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Home for Everyone in NCR - Awas Yojna of up govt.When it comes to Affordable Housing Ghaziabad, it is difficult to find a one but thanks to Landcraft developers who, in alliance to UP governments Awas Yojna, have constructed MetroHomes, to serve the purpose. The location of the complex might not be right at the heart of the city, but the distance from the hustle and bustle of crowded places has become one of the unique selling points for the project.

The price range of an apartment in such a complex is much less in comparison to the me in any other complex. For example, the cost of simple 1 BHK Flats in Ghaziabad comes never less than 30-35 lacs where as in MetroHomes; one can expect the same price for a 3 BHK alternative. Isnt that incredible?

Low Cost Housing Flats In GhaziabadFurther one of the biggest advantages of the residential complex I that it offers all amenities that a person can expect in skyscrapers constructed in premium locations. There I a huge space which is dedicated to lush greenery only to make the residents feel fresh air every time they breathe in. People who love to spend their evening amidst tranquility and a peaceful environment should always look for such a residential complex where life is full of serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Indeed it is difficult to imagine that so many facilities are possible in such Low Cost Housing Flats In Ghaziabad. One can get ample amount of light and ventilation in such a residential complex, which is very important for a healthy life. What else one can expect?These Flats in Ghaziabad are an excellent source of income if put one rent. Believe it or not, there will be no dearth of tenants in the city, ready to move in, because thousands of people turn up there in order to start their professional life or complete education. These individuals sometimes bring in their families too and that point, a secured shelter is what they look for.

Low Cost Housing Flats in Ghaziabad-LMHNot only that they way real estate prices are escalating, one can expect a huge return upon reselling the flats as ad when they get a good margin. This will be a good cash inflow upon investing smell amounts to purchase such Low Cost Housing Flats in Ghaziabad.The main target group for these apartments is those average income individuals who wish o get good shelter at minimum cost. GDA approval is there with this residential complex and since in MetroHomes one can book Flats under Awas Yojna of up govt, there is no need to pay the stamp duty which saves lot of money for the young investor. So dont waste your time and book your dream home right now!

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