ho, ho, watanay ho, ho, watanay ho, ho, watanay ki-yo-ki-na ki-yo-ki-na

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Let us begin with a song…. Ho, ho, Watanay Ho, ho, Watanay Ho, ho, Watanay Ki-yo-ki-na Ki-yo-ki-na. http://www.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=71&c=17. The Mohawk Indians. Background/History. They call themselves Kanienkehaka meaning people of the flint. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Ho, ho, WatanayHo, ho, WatanayHo, ho, WatanayKi-yo-ki-naKi-yo-ki-nahttp://www.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=71&c=17Let us begin with a song

The Mohawk Indians

Background/HistoryThey call themselves Kanienkehaka meaning people of the flint.Started in New York and northern Pennsylvania - ended up fleeing to Canada in the 1700s.They were part of the Iroquois peopleTribal council had been chosen by clan mothers.Nine Mohawk chiefs represented them with the Iroquois councilLived in villages of longhouses- 100 feet long holding up to 60 peopleWomen made the major decisions in Mohawk clanAll took part in storytelling, art, music, and medicine.Children play with each other, go to school, and help around the house

Location/RangeOriginally located at Mohawk Valley in upstate New YorkAlso lived in southern Quebec and eastern OntarioIn mid 1600s the Mohawks relocated to two reservations in MontrealAfter that, the Indians decided to live in Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario Now they live throughout the state of New York and southeastern Canada

Food/Diet/FarmingSquash, beans, corn, and wild berriesHunted deer, elk, and fished.Cornbread, soups, and stews.

Mohawk English



Religion/CeremoniesThe Great Spirit was responsible for creationGuided the lives of the ordinary peopleThey burnt tobacco which was supposed to carry their prayers to lesser spiritsDreams were looked at as supernatural signs and were interpreted carefullyReligious ceremonies were held mainly for farming, curing illness, and thanksgiving

Home Life/Family StructureChildren often went hunting and fishing with their fathersMohawk girls played with corn husk dollsMohawk boys had fun by trying to throw a dart through a moving hoop.Lacrosse was a popular sport among boys and men of the Mohawk Tribe

ClothingMen - breechcloths with leggings and moccasinsWomen - wrap around skirts with shorter leggings or overdressesColonial times - European cloth shirts and blouses covered with beads and ribbons

HeaddressesMen - traditional Iroquois headdresses Women - beaded tiaras

CustomsCeremonies were held in special longhousesSix big festivals were held each yearEach festival had days of dance and musicThe festivals included the New Year Festival in the winter, the Maple Festival in spring, the Corn Planting Festival, the Strawberry Festival, the Green Corn Festival, and the Harvest Festival of Thanksgiving.At festivals, they would often dress up as birds, animals, and monsters to entertain others.

Recreational ActivitiesPlayed games to increase their strength and agilityA game played in the winter was called snowsnake it was when they cut a path in the snow and putting water on it to make a smooth surface then slid on it and whoever went the farthest wonPlayed a game called darts where there were 2 teams and each was giving darts or spears. A hoop was rolled in front of them and they had to throw the darts through the hoop. Team with the best accuracy won.Lacrosse was their favorite game by farPlayed with a stick with a net on the end, a ball made of wood or animal skin, and a goal post at both ends of a fieldThe games would sometimes go on for 2 or 3 days. One game even ended up in a war

HuntingBows and arrowsFishermen used spears and fishing polesFlint knives to skin animals

Tools/ WeaponsClubs, bows, arrows, and shieldsStone adzes(hand axes for woodworking) and tomahawksWooden hoes were used for farmingSnow shoes and sleds were used to travel in the snowCanoes light and fast ~ made from elm barkDugout heavy; made from log

Lets learn how to throw a tomahawk

The Battle of Lake George took place during the French and Indian War.200 Mohawk Indians fought beside Sir William Johnson of the British and 1,500 other British soldiers.The Mohawk Indians and the British defeated the French during this battle.Mohawk Indians fought against the United States in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.It was said that they ate their dead enemies after battle.



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