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United Nations Convention on biological diversity (1992)

United Nations Convention on biological diversity (1992)By: Joshua BigioniIntroductionTailing Pond In AlbertaDeforestation

Article One

You want this? No maybe next time.

Not to say L.A. doesnt add anything positive to the smog issue as well.

Got me motivated

A Failing Grade In:Energy ConsumptionEnergy IntensityWater ConsumptionEnvironmental PricingGHG (Green House Gas)EmissionsNon-hydro Renewable ElectricitySulfur Oxides EmissionsNitrogen Oxides EmissionsVolatile Organic Compound EmissionsCarbon Monoxide EmissionsNuclear WasteProtected Areas - all categoriesProtected Areas Categories 1-3 (highly protected)Automobile Distance Travelled Official Development Assistance

All references and urls are attached to the transcript.Thank You