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Fall Home Improvement



    314 S. Jefferson St., Wadena, MN 56482

    October 6, 2012

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    2 October 6, 2012 Wadena Pioneer JournalHome Improvement


    Mistakes in any task can be costly; they can be especially destructive when it comes to home improvement. Not only can you end up spending more money, you could damage your home or even put yourself in danger. Here are some of the most common home improvement mistakes and how you can avoid them:

    Going with the lowest bid While this idea may seem smart, it

    may cost you in the long run. A low bid can mean you are working with an inex-perienced contractor who may cut cor-ners. Carefully evaluate the quotes and make sure that youre comparing apples to apples.

    Are both contractors using the same type of materials? What type of war-ranty do they offer on their work? Are they insured?

    Its important to know that if your

    contractor is not adequately insured and one of their employees gets hurt while working on your property, you can be held liable for their injuries. Beware of a contractor who will not freely offer up a copy of their insurance policy upon request.

    Taking on a project beyond your scope of expertise

    In an attempt to save money, do-it-yourselfers believe that watching a You-Tube video on how to complete a project makes them an expert. Certain repairs such as roofing, plumbing or electrical can result in serious injury or death.

    Unless you have adequate profes-sional training, leave it to the profes-sionals.

    Buying cheap materialsBuying cheap materials may seem

    like a good way to save money, but it will likely cost you more in the long

    run. Purchasing a kitchen sink made by a manufacturer youve never heard of probably wont last as long as one installed by a plumber who will stand behind their product and warranty it if something goes wrong after installation.

    Following trendsKnow how funny avocado green

    toilets and shag carpeting seem now? While they were trendy at the time, they are both expensive things to fix that date a home.

    Beware of similar trends today and stick with traditional looks that will have a longer shelf life.

    Neglecting to get a permitWhile homeowners can view permits

    as a pointless expense, not getting one for a project that requires it and run-ning into an emergency could result in the accident not being covered by your homeowners insurance.

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    Wadena Pioneer Journal October 6, 2012 3Home Improvement

    A whole new building with energy-efficient doors and windows

    With energy efficient changes in mind, a home furniture store in Wadena re-cently took on some building improvements of its own.

    Smith Furniture, owned by Dick and Sue Wirta of Wade-na, kept many of its original old windows and doors built in the 1890s with the rest of the building until recently.

    When snow comes in through the windows, its time to make a change, Dick said.

    Eight windows and two doors were replaced in late September.


    See SMITH FURNITURE on PAGE 4 Photo by Rachelle Klemme Sue Wirta shows some of the new windows at Smith Furniture on Sept. 26. Windows and doors were replaced for energy efficiency.

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    4 October 6, 2012 Wadena Pioneer JournalHome Improvement

    Additionally, the higher level windows at the front of the store were replaced about a month ago.

    Some side windows higher up are painted over and blocked off with future renovations in mind.

    Sue said people have no-ticed a difference in the win-dow renovations.

    Weve received a lot of positive feedback from the remodeling, she said.

    Employee Josh Snyder also said Smith Furniture has received many compliments on the new windows and doors.

    Theyve been a great improvement, he said. It seems like a whole new building now.

    Snyder, along with Tyler Mueller, did the bulk of the painting between deliver-ies and other tasks at Smith

    Furniture.We painted the windows

    after they installed them all, Snyder said.

    They also worked on the tagboard on the wall, door frames, frames around the office and other areas.

    Paint was chosen to match with the existing building de-sign, Snyder said.

    Sue said other homes or businesses looking to take on remodeling projects would have their own unique needs.

    Every situation is differ-ent, Sue said.

    The Smith Furniture building combines new im-provements with aspects of its original history, when it was both a furniture store and a funeral home in Wadenas 19th Century early days.

    While some of the large front windows are still origi-nal, Sue said, some of them

    cracked or were broken over the years and had to be re-placed.

    Although some of the over-century-old sections are

    no longer in use, they are not all discarded: the Wirtas kept a piece of the original door as a souvenir of the buildings history.


    Photo by Rachelle KlemmeSue Wirta shows an old door piece that was kept as part of the Smith Furniture buildings history.

  • Wadena Pioneer Journal October 6, 2012 5Home Improvement


    There are a number of proj-ects homeowners can delve into this fall, many of which can be quarterbacked by area professionals.

    Its everything and any-thing this time of year, said Stan Ament, owner of Ament Construction in Sebeka.

    Ament said he is working mostly with farmers on putting up buildings before winter hits, and homeowners have tasks they want to finish during the fall.

    Homeowners are getting in a big hurry to get little addi-tions done, he said.

    What should most home-owners be doing this time of year?

    Make sure your windows are caulked, he said.

    While Ament is busy with farm buildings and miscel-laneous home projects, Gordy Macklem, sales representative at Ace Hardware in Wadena, is helping people out with their yards.

    This is the time of the year they take care of their yards if theyre going to be doing any seeding, Macklem said, adding that if a lawn is given proper care in the fall, it will look better in the spring.

    Macklem also said many people choose to remodel dur-ing the fall, mostly because theyve put certain projects on the back burner. He said more worthy fall home improvement projects involve upgrading windows, siding and roofing.

    Some people are using met-al roofing these days, he said. It may cost a little more, but Macklem said its worth it.

    St. Anns Church recently added metal roofing, and its paid off and looks very nice, he added.

    Macklem also said metal roofing offers better protection to a home, and snow slides off it a lot easier than shingles.

    Fall is also a popular time of year to give windows proper protection, Macklem said. He added that October is a good time for people to protect their windows with plastic storm covers.

    Also, putting Sea Foam in lawn mowers and other out-door equipment is a good idea, he said.

    RV Antifreeze is a hot item this time a year because a lot of people go south for the win-ter, he said, adding that the product is used a lot for lake homes.

    A relatively new product

    homeowners are turning to is a septic tank blanket, which keeps septic pipes from freez-ing over by attracting the suns rays, Macklem said. He added that the blankets are especially beneficial for people who live out in the country.

    Also preparing for freezing temps is Judy Malone. She is the co-owner of Lakes Hearth and Home Center in New York Mills.

    Fall is a busy time for Malone because people are putting in wood and gas fire places, she said. But which is better: gas or wood fireplaces?

    Not everybody has access to wood all the time, she said, and if you have to go out and buy it, its not a lot more cost effective.

    She added that some people


    See FALL HOME on PAGE 6

  • 6 October 6, 2012 Wadena Pioneer JournalHome Improvement


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