Ive been inspired by a love of zombie movies and post-apocalyptic CC to finally do one. At the same time, I get to test drive those new rules. Wish me luck!

2. Meet my founder, Abandon HopeBan for short. Hes an Aries Popularity Sim, 5/9/6/4/1, with a LTW to make 20 best friends, easily doable with a YA. Hes attending La FiestaI mean Woodsonian Universitymajoring in Art. Yep, hes going to be an artist.Oh, did I forget to mention? I used a random number generator to set the order of my lifts. The first two are Art and Dance. Ban will be looking for a spouse with high creativity. But this is Bans story. Lets let him tell it. 3. Names Abandon, Abandon Hope. Yeah, yeah. I know. Heard it all, so save yourself the time. Framming parents thought sticking me with a name like that was a real hoot. Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad. You didnt have to go through school with it. Anyway, call me Ban. I sure as shooting dont answer to Abandon. Ugh.Anyway, Ms. Carstairsthats my Honors English teacheris having all of us maintain a journal for the semester as part of our senior project. Eh. Not sure what it is she expects me to write. Reckon if I put down the words like Im talking to my best buddy, Jake, itll sound alright in the end. 4. I live on a farm just outside of Hopes Folly. And, yeah, the town was named for my great-great-great-grandpa or something like that. Big deal. Only place more boring than the Folly is home. Not much to do here cepting milk cows, mow hay, plant soybean, wheat and corn. Most exciting thing to do is tipping cows on a Saturday evening or swiping watermelons from Old Man MacGregors place and holding seed spitting contests or hot-wiring Jimmy Tupelos monster truck and taking it for a spin.Not that Id ever do that, Ms. Carstairs, in case youre paying attention. Leastways, never been caught at it. 5. We expect you to show up on time for meals, Boy.Sorry, Daddy, Mama. Time got away from me.Dont let it happen again. Done your chores?Um.Abandon? 6. Not exactly.What not exactly? You either finish the milking or you dont.Got distracted. The morning light was just right, andYou were painting?Well. Yeah. Look. Ill see to them after breakfast, okay? 7. Do it now. JackNo, Sarah. Boys got a choice. The cows dont.ButDads right, Mama. Full udders hurt. Ill take care of it now. Sorry, Daddy.Good man. Well make a farmer out of you yet..yeah. About that. 8. I dontI mean Im notnot gonna be a farmer.Someones gotta run this place. I wont live forever.Uh-oh, Bannys in trouble~Shut it, Lindsay.Make me, Dork Breath.We been over this a million times, Abandon. Youll go to Sim City A&M, get your Husbandry degree, come back here and take over. 9. No, Dad. Youve been over it. I never agreed.You dont have to agree. Just do whats expected of you.Frammit. You never listen!What was that?Nothing. Ill go take care of those cows.Good. Lets stop all this foolishness. When I was your age I wanted to be a space pirate, but I came back home and did my duty. Youll grow out of your little scribbles. People change, Abandon. Youll see. This is the place youre meant to be. 10. Little scribbles! Yeah. Not like what I want is important. It never is. Daddy has our lives all planned out for us, and were just expected to go along with whatever he decides. That was fine and dandy when I was nine, but Ill be eighteen in two monthsa man. Daddy always told me a man makes his own way in life. Why the hell wont he allow that I need to make mine?I have something way more important to do with my life than spend it in the middle of nowhere tending cows and growing corn. I know I do. I can feel it. 11. You wanted to talk to me, Mama?Banny. Trust you to show up just when I take a pie out of the oven.Im really not hungry. 12. I said I wasnt hungry, Mama.Since when have you ever been not hungry for strawberry rhubarb?" 13. Since Woodsonian University offered me a full ride that Daddyll make me turn down. 14. Ohhhh! Thats the fine arts school you have all those catalogs on. Im so proud of you, Abandon.How did you kn Never mind. Youre a mom. You know everything.Next time you dont want me to see something, dont hide it in your underwear drawer. Or did you forget who puts away your laundry? Honey, you know your father only wants whats best for you. 15. Yeah? It sure as hell doesnt feel like he does.Language. Ban, just what sort of living could you make with your paintings? Enough to get by on? Enough to support a family? You do want one someday, dont you?I reckon? Never really thought about it.Youll always be able to take care of them with this farm. Can you say that about your painting? 16. Why does everyone think I cant make a go at this? Im damn good, Mama! Woodsonian wouldnt have offered me that scholarship if I wasnt.Honey, I know you have talent 17. You got a funny way of showing it. 18. Im your mother, Abandon. I cant help but worry about you. Doesnt mean I dont have faith in you. Its just 19. that you dont have faith in me.You know darn well thats not what it means! 20. Youre so all-fired set on thinking the worst of us that youre not giving us a chance.Let Lindsay have the farm. Dont see why it has to be me.For one, theres always been a Hope in charge of the farm. Lindsay wont be a Hope once she marries. Besides 21. Sides what, Mama? 22. Nothing. No need to fret about it.Dont do that. What? 23. Let it go, Abandon. Itd be nice if your daddy could hand over the reins and retire is all. You know weve never had a vacation? Might be fun to travel while we still have the time.Jeez, you talk like youre gonna kick the bucket. Aint either of you even close to fifty. Plenty of time.Youre right. Plenty of time. 24. Dont you worry about school, Banny. Ill have a talk with your father.It wont change anything.Hush. You let me handle it. And eat your pie.Yes maam. Uh, thanks. 25. Hey, Honey. You look down. Feeling okay?Little tired. Dont look at me like that, Sarah. Im fine. You need to stop worrying so much. Its not good for you.ButI aint licked yet. 26. We, Jack. Were not licked.We.Better.Slave driver. Now, you didnt come in here just to make sure Im still alive and kicking. My parental senses are tingling. I reckon this is about Ban. 27. Youre good.So Ive been told. He still whining about the farm?Stop.Darlin, you know I want him to be happy. If there was any other way But theres not. You know what Dr. Hunkle said. Theres just not enough time. Lindsay will be too young.I dont want to talk about it. I cant. 28. Fine. Have it your way. Ignore the elephant sitting on the rug.Jack.Never mind. You wanted to talk about Ban. Whats that boy gone and done now? 29. Promise you wont get mad.Damn. More fights at school?Nope.Got himself arrested for joyriding?Worse.Worse?Yep. Went and got himself a full scholarship to Woodsonian University. 30. Woodsonian? Thats great! I bet he was hopping with excitement. He 31. he cant go.Dont jump the gun here. Ive been thinking. 32. Why cant he attend Woodsonian U, sow his oats, paint his little heart out and then come back?Cause it wont be enough, Sarah. You been listening to the boy? He wants to make it bighell, he probably could with enough elbow grease and luckrun off to Sim City and rub elbows with the artsy set and make something of himself. He doesnt want to come back here to the boonies and grow corn. I wish. 33. Hell, it dont matter what I wish.Jackkeep this up and hell wind up hating you.Better he hate me when the time comes. Itll be easier. 34. It wont be easier. Itll be a million times worse. I wish youd never started moonlighting at the Facility.We needed the money, Sarah. Still do. At least theyre covering all the medical.Because they want to study you like youre a damn guinea pig. Its nothing but a bribe to keep you from blowing the whistle on them. 35. Facility? Blowing the whistle?Joe Briggs threatened to do that. You know what happened to him.They wouldnt really?I may be willing to take that chance on myself, but itll be a cold day in hell before I risk you or the kids.What are they talking about? Mr. Briggs got himself killed when he wrapped his car around that big, old oak off of Route 2. 36. Honey, you need to talk to him. Tell him.Tell him what? That Im dying from some crazy disease the doctors havent even named yet?Hes old enough. Tell him.No. I wont do that to him. Frammit. I should let him go off to Woodsonian. At least then hed be out of this messsafe. But you and Lindsay are going to need him.I know hes wild and always getting in trouble. But this familys important to him. Hell understand. Just talk to him. Before. 37. Say it. Before I die. 38. Dont. I cant bear it. 39. Shhh, Sarah. Darlin. Dont cry. Well get through this.I cant!You can. Youre strong, strongest person I know.I cant lose you.Shhh. 40. No. No. No. No. No. No! Its a lie. Daddys not dying. It aint true. It cant be true. I wont let it be true. 41. I 42. WONT 43. LET IT! 44. Ow! Frammit! 45. Pull your act together, Abandon, and quit pitching a fit. The good lord gave you a brain, so use it. Daddy aint gonna die cause you aint gonna let him die. You just got to think some. Gotta be something you can dodoctors. Better doctors. No, wait. That Facility Mama mentioned. Think, frammit, think! 46. So I thought. And I thought me some more.What the heck is this Facility? I thought Daddy was working nights out to Simpsons Elevators. Thats what him and Mama told us.If theyre the ones who did this to him, then theyre the ones who can fix him. Damned if I wont make em. 47. B