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History of Geography. Unit One. 4 Traditions of Geography. Developed by William Pattison Earth Science Tradition – physical geography, Earth’s features Locational Tradition – making maps Cultural Environment Tradition – describing people and how they live Area-Analysis Tradition. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


History of Geography

History of GeographyUnit One14 Traditions of GeographyDeveloped by William Pattison Earth Science Tradition physical geography, Earths featuresLocational Tradition making mapsCultural Environment Tradition describing people and how they liveArea-Analysis TraditionWhy did people study geography?Evolved over the last 5,000 years of human civilizationPractical reasons: trade routes to distant and dangerous landsPhoenicians sea faring culture, colonized the Mediterranean, travelled into the AtlanticModern alphabet comes from Phoenicians

Greek geographersEratosthenes () 276BC-195BCChief librarian at Alexandria, EgyptAccurately calculated the circumference of the Earth, invented the term geographyPtolemy () AD90-168Guide to GeographyUsed a global grid system similar to latitude and longitude

Eratosthenes Map of the World

Ptolemys Map of the World

Age of ExplorationLittle advance in geography was made until 1400 - (European Dark Ages AD 500 1000)Explorations by Chinese, Muslims and Europeans expanded human knowledge of the world

Zheng He Chinese explorer/trader in early 1400sIndian Ocean, east coast of Africa

Chinas 1418 World Map?

European ExplorersBartholomeu Dias Tip of Africa, entered Indian OceanDa Gama sailed all the way to India, opened trade routes for PortugalChristopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean while trying to get to India

Magellan first voyage to circumnavigate the Earth

1507 Map of the World

16th Century Map of Americas

Is geography still important?The whole world has been mapped and discoveredGoogle EarthGeography now focuses on the five themes discovering patterns, looking at changes in places and people


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