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Home is where the heart is. You want to spend more of your time enjoying the pleasures of home and hearth. What are you really looking for in your home? At different times of your life there are different answers – new meanings to old words, new definitions of common phenomena. And the whole thinking will be further complicated by technologies evolving faster every day.


  • 1. A new perspective to look at your home

2. Eye Your HOME ANEW 3. Home is where the heart is. You want to spendmore of your time enjoying the pleasures of homeand hearth.What are you really looking for in your home?At different times of your life there are differentanswers new meanings to old words, newdefinitions of common phenomena. And thewhole thinking will be further complicated bytechnologies evolving faster every day. 4. Time changes. Technology advances. Lifestyle evolves.So does your idea of perfection. One thing is certainthough, your need for electricity is more important thanever and is an indispensable part of your life.Twenty years ago, there might be little disruption toyour home life during a power outage. You might lighta candle or go to bed early. However, with the internetrevolution and technological advances, our home lifeis different now. Just imagine, being disconnectedbecause there is no electricity for your internet router orcordless phone, you are inconvenienced because thereis no electricity to power your home appliances, and youlack security because there is no electricity to keepyour security system running.Look at your home from a new perspective. 5. Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energymanagement and pioneer in catering to your sophisticatedelectrical needs. An in-depth understanding of lifestyle,technology and sustainability ensure what we do ismeaningful and relevant to you. We rewrite the answers tothe traditional questions about electrical safety and homedecor, and provide the solutions to environmental causeswhilst enhancing comfort and convenience.Thats why you have to eye yourHOME ANEW, from a high groundbuilt for you by Schneider Electric.Carefree Home Beautiful Home Enlightened Home Wiser Home 6. Carefree HomeTo enjoy your home you must feel carefree sleep well andwake up happy, with the peace of mind that your home is up andrunning in good order with the minimum chance of electricalhazards, communication disconnection, criminal intrusion orhome accidents. 7. Always-on Connectivity Lifestyle changes with the internet. Now many people are used to online video entertainment, social media, web surfing or web chatting at home. But with a sudden power cut, you can be disconnected completely from the outside world as your internet router, computer and digital cordless phone all use electricity. Schneider Electrics Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) gives you backup power so that you can stay connected with your family and friends miles away even during an extended power outage. raditionally, your From a new perspective, familys peace there is an ever rising need of mind once for electricity from modernQuality Power, Quality Enjoyment Home electricity is actually full of noise andcame from basic homeday sophisticated systems and interference, and the quality of electricity iselectrical safety with no appliances virtually everything often unstable. Even electronic components orelectrocution or accidentsin a good home needs electricity. appliances will generate electromagnetic noise.Schneider Electric helps youfrom short-circuits, All of these affect the audio and visual quality ofto ensure a safe, continuous,your TV and home entertainment system. Withoverloads, or electricalquality electricity supply so that isolated noise filtering and voltage regulationleakages and lightningyou can have a carefree home,functions, Schneider Electrics AV Power Filter andstrikes. Home securityon top of safety and security. Power Conditioner eliminate electrical noise andsimply meant lock up.interference to minimize audio and visual distortion with the best picture and sound for your discerning eyes and ears. 8. Full Time ProtectionHave you ever used wet hands to turn switches on or off in yourkitchen? Are you using your hairdryer in a wet washroom after ashower? More electrical and electronic items such as small TVs andradios are being installed in humid places like bathrooms, outdoorgardens or balconies. Waterproofing and weatherproofing is vitallyimportant. Schneider Electrics sockets with RCD add ground faultprotection, while the Kavacha membrane switch covers and socketcovers give you and your family full-time protection from dangerouselectricity leakages due to wet hands. In addition, our Miniature CircuitBreakers (MCB) and Residual Current Devices (RCD) provide reliableelectrical distribution and protection of the electrical circuits throughoutyour home.Uninterrupted Safety and SecurityPower surges and voltage spikes caused bylightning or electronics will damage your valuablehome entertainment systems, while a suddenpower outage will shorten their lifetime too. Safeand continuous electricity supply is essential tooperate and protect your home equipment andsystems. Schneider Electrics surge protectorsprovide better electricity surge absorption, andour Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) helps toensure your security system and valuable homeentertainment system are always up and running.Light on DemandAccidents can happen when you step up to yourdark front entrance at night, or when you goinside the garage or storage room, or when yourlittle ones get up and walk down the corridorin the middle of the night. Keep safe withSchneider Electrics simple lighting automationthat uses Argus occupancy sensors to detectmovement and turn lights on only when andwhere you need it. 9. AV Power Filter & Power ConditionerSchneider Electrics AV Power Filter protects highperformance home audio-video systems from electricalnoise interference and damaging power transients.Its isolated noise filter banks can improve sound andvideo quality by eliminating electromagnetic and radioKavachaWeatherproof Membrance Switch & Socket Coversfrequency interference (EMI/RFI) as a source of audio-video signal degradation. AV Power Conditioner notonly offers noise filtering functions, but also pure sine-wave battery backup power to prevent interruptionsConventional weatherproof covers help to keep switches and socketsand lost multimedia server data.dry when they are closed, but they must be opened for people to usethe switches and sockets. This creates the strange scenario where theprotection is gone when you need it most. With its patent-pendingdesign, Kavacha full-time weatherproof covers enable the switchesand sockets to be operative even when the covers are closed, offeringuninterrupted protection. Better still, the crystal-clear material ensuresthat the interior design is uninterrupted too. Kavacha is the superior full-time shield for switches and sockets operating in damp conditions. Back-UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply The Back-UPS family offers guaranteed power protection for your internet network, computers, routers/modems, high performance electronics, lighting, etc in your home. It provides abundant backup battery during electricity outages and unsafe voltage fluctuations, as well as protection from damaging surges and spikes. The Back-UPS family also runs an automatic periodic battery self-test to ensure early detection for battery placement and proactively notifies you of changing UPS and utility power conditions. It is designed to allow the use of up to two transformer block plugs without blocking access to other receptacles. Available in tower and floor styles. 10. Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) Schneider Electrics low voltage miniature circuitARGUS breakers provide safe and reliable electrical distribution as well as protecting electrical circuits against short- circuit and overload currents. The closing contacts and tripping mechanism allow high load currents to be held Ceiling-mount Occupancy Sensors and isolated from the circuit and the ON/OFF status is clearly indicated. The add-on residual current moduleARGUS occupancy sensors automate the switching or dimming of lights by detecting detects electric current leakage and disconnects the movement within a space. They even automate motor load switching for air-conditioners, circuit to prevent electrocution and injury from electricfans, blinds and curtains. Passive Infrared (PIR), Dual-tech (PRI+Ultrasonic) and dimmable shocks. IEC compliant. sensors are available for various applications. PIR occupancy sensors detect motion bysensing temperature profile changes, which is suitable for detecting large body movements.Dual-Tech occupancy sensors combine both PIR and ultrasonic technology, detecting thetiniest movement to ensure maximum effectiveness for almost every application in everyspace. Dimmable occupancy sensors can work alone or in systems. They detect naturallight and movement to control lighting for optimal ambience. IR remote control makesprogramming simple. With ARGUS occupancy sensors, there is no more fumbling for lightSurgeArrestswitches in the dark or leaving lights on that you dont really need.Surge ProtectorSchneider Electrics Surge Protectors protect your audio andvideo electrical equipment from lightning and power surgesZENcelo and NEOtraveling over COAX and data lines. Its state of the art circuitryoffers sensitive electronic equipment excellent protectionagainst large surges and multiple surge events. AdditionalWall-mount Occupancy Sensorsfeatures like plentiful outlets, long power cord, phone linesplitter, status indicator, cord management and more makeWall-mounted 2-wire PIR occupancy sensors canthis one of our most complete surge offerings.replace normal switches to automate switching ordimming of lights by detecting movement within aspace. Wall-mounted occupancy sensors are availablein ZENcelo and NEO styles to match other ZENceloand NEO switches and sockets in your home. 11. Beautiful HomeEvery artist knows that true beauty lies in the details. Great interior designers are also awareof this and demand perfection in even the smallest detail, physically and sensually. 12. raditionally,From a new perspective, furniture andin addition to these physical fixtures, lamps, d