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  • 1. Homonyms

2. A flower found in your eye.iris 3. Look at this to see what the time is.watch 4. Your money is not in danger when it is in this.safe 5. Practise for a match as you travel on the rails.train 6. Press down hard with your foot to stick this on the envelope.stamp 7. A learner in the middle of your eye.pupil 8. A sixtieth of a minute is not first.second 9. A place where a group of fish learn.school 10. A keen supporter to cool you down.fan 11. Move your hand as the water comes in.wave 12. A less heavy way to start a fire.lighter 13. A dog does this on the outside of a tree trunk.bark 14. Shake with fear holding the arrows.quiver 15. Smooth, not odd numbers.2 4 6even8 10 12 16. Does it squeak when it moves the cursor?mouse 17. The colour of a fruit.orange 18. Glue the long piece of wood.stick 19. A season to go boing!spring 20. A tree in the middle of your hand.palm 21. The end Give yourselves a quiet clap!


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