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  • Welcome to the May edition of the ENVY Insider Highlights, this month contains the following:

     May 2015 Recognition

     May Promotion FitBit Winners

     Fiji Winners & Final Qualification Points Update

    Things to See & Do in FIJI

     Consultant Stories

    Consultant Promotions:

     Jo Rogers

     Jodie Johnstone

     Events

    Bubbles, Sparkles & Style

    ENVY Spring/Summer 2015 LAUNCH Announcement

     Monthly Promotion: June 2015

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  • Posted on June 1, 2015

    Hi Consultants, Here are all your figures for the month of May 2015. Well done to all of you on the High Achievers list! The top personal sales position for May goes to Belinda Oosthuizen! Congratulations Belinda! See the graphs below which will enlarge when you click on them. Use the ‘back’ button to get back to this page after you have finished viewing. Click on the graph below to see the Top 10 Personal Sales for May:

    Please click on the graph below to enlarge and see the Top 10 Highest Individual Parties for May:

  • Top 3 Manager Team Sales

    1st- Ellie Francis – ‘ELLES BELLES’

    2nd- Lorraine Lehman-Jones – ‘ENVY ANGELS’

    3rd- Meryl Perks - 'ROCKSTARS'

    Top 3 First Line Team Sales

    1st- Ellie Francis ‘ELLES BELLES’ 2nd- Meryl Perks - 'ROCKSTARS' 3rd- Kellie Roberts - 'LUCKY CHARMS'

    Top Personal Sponsoring:

    1st Simone Reid 2nd Lorena Lyon Equal 3rd Kaye Baldock Lorraine Lehman-Jones Nicole Gorden

    Congratulations to all who sponsored in May:

    Betty Giourtis Meryl Perks

    Denise Ryan Natalie Silano

    Frances Violi Nichola Massey

    Jacqui Bransby Rachelle Davini

    Joanna Rogers Rebecca D'Arcy

    Jodie Johnstone Rianna Lange

    Julie Fitzhenry Sharon Washbourne

    Kellie Roberts Sue-Anne Cornes

    Leanne Fulton Susie Lang

    Mary Ioannou Vicki Lee Posted in Figures


  • Posted on June 4, 2015

    Hi ENVY Consultants Congratulations to all the May Sales Promotion Winners, with over 100 of our consultants receiving free jewellery of their choice. The following consultants will not only receive $600 worth of free jewellery, but also their very own FitBit Charge HR, with more winners to come from May Sponsoring:

    Amanda Horan

    Belinda Oosthuizen

    Joanna Rogers

    Julie Fitzhenry

    Monique Lee

    Nichola Massey

    Posted in Figures

    https://theenvyblog.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/may-promotion-fitbit-winners/ http://theenvyblog.com/category/figures/

  • Posted on May 27, 2015


    BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all consultants who qualified for the trip to FIJI!

    Please find below the final points update for the consultants who have qualified:

    Consultant Tickets Points

    Consultant Tickets Points

    Donna Baker - WA 2 91

    Angela Gaviglio - QLD 1 47

    Nicola Lees - SA 1 76

    Sue-Anne Cornes - TAS 1 46

    Meryl Perks - SA 1 71

    Joanna Rogers - NSW 1 46

    Veronika Stutz - QLD 2 61

    Jacqui Bransby - WA 1 44

    Kellie Roberts - VIC 2 59

    Amanda Horan - WA 1 40

    Nichola Massey - WA 1 57

    Rachelle Davini - WA 1 39

    Natalie Silano - WA 1 53

    Check out the video below and get FIJI happy:



    Read below to discover some of the great features of FIJI:

    Decompress on Viti Levu – Fiji’s largest isle, Vitu Levu, is home to the official capital, Suva (on the east coast), as well as the tourism capital, Nadi, arrival point for international flights via Air Pacific. Sample the Culture in Nadi – At Nadi’s open-air souvenir market, pick up traditional Fijian crafts such as wooden kava bowls, hand-painted saris and scepter-like cannibal forks, the latter a nod to the region’s colorful past. Then explore the country’s Indian legacy at the elaborately painted Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple. Finish up your tour with an Indo-Fijian feast of fresh fish curry and spiced roti at the Curry House, a Nadi favorite for locals and visitors alike.

    Drink Kava – Take part in a sevu-sevu (gift giving) ceremony, followed by kava drinking (an absolute must-do in Fiji) and a wild traditional dance with grass-skirted warriors.

    Swim, Play, and Relax – What Fiji vacation would be complete without some time spent lazing on a beach? Take a scuba dive, or simply relax and enjoy the beach. Discover an abundance of marine life as you snorkel or dive Fiji’s tropical waters, or simply enjoy a sunset stroll on a long sandy beach coastline or relax among the many elegant pools and award- winning spas at various Fiji resorts.

    Discover Pearls – J. Hunter Pearls’ flagship shop is situated on the town of Savusavu’s main street, a stone’s throw from where the pearls are harvested.

    See Fire-Walking – Take in a fire-walking ceremony where warriors tread over burning embers from a lovo (earth oven) shouting “O-vulo-vulo!”

    Hunt Lairo Crab – Fiji is the home of the Lairo, a unique — and remarkably tasty — species of land crab that inhabit the island’s steep hills.

    Posted in Retreat Updates


  • Posted on June 2, 2015


    TEAM LEADER – Joanna Rogers (NSW)


    TEAM LEADER – Jodie Johnstone (TAS)


    NSW Consultant Joanna Rogers is frequently listed among ENVY’s monthly High Achievers, several times over taking out the top personal sales position. This month we congratulate Joanna on her promotion to Team Leader, following the cultivation of her team the ‘JoBangles’.

    Well I’ve just booked a trip for my girls & I to go to Disneyland!

    I’m a divorced mum to 2 girls, Indiana 9, & Emerson nearly 8, & a gorgeous puppy, Boston who follows me everywhere.

    I run my own business decorating for all types of events & am also a celebrant. Although my work is seasonal unfortunately my bills are not. I’ve always kept my eyes & ears open for a way to make extra money but still fit in with my existing work & my kids school & after school activities. I’ve never been opposed to hard work or plenty of it. I’m very independent and not

    only want to provide & make ends meet but be able to give my kids those extra opportunities.

    My journey with ENVY started around 15 months ago when a friend of mine had a party. Although the consultant was fairly new to ENVY herself & didn’t have a lot of pieces, I was blown away by how broad the range is, not only in style but also price & design – I was sold! I agreed to have a party but after thinking about how easy it looked I decided to join 2 days later so hosted my own party.

    My thought was to have an achievable goal for my first year which was $3000 to pay for my girls’ school fees. Well this was done inside the first 3 months. My 2nd goal was electric gates for the house ($3500) – done within first 6 months. That leads me to today. August 30th we fly out to Washington, New York & Orlando. Disneyworld here we come!

    Although I’ve had some good months I’ve also had a few that have been slow or even non-existent sales-wise. I didn’t sponsor until 9 months in but have since signed 4 others.

    I can’t believe how easy it is to accumulate loads of free Jewellery & how generous this company is not only to consultants but hosts as well. My school mums friends have been an amazing support to me & there’s no way I would have come this far without them. There is definitely an “ENVY Bug” & my friends & I have caught it!

    Now to set a new goal……it’s a hard life! LOL

    Posted in Consultant Promotion, on May 20, 2015

    http://theenvyblog.com/2015/01/12/consultant-promotions-12/ http://theenvyblog.com/category/consultant-promotion/

  • ENVY BUBBLES, SPARKLES & STYLE Posted on May 22, 2015

    Next week we kick off the “BUBBLES, SPARKLES & STYLE” events for ENVY Consultants and their guests.

    You and your guests are invited to join us for a fun night out, including:

     Enjoy a glass of champagne, as you & your guests try on gorgeous jewellery from our 2015 collection.

     Each guest gets a FREE copy of the latest ENVY Lookbook and My Moments Lookbook

     PLUS: Just for attending, every guest has lots of chances to win FREE jewellery from our giveaway on the night (with thousands of dollars of jewellery to giveaway across Australia).

    That’s right, for the first time, each guest attending an event has the chance – in fact many chances – to win amazing FREE jewellery just for being there.

    In addition, every Consultant who brings 1 guest (or more) can also take part in the FREE jewellery giveaway. (Please note, husbands welcome, but do not count as a guest in order to participate in the jewelle