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A brief history of Web 2.0 & Social Networks (from talk @ Univ. Edinburgh, Jan 2008)


  • And loving every goddamn minute.Dave McClure, Master of 500 Hats@ Univ. Edinburgh, Jan 2008blog: http://500hats.typepad.com/web: http://www.500hats.com/slides: http://slideshare.net/dmc500hats/

  • AgendaWeb 2.0 & Startup MetricsA Brief History of Social NetworksFacebook & Social Platforms

  • Why Be A Web 2.0 Entrepreneur?

  • 10 Essential Elements of a Tasty Web 2.0 MealSteak: Web Services & APIs Consume, Remix, Reuse, EmitSizzle: Rich Client-Side Experience Ajax, Flash, Air, SilverlightSEO/SEM: Organic & Paid Search Traffic OpportunitiesStuff: Blogs, Widgets, RSS, overall online content distributionSend: I hate spam too, but email still works just fine Social: People & Groups, Social Networks, Viral LoopsSpicy: Tags, Ratings, [UG]Content= Lower Cost, Higher QualityStats: Ability to Measure the System & Get FeedbackSpeed: Ability to Iterate, Release Quickly, & Improve Sell [out]: Lots of Ways to Make $ (Ads, Leads, E-Com, etc)

  • Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!

    Acquisition: users come to site from various channelsActivation: users enjoy 1st visit: "happy experienceRetention: users come back, visit site multiple timesReferral: users like product enough to refer othersRevenue: users conduct some monetization behavior

  • Customer Lifecycle & Conversion Behavior


  • Example Conversion Metrics(note: *not* actuals your mileage may vary.)

    CategoryConversion StatusConv %Est. ValueAcquisitionVisit Site (or landing page, or external widget)100%$.01AcquisitionDoesn't Abandon (views 2+ pages, stays 10+ sec, 2+ clicks)70%$.05ActivationHappy 1st Visit(views X pages, stays Y sec, Z clicks)30%$.25ActivationEmail/Blog/RSS/Widget Signup(anything that could lead to repeat visit)5%$1ActivationAcct Signup(includes profile data)2%$3RetentionEmail Open / RSS view -> Clickthru3%$2RetentionRepeat Visitor (3+ visits in first 30 days)2%$5ReferralRefer 1+ users who visit site2%$3ReferralRefer 1+ users who activate1%$10RevenueUser generates minimum revenue2%$5RevenueUser generates break-even revenue1%$25

  • A Brief History of Social Networks

    Groups & Email Lists (eGroups/Yahoogroups) Social Networks 1.0 (Ryze, Friendster, Orkut, Tribe) Blogs (Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress) Photos, Audio, Video (Flickr, Podcasts, YouTube) Social Networks 2.0 (LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook) Feeds & Shared Social Activity (News Feed, Twitter) Apps & Widgets (Slide, RockYou, ClearSpring) Hosted Platforms (Facebook, OpenSocial, Bebo) Vertical Communities (Ning, KickApps) Embedded Apps & Social APIs (Facebook, recently)

    Social Network Prediction Markets (the future?)

  • Facebook, Open Social, & The Social Platform Revolution The Social Graph = Friend Lists Shared Social Activity Stream = Feeds Social Platform & APIs = Apps

    Will it Continue to Grow? (Yes) Will Others Compete? (Probably) Will it Monetize Better? (Dunno hope so)

    This slide is way too busy need to break this out into separate slides & messages.

    ****This slide is way too busy need to break this out into separate slides & messages.*