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  • 1. Anyone Else Expecting To Have An Amazing Wedding? http://essex-wedding-party-band-hire.combest wedding band essexInstead of a DJ doling out tracks that have been played in almost all the parties your guests havebeen to, you could contract a live band to play at your festivity and turn it into one of the superspecial events of the season.But dont you think you are forgetting something? What about the music? Are you going to goahead with the same old DJ churning out pre-recorded numbers? The only way to turn your partyinto an unforgettable one is to hire a live music band.The basic function of a live band is to give a party that extra edge that will separate it from the restof the crowd. They will know what exactly a particular party needs. They will know what to do soas to not make the party get over by nine.A good live band will make the people present, dance all night long. They will be the life of theparty.Starting from a wedding reception to a kids birthday party, your anniversary or a corporate event,hiring live music bands are a sure way to make your party successful.If you are organizing a wedding party and you want to have the experts churning out the rightnumbers at the right time creating the required mood, then hire function bands to cater specificallyto that particular kind of function.Alternatively there are other types of bands. Some play specialist music while others play music inone particular decade like the 60s or 70s. Others pay tribute to legendary musicians and bandsby imitating them. You will have a large selection of bands to choose from.

2. Having a themed party is a good idea to make your party different from the others. Remember, thepopularity of a party depends hugely on the creativity with which it is planned.You might want to have a theme for your party. What a theme does is make a party unique. Atheme that is best brought out by the adornments put up, or by the outfits worn by the guests.Some guidelines that you can follow if its a latino themed party: ask the band to perform hits byShakira, Carlos Santana or Ricky Martin.The guests can wear Mexican hats as they munch on their Mexican food and then return back tothe dance floor.On the other hand, suppose it is a reunion that you are organizing, the best bet would be to go fordecade or tribute bands that play songs from a particular era in time of a particular legendarymusician or band.It will be great to have a live band playing popular hits belonging to ones school days and issomething to make your reunion party really special.There are many ways to hire a live band. Dont be too stressed about it. You may do it yourself byflipping through the yellow pages and coming up with a few hundred.You can also ask for your friends and relatives to give the reference of the bands that may havealready seen at other functions.Alternatively you can hand over the responsibility of band selection in the hands of your localevent management company.Every band will have something to say about your arrangements, where they are happy or wherethey think could be better done. While talking, try to figure out if the band can or cannot play to thecrowd.After discussing with each shortlisted band if you cant choose go for the one which you thinkwould be the best in playing out requests from the audience. IN that way your party cannot be buta huge success.Check with the venue you have rented whether it has the right kind of license to host live bands.Without it your efforts to hire a live band and make them perform will be a waste.Having done all arrangements be sure to double check once. When all is over, sit back and enjoythe best party of the season 3. tribute actswedding bandsINFORMATION ON