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  • 1. Facebook Recruiting in Ten Minutes Educational Webinar Series: February 10, 2011

2. What to Expect Today Host Scott Ryan & Speaker Neil Costa Quick Intro Webinar Topics Facebook Recruiting Its Serious, Start Now Are you Ready for Facebook? Driving Candidates with Targeted Facebook Ads Building a Facebook Fan Page Strategy Q&A Chat & Questions via GoToMeeting Social Media - Twitter - #hcbootcamp #recruiting 2 3. Understanding your CoreAbout HireClix Value? Based outside of Boston, MA Gloucester, MA Recruiting & Digital Marketing IndustryExperience Focused on Interactive Marketing Develop Customized Recruitment Marketing Turn-key Recruitment Marketing Experts Provide Great Value and Zealous Service3 4. Fish Where the Fish Are 4 5. Facebook Its Serious10X Facebook Users in 3 Years 50M (Oct 07) to 500M (Dec 10)Revenue - $1.2B in 1st Jan-Sept 2010 Facebook Net Profit of $355M*5 *Reuters Jan 6, 2011 6. Are you Ready for Facebook? Do you use Facebook for personal activities? Do your employees use Facebook? Are you naturally curious about using Facebook for business? Do you want to recruit talent from 18-65? Are you trying to diversify your recruiting efforts? 6 7. Rapidly Create Facebook Ads7 8. Targeting Users by Profile Information 8 9. Leverage Logos & Images for Facebook Ads 9 10. Bidding Strategies for PPC Campaigns Facebook Bids & Budgets 10 11. Facebook PPC Laser Focused Targeting 11 12. Building a Facebook Fan Page Strategy Corporate Page vs. Dedicated Careers Page 12 13. Corporate Page vs. Dedicated Page13 14. Facebook for Your Employment Brand 14 15. Facebook Fan Page = Dist. & Engagement15 16. Facebook Fan Page = Dist. & Engagement16 17. Tracking & Reporting = Recruiting ROI Measure Spend Tracking for ATS & Google Analytics Modifying & Optimize 17 18. Facebook Recruitment Marketing Value Serious Volume of Users True Passive Candidate Audience Low Cost Threshold to Start Sophisticated Targeting for Ads Education Employer Geography Interests Fan Page to Engage Talent Community Window into Corporate Culture 18 19. Q&AHireClix Contacts Scott Ryanscott.ryan@hireclix.comNeil Costaneil.costa@hireclix.com888.419.CLIXhttp://www.hireclix.com19