hong kong pbn implmentation icao gnss implementation seminar/workshop 26 march 2012

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Hong Kong PBN implmentation ICAO GNSS Implementation Seminar/Workshop 26 March 2012. Content. Latest Hong Kong PBN Implementation Roadmap Publication of mandate requirements for Baisc-RNP1 and RNP4 New PBN procedures Implementation New RNP AR APCH Progress Difficulties. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Hong KongPBN implmentation ICAO GNSS Implementation Seminar/Workshop 26 March 2012

  • *ContentLatest Hong Kong PBN Implementation RoadmapPublication of mandate requirements for Baisc-RNP1 and RNP4New PBN procedures ImplementationNew RNP AR APCHProgress Difficulties

  • Hong Kong PBN Implementation Plan ~ Approach*

  • Hong Kong PBN Implementation Plan ~ Terminal*

  • Hong Kong PBN Implementation Plan ~ Enroute*

  • Implementation of new RNP AR APCHBackground Current RNP AR APCH RWY25RWhy new?Procedure DetailsDifficulties encounteredQ&A*

  • Background: Current RNP AR APCH RWY25R (implemented in 2010) *Same Approach track as ILS APCH15NM long final Same Profile as ILS APCHImproved MAP track (vs ILS) for better ATM

  • Why we need another new RNP AR APCH?Reduce Noise level over highly populated areaShorter track mile for flights from W and SWAvoid Weather near Hong Kong highest mountain (Tai Mo Shan)an alternate route when weather blocking traffic from joining current ILS/RNP APCH

  • *RNP AR APCH Implementation Process in Hong Kong Brief Hong Kong Implementation process for RNP AR APCH

    Stakeholders consultation (Operators, ATC etc)Primary Flight Procedure Design with Preliminary assessmentPrimary ATC procedure studyStakeholders consultationRevised Design with Detail Flight Procedure assessment Stakeholders Review (Operators, ATC, Regulator etc)Flight Simulation (Ground validation)Further revision Detail ATC procedure developmentStakeholders ReviewSafety assessmentRevised Flight and ATC procedure accommodating safety assessment outcomePublication Trial Operation with appropriate benchmarking (flight efficiency environmental, track mile ; workload both pilots and controllers) for 0.5 to 1 yrImplementationObtain Feedback from stakeholders, continuous maintenancePeriodic Review

  • PBN TF 6 (Feb 2012) WP12ICAO recommendationICAO Doc 8168 Vol. II, Part I Section 4, Chapter 99.5.3 Duplicate Procedure identification e.g. RNAV(RNP) z Rwy25R RNAV(RNP) y Rwy25R Most FMS accept 6 character e.g.RNV25R7 character is required e.g. RNVy25RB777 & B748Limited amount of aircraft can fly the procedure onlyless flight can enjoy the benefits of shorter track miles and enhanced operating efficiency of the new procedures

    Difficulties Encountered: ATMProcedure Naming DataBase issue *

  • The meeting is requested to note that:Hong Kong has completed most of the short term PBN implementation projects and is expecting to accomplish all other short term PBN projects in 2012;

    Hong Kong has published the mandate requirements for Basic-RNP 1 and RNP 4 (details please refer to Hong Kong AIC 03/12); and

    The limitation of FMS, i.e. cannot accept RNP procedure identifications with more than 6 alpha-numeric places even the procedure is named in accordance with the ICAO procedure naming convention as stipulated in Doc 8168, will hinder the implementation of PBN procedures. ICAO may need to consider providing more guidance to assist States and operators in resolving the FMS limitation.

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