homeopathy offers safe inexpensive medicine for this - to make offers safe inexpensive medicine...

Download Homeopathy offers safe inexpensive medicine for this -   to Make   offers safe inexpensive medicine for this ... IMUNE The Science of Homeopathy ...

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  • Homeopathy offers safe inexpensive medicine for this

    world. This is a major threat to the profit of the

    SINthetic Chemical companies. This SINthetic cartel

    has tried to discredit, divert attention, distract the

    public and flat out do everything to make sure people

    do not find out about homeopathy.

  • Before you make homeopathy we recommend

    you take our course to learn all about it.


    An Enlightened Mind Looks into Homeopathy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSfFX9a5H7M

    IMUNE The Science of Homeopathy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vgoUUGnC_M

    Water, Wine and Homeopathy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQOTbv5jTSA

    Misconceptions of Homeopathy



    Go to: http://www.imune.net/medicalbooks/ to get the Books Required

    1-- Scientific Research In Homeopathy 2012 , 2-- Basic Complex Homeopathy








  • BASIC Types of Tinctures

  • How to Make an Easy Homeopathic Oil Infusion

    Once you get into making your own personal products, you may notice how many

    oils are used in different recipes. If purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of essential

    oils is not your thing, you can get some of the same benefits from plants and flowers

    you have grown by preparing Homeopathic oil infusions with them.

  • Take that rosemary plant on your back porch for instance if you make an

    Homeopathic infusion with it you can use that oil to make your homemade lotion, body

    wash, or facial cleanser, and you wont have to add expensive essential oils if you dont

    want to. You might also use a rosemary infused olive oil as a base for an impressive

    homemade salad dressing or in other savory dishes.


  • Tips for Making Homeopathic Infused Oil

    Choose Your Method

    There are several methods for making Homeopathic oils, most requiring a great deal of

    time to make. For example, the solar infusion method requires very little hands on time,

    but two or more weeks to make! Im very impatient with DIY projects once I decide to

    make something, I want to make it RIGHT NOW, and I dont like to wait very long. With

    a hot infusion method, you can have an oil infusion in a few hours.

    I prefer to use a slow cooker with a warm setting (like this one), which prevents the oils

    and herbs from getting too hot and cooking. The lower the heat and the slower the

    infusion, the stronger your Homeopathic oil will be. If your slow cooker only has a low

    setting, you can still use this method, but youll need to check the temperature

    frequently, turning your slow cooker off and back on to regulate the heat.

    Determine Your Purpose

    Before making your Homeopathic infused oil, youll want to have some idea of the ways

    youll be using your oil. Do you want to use it for homemade healing salve? DIYhair

    treatments? Natural baby care items? Gourmet cooking? Knowing this ahead of time

    will be helpful in determining which oils and herbs you want to use.

    Choose Your Oil and Herbs

    If your finished oil will be used for culinary purposes or in Homeopathic salves, a high

    quality olive oil may be your best choice. Extra virgin olive oil is more stable and doesnt

    go rancid as quickly as most other oils. (Find high quality extra virgin olive oil here.)

    However, if using your finished oil in beauty products, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or


  • coconut oil may be wonderful choices. (Find high quality carrier oils for beauty products


    Most flowers or herbs can be used for infused oil, but be sure you know a little

    something about the herb you choose. Some herbs can be used for their healing

    qualities, while others may be chosen for their pleasant aroma.

    I prefer to use dried herbs and flowers because fresh herbs contain water that can

    cause mold growth and spoilage of your finished oil. Grow your own or purchase

    organic dried herbs so you dont end up with pesticides in your Homeopathic oil. (Find

    organic herbs and dried flowers here.) Some of my favorite Homeopathic infused oils to

    make are lavender, rose, and rosemary, but choose whatever you like based on scent

    and/or beneficial properties.


  • Making the mother tincture is different for

    each herb or substance. It is best to go to

    the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia or

    Naturopathic Compendium to find out just

    how to make the tincture. After making

    the tincture the sucussion process add

    energy to the homeopathic shape.

  • http://www.downloads.imune.net/medicalbooks/Scientific%20Research%20In%20Homeopathy%202012.pdf

    There is excessive evidence for liquid

    homeopathy (not pills) even though it has

    been buried and ignored by the scientists of

    the SINthetic chemical cartel


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