Homage to the iconic Porsche 911 [8mb]

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Here is a collection of iconic images to the modern porsche 911; 997 model. filetype is PDF as filesize was 30mb in high res, 17 in medium res and 8mb in PDF. Purely for fun, enjoy!


<ul><li><p>911 CarreraCarrera 2 2s 4 4s</p><p>MSRP: $ 76,300.00 to $ 93,200.00</p><p>Power: 345bhp to 385bhp</p></li><li><p>911 CabrioletCab 2 2s 4 4s</p><p>MSRP: $ 87,000.00 to $ 103,900.00</p><p>Power: 345bhp to 385bhp</p></li><li><p>911 targa</p><p>MSRP: $ $90,000.00 to 101,100.00 </p><p>Power: 345bhp to 385bhp</p></li><li><p>911 turbo911 turbo and turbo Cabriolet</p><p>MSRP: $ 130,000.00 to 140,700.00</p><p>Power: 500bhp</p></li><li><p>911 GT3</p><p>MSRP: $ 112,200.00 </p><p>Power: 435bhp</p></li><li><p>911 GT2</p><p>MSRP: $ 194,000.00 </p><p>Power: 530bhp</p></li><li><p>911 GT3 RacingRS and RSR</p><p>MSRP: $ 132,800.00 to 495.000.00 </p><p>Power: 450 to 465bhp</p></li><li><p>911 Carrera Cup</p><p>MSRP: $ 150,000.00</p><p>Power: 450bhp</p></li><li><p>911 Special EditionsRinspeed, Techart, Hamman</p><p>MSRP: $ on application</p><p>Power: to order</p></li><li><p>Acknowledgements:Porsche USAPorsche RussiaVarious internet sources</p><p>Copyright:With original photographers</p><p>Compiled by Alex MitchellSeptember 2009Did you spot the 996?</p></li></ul>