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  • 1. & INTERESTING FACTS: Hokkaido Tohoku

2. north sea way 3. Hokkaido Famous place for snow sports The Seikan Tunnel runs under the ocean as a link to the mainland Many snow/ice festivals Largest prefecture Lowest population density 4. blue forest 5. Aomori Produces majority of Japans apples Has the largest virgin beech forest in the world Known for a summer festival featuring a warrior figure 6. rock hand 7. Iwate Second lowest population density Legend about a demon leaving his handprint on a rock to seal a pact Many temples, shrines Only prefecture with higher male population 8. palace castle 9. Miyagi Third most beautiful view in Japan Hit hard by the 2011 tsunami Tanabata-matsuri Festival attracts many tourists Nothing to do with The Karate Kid 10. fall rice field 11. Akita Largest consumers of sake in Japan Said to have the most beautiful women Well preserved samurai district 12. mountain formation 13. Yamagata More than 100 hot springs Famous human chess game Very mountainous terrain Temple on top of a cliff 14. fortune island 15. Fukushima Famous medieval capital White tiger samurai suicide Very rural with low population density despite being third largest prefecture Opposing opinions about impact of nuclear disaster