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  • A complete guide on how to hire the best caterer for your wedding!

    Weddings are multi-tasking affairs to prepare and plan a flawless one! Every

    wedding related element whether it is selection of venue, wedding invitation card,

    wedding theme or caterer for the big days, needs utmost attention.

    The most significant responsibility is to find a caterer of good repute in context to

    the wedding theme and venue. Troubled with what to be served and how to be

    served? Let the whole job be on the caterer who is the ultimate saviour in this

    department. Once told the wedding theme caterers can suggest you the most

    delicious and sober menu for your wedding.

  • From arranging the dinner tables, serving utensils, crockery, food, drinks, serving

    everything the caterer will relieve you from a hefty task altogether. The wedding

    dates need to be reserved with the caterer prior to the actual wedding. Finding the

    right caterer to please the palate of the guests makes the wedding perfect.

    Planning early for the wedding theme and food:

    All of us have been guests to various weddings. Apart from the beautiful bride and

    groom, alluring decorations we cant the foods that serve as one of the important

    parts of wedding. So once, you are the wedding couple, serving the most delicious

    and mouth-watering food and drink should be on priority. The last impression on

    every wedding reception is on the food. Its a paramount job to find a caterer to

    serve such outstanding food in the last moment.

  • Its good to book a caterer a caterer 12 months before the wedding or as early as

    possible. It helps to adjust with the change in theme and menu, if any.

    Finding the apt caterer:

    The search for an apt caterer usually starts talking with friends and relatives. While

    having an introductory discussion over the phone with caters you can ask for their

    brochure to be mailed to you so that you can have an idea about their style and work

    before sitting on talks. There are caterers who specialise individually on buffet

    dinners, sit down dinners, food stations, hors d'oeuvres. These things are settled in

    the discussion sessions with the caterer about the food and drink. The most

    important things to be noted are their previous work, health permit, liquor license,

    charges, decors, wait staffs etc.

    Taking the Decision:

    Once brochures and notes has been collected meeting several caterers, couples sit

    down together and compare the notes. The caterer who offers the most valued

    service of your money should be ultimately chosen.

  • The most promising caterer in terms of food, drink, budget, wedding date, venue,

    gratuity percentage should be the ultimate choice! To avoid any future discrepancy

    a contract document is signed between the two parties.

    The irrevocable reward of this meticulous effort will be found on the faces of the guests on the wedding day at the reception when you will get to hear comments on the wonderful meal served in your party. The perfect arrangement of food stalls, sitting arrangement; drinks bar will relieve you on your most auspicious day. So the endmost key to be tension free on the wedding day is to find the right caterer.

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