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Master Plan Process for the Hogge Property


<ul><li><p>PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETINGMAY 20, 2010HOGGE PROPERTYPARK MASTER PLAN</p></li><li><p>Welcome / Introductions</p><p>Fairfax County Park Authority Overview</p><p>Park Authority Planning Process</p><p>History of the Site</p><p>Current Site Conditions</p><p>Open DiscussionHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>TONIGHTS AGENDA</p></li><li><p>HOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>PARK AUTHORITY MISSIONTo set aside public spaces for and assist citizens in the protection and enhancement of environmental values, diversity of natural habitats and cultural heritage to guarantee that these resources will be available to both present and future generations. To create and sustain quality facilities and services which offer citizens opportunities for recreation, improvement of their physical and mental well being, and enhancement of their quality of life.Enhance citizens quality of life through:</p><p>Natural &amp; Cultural Resource Stewardship Quality Facilities &amp; Services</p><p>Recreational Opportunities</p></li><li><p>Park Authority BoardTwelve-member BoardAppointed by the Board of SupervisorsIncludes a representative for each of the nine magisterial districts plus three at-large membersHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>PARK AUTHORITY - FAST FACTS</p></li><li><p>Park Authority holdings22,600+ acres of land417 parksHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>PARK AUTHORITY - FAST FACTS</p></li><li><p>The purpose of a park master plan is to:Develop a site-specific, long-range vision for the park</p><p>Provide a general guide for appropriate park uses</p><p>Establish the general location for proposed facilities</p><p>Identify resources worthy of protection</p><p>Assess site conditions and community concernsHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>MASTER PLAN PURPOSE</p></li><li><p>Written ReportEstablishes park purpose and classificationDescribes existing conditions and constraintsDescribes the desired visitor experienceDescribes the park featuresIdentifies design concerns to be addressed at development stage</p><p>HOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>MASTER PLAN COMPONENTS</p></li><li><p>Conceptual Development Plan (CDP)Graphically shows general location of recommended facilities &amp; use areasConceptual site design, not an engineered site plan</p><p>HOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>MASTER PLAN COMPONENTS</p></li><li><p>Conduct SiteAnalysisPublic Information MeetingPrepare Draft Master PlanPublic input is vital to the plan!Public Input Meeting30-day Public CommentPeriodPark BoardApprovalTonights MeetingRefine Draft Master PlanHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>MASTER PLAN PROCESS*</p></li><li><p>Archaeologists</p><p>Landscape Architects</p><p>Planners</p><p>Natural Resource Specialists</p><p>Operational Specialists</p><p>Recreation Specialists</p><p>Park Development SpecialistsHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>MASTER PLAN TEAM</p></li><li><p>E-mail</p><p>MailTelephone</p><p>Public Input MeetingsHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>COMMUNITY INPUTPUBLIC INPUT IS A VITAL COMPONENT OF THE MASTER PLAN PROCESSOPPORTUNTIES TO BE INVOLVED IN THE PLANNING PROCESS:</p></li><li><p>HOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>PROJECT BACKGROUND</p></li><li><p>SITE LOCATION</p></li><li><p>PLANNING PLANNING AREA 1</p><p>SITE LOCATION1</p></li><li><p>SITE LOCATION</p><p>PLANNING PLANNING AREA 1 BAILEYS PLANNING DISTRICT</p></li><li><p>SITE LOCATIONMASON</p><p>SUPERVISOR DISTRICTS MASON DISTRICT</p></li><li><p>SITE VICINTIYSEVEN CORNERSPROXIMITY TO: COUNTY BORDERSEVEN CORNERSBAILEYS CROSSROADSMAJOR TRANSPORTATION LEESBURG PIKECOLUMBIA PIKEARLINGTON BOULEVARDBAILEYS CROSSROADS</p></li><li><p>FCPA PARKS IN VICINITYWITHIN OF SITEMUNSON HILL PARK</p><p>WITHIN 1 MILE OF SITE SPRING LANE PARK J.E.B. STUART PARKBAILEYS PARK</p><p>NON-FCPA PARKS IN VICINITYWITHIN 1 MILE OF SITEUPTON HILL PARK</p></li><li><p>SCHOOLS IN VICINITYSTUART HIGH SCHOOL</p><p>BAILEYS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL</p><p>GLEN FOREST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL</p></li><li><p>AERIAL IMAGERY1937The property was owned by John Bradley and his wife Bessie who commissioned the original home on the property around 1930, constructed in the Spanish Colonial style.</p></li><li><p>Glen Carlyn Road is clearly visible</p><p>The area is rural, predominantly agricultural uses</p><p>The property is almost entirely cleared of tree cover</p><p>The driveway from Glen Carlyn with the circular drop-off is already established</p><p>A house and out-buildings are visible on the site</p><p>Long Branch stream is visible AERIAL IMAGERY1937The property was sold to the Heishman family in 1943.</p></li><li><p>Neighborhoods have begun to spring up with adjoining streets</p><p>A few trees begin to dot the property</p><p>Suggestion of a fence line becomes more pronounced on the western edge of the property</p><p>AERIAL IMAGERY1954The Heishmans divided out several parcels in 1954, known as Heishmans Addition to Glen Acres</p></li><li><p>AERIAL IMAGERY1954The property was sold to the Hogge family in February 1959.In April 2006, Charlotte Hogge sold the property to the Fairfax County Park Authority for $5.4 million with a retained life estate.</p></li><li><p>The area is significantly more developed Single family homes Townhomes Multifamily homes St. Katherines Greek Orthodox Church</p><p>Portions of Long Branch have been channelized</p><p>Some larger trees exist on the property</p><p>The vegetation on the lower half of the site has grown upAERIAL IMAGERY2009</p></li><li><p>TOPOGRAPHYLONGSTORM EASEMENTBRANCH</p></li><li><p>CONCRETE CHANNEL THROUGH FLOODPLAINFLOODPLAIN</p></li><li><p>In their natural condition, RPAs protect water quality </p><p>filter pollutants out of stormwater runoff </p><p>reduce the volume of stormwater runoff </p><p>prevent erosion</p><p>perform other important biological and ecological functions</p><p>RESOURCE PROTECTION AREAResource Protection Areas (RPAs) are the corridors of environmentally sensitive land that lie alongside or near the shorelines of streams, rivers and other waterways which drain into the Potomac River and eventually into the Chesapeake Bay.Limited disturbance permitted within a Resource Protection Area</p></li><li><p>TRANSPORTATIONVehicular AccessParking demand and associated vehicular trips will be related to the ultimate uses selected for this park</p><p>Existing location of residential driveway access is not acceptable to VDOT for park entry point</p></li><li><p>SITE IMAGESEXISTING DRIVEWAY ENTRANCE FROM GLEN CARLYN ROAD</p></li><li><p>SITE IMAGESALONG THE DRIVEWAY</p></li><li><p>SITE IMAGESFROM THE NORTHEAST CORNER</p></li><li><p>SITE IMAGESFROM THE NORTHWEST CORNER</p></li><li><p>SITE IMAGESFROM MAGNOLIA AVENUE</p></li><li><p>SITE IMAGESBEHIND HARDWICK COURT</p></li><li><p>SITE IMAGESCONCRETE DRAINAGE CHANNEL BEHIND HARDWICK COURT</p></li><li><p>HOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>PARK CLASSIFICATIONPark Classification SystemProvides a general frameworkIntended to guide open space and public facilities planningPark Classification provides an indication of:Appropriate usesGeneral park size rangeTypical facility typesGeneral park experience</p></li><li><p>Local serving up to 3 milesService area is determined by park facilities, context, and locationHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>PARK CLASSIFICATIONWithin this system, the Hogge Property is classified as a LOCAL PARK</p><p>Provides passive and active recreation facilities2.5 to 50 acresPark visits last less than 2 hours</p><p>LOCAL PARK CHARACTERISTICS</p></li><li><p>HOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>TYPICAL LOCAL PARK FACILITIES</p><p>Facility TypeLocal NeedsParkingAthletic FieldsPicnic AreaCourtsTrailsPlaygrounds - all agesOpen Play AreaSite Furnishings such as benches or bike racks</p></li><li><p>Specialty Uses may also be appropriate and would need sponsorship or adoptionHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>SPECIALTY USES</p><p>Facility TypeParkingThematic gardens-require expert maintenance and careGarden plots-needs water and proper sun Off leash dog area Neighborhood skate spot</p></li><li><p>HOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>ISSUES AND CONCERNSMaintenanceFundingSecurity / safety</p></li><li><p>HOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>PUBLIC COMMENT</p></li><li><p>Review Comments and Input</p><p>Prepare Draft Master Plan</p><p>Present draft plan to public for comment</p><p>30-day comment period</p><p>Revise plan </p><p>Review and Action on Final Master Plan by Park Authority BoardHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>THE NEXT STEPS</p></li><li><p>Please visit our website:http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/plandev/hogge.htmHOGGE PROPERTY PARK MASTER PLAN</p><p>CONTACT INFORMATIONPlease send comments to:e-mail:parkmail@fairfaxcounty.gov</p><p>Gayle Hooper, Project Manager Planning &amp; Development Division, FCPA12055 Government Center ParkwaySuite 406Fairfax, Virginia 22035</p><p>Phone: 703-324-8725</p><p>TONIGHTS AGENDA</p><p>Welcome / Introductions</p><p>Fairfax County Park Authority Overview</p><p>Park Authority Planning Process</p><p>History of the Site</p><p>Current Site Conditions</p><p>Open DiscussionPARK AUTHORITY MISSION</p><p>To enhance citizens quality of life through</p><p>Natural and Cultural Resource Stewardship</p><p>Quality Facilities and Services</p><p>Recreational OpportunitiesPARK AUTHORITY BOARD</p><p>Twelve member board</p><p>Appointed by the Board of Supervisors</p><p>Includes a representative from each of the Magisterial Districts plus three at-large membersFAIRFAX COUNTY PARKSOwns and operates over 22,600 acres of parkland in more than 417 parks countywideMASTER PLAN PURPOSE</p><p>The purpose of the park master plan is to:</p><p>Develop a site-specific, long-range vision for the park</p><p>Provide a general guide for appropriate park uses</p><p>Establish the general location for proposed facilities</p><p>Identify resources worthy of protection</p><p>Assess site conditions and community concernsMASTER PLAN COMPONENTSWritten reportEstablishes the park purpose and classification</p><p>Describes existing conditions and constraints</p><p>Describes the desired visitor experience</p><p>Describes the park features</p><p>Identifies design concerns to be addressed at the development stageMASTER PLAN COMPONENTSConceptual Development plan</p><p>Graphically shows the general location of the recommended facilities and use areas</p><p>Conceptual site plan, not an engineered planMASTER PLAN PROCESSMASTER PLAN TEAM</p><p>COMMUNITY INPUT</p><p>PROJECT BACKGROUNDSITE LOCATION</p><p>To start off, lets get a little frame of reference for where the Hogge Property is located.*In the eastern half of Fairfax County</p><p>*Located within the beltwaySITE LOCATION</p><p>For the purpose of guiding future planning, Fairfax County is divided into 4 planning areas</p><p>The Hogge property is located in Planning Area 1SITE LOCATIONPlanning Areas are further subdivided into Planning Districts.</p><p>Within Planning Area 1, the Hogge Property lies within the Baileys Planning District.SITE LOCATION</p><p>At the governmental level, the Hogge Property lies within the Mason Supervisory District.</p><p>SITE VICINTIYLooking a little more closely at the area we can see that:</p><p>the site is located relatively close to the County border, adjacent to Arlington County</p><p>the property is nestled between the heart of the Seven Corners area and the Baileys Crossroads area</p><p>the property is also served by several major transportation routes including:Leesburg PikeColumbia PikeArlington BoulevardLOCAL PARKSThere are several other parks noted in the area</p><p>Within one-half mile:Munson Hill Park</p><p>Within one mile:Spring Lane ParkJEB Stuart ParkBaileys Park</p><p>Also within one mile is Upton Hill Park which is operated by the Northern Virginia Regional Park AuthorityLOCAL SCHOOLSSeveral school are within the vicinity.</p><p>Schools are important to note as they also provide opportunities for recreation.</p><p>Schools include:Stuart High School facilities at high schools typically only support the athletic program for the high school.Baileys Elementary the rectangle field here was recently converted from natural to synthetic turf.Glen Forest Elementary where we have the pleasure of meeting tonight.SITE HISTORYBy looking at some aerial photographs, we can get a sense of the history of the site.</p><p>This photograph was taken in 1937.</p><p>At this time, the property was owned by Ambassador Bradley and his wife Bessie.</p><p>They commissioned construction of the original home on the property around 1930 which was constructed in the Spanish Colonial style.SITE HISTORYEven at this time, Glen Carlyn Road is clearly visible in its current alignment</p><p>The entire area is rural in nature and predominantly established in agricultural uses</p><p>The park site is nearly devoid of tree cover</p><p>The existing loop driveway from Glen Carlyn is already established as the house and several out-buildings are visible</p><p>Long Branch steam can also be seen across the site.</p><p>In 1943, the Mr. Bradley sold the property to the Heishman family.SITE HISTORYBy 1954, neighborhoods can be seen springing up in the area along with some of the local streets such asMagnolia AvenueSixth StreetLebanon Drive.</p><p>A few trees can be noted growing in on the property</p><p>Including indication of a fence line along the west and south property lines.</p><p>In 1954, the Heishmans divided out several parcels from the overall site, establishing what was known as Heishmans Addition to Glen Acres.SITE HISTORYIn 1959, the property was sold to the Hogge family, first acquiring the front three acres, later acquiring the rear portion of the site, creating a site area of just over six acres in total.SITE HISTORY</p><p>Some larger trees now exist on the property, particularly along the driveway and the property lines.</p><p>And the vegetation on the southern portion of the site has grown up.</p><p>TOPOGRAPHYIn general, the topography of the site is gently sloping</p><p>High point is located along Glen Carlyn</p><p>Water flows southward across the lawn area</p><p>Drainage flows to a swale and then a piped section contained within an easement and ultimately into Long Branch</p><p>Portions of the site west of Long Branch also drain into the stream.FLOODPLAINA floodplain exists on the property associated with Long Branch</p><p>The width of the floodplain is fairly narrow, however, as this portion of Long Branch has been contained within a concrete channel.RESOURCE PROTECTION AREARelated to Flat Branch and its associated floodplain, a Resource Protection Area is identified on the property.</p><p>Resource Protection Areas (RPA) are buffer areas mandated by the Chesapeake Bay Ordinance and apply to any streams or bodies of water that ultimately drain to the Chesapeake Bay.</p><p>In their natural condition, RPAsprotect water qualityfilter pollutants out of the stormwater runoffreduce the volume of stormwater runoffprevent erosionperform other important biological and ecological functions, such as habitat for animals</p><p>So that the RPA can achieve these benefits, very little disturbance is permitted within these areas.</p><p>From a park perspective, typically use is limited to location of a trail</p><p>Where you might see development within the RPA, these areas may have been approved or constructed prior to enactment of the Chesapeake Bay Ordinance.TRANSPORTATIONA common concern countywide is transportation.</p><p>Roads in the area are already heavily used and we can all recount our stories of traffic woes</p><p>Although FCPA is not responsible for the current traffic concerns, our intent is to address any additional traffic associated with development of the park</p><p>Any development of the park will be coordinated with VDOT, as with any other development project, to establish safe access to the park.</p><p>Much of the issue related to vehicular trips to the park are linked directly to the types of uses ultimately selected.</p><p>VDOT has already directed that the location of the existing residential driveway would not be acceptable for a park access</p><p>Beyond that, we will need to determine what uses are desired to determine the traffic demand and then to plan from there.SITE PHOTOSJust to help get better acquainted with the site, the next few slides offer some views from around the pro...</p></li></ul>