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  • Winton Woods band students headed to ChinaNearly five dozen Winton

    Woods students are headed toChina over spring break.

    The trip for members of theschools marching band was

    funded by donations, fund rais-ers and personal contributions,and will include opportunitiesfor nearly half of the 130-mem-ber band to perform.

    Its a music exchange withWinton Woods sister school inShanghai.

    The group left school March28, and after two days of travelwas scheduled to arrive inBeijing.

    During the trip, studentswill visit Tiananmen Square,the Forbidden City and theBeijing Zoo, as well as the

    Olympic Birds Nest stadiumand other sites.

    The students will also havean opportunity to perform atthe Great Wall entrance plaza,as well as Xi-an University Per-forming Arts Center, beforereturning home April 7.

    Were looking forward tocomplete cultural immersion,assistant band director Mi-chael Schultz said in a news re-lease. Sharing music and shar-ing culture is a great opportu-nity.

    Kelly McBridekmcbride@communitypress.com


    These Winton Woods marching band students are among the group headed to China over spring break.



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    The Mount Healthy CitySchool District is spendingmore than $100,000 to replace aportion of its five-year-old cam-era security system in all threebuildings.

    The problem is not with themore than 300 cameras in thedistricts three schools. Rather,the system that runs the cam-eras has malfunctioned, said Ja-son Lavalle, facilities and tech-nology coordinator for the dis-trict. The system was installedwhen the new school buildingswere opened in the fall of 2010and the winter of 2011.

    The Mount Healthy board ofeducation approved a contractfor the security system worklast week. Lavalle said the dis-trict would reposition somecameras, change out the serv-ers that store the recordedvideo and get new software torun the system. The cost of theproject is estimated to be about

    $56,000 at the junior/senior highschool and $24,687 at each of thetwo elementary schools. Hesays it will be about three weeksbefore the new system is up andrunning, beginning at the ju-nior/senior high school.

    There are 334 cameras in thedistricts three buildings.Mount Healthy Junior/SeniorHigh School has 150 cameras,Mount Healthy North Elemen-tary School each have 54 cam-eras and there are also camerasat the bus lot, athletic fields andthe board office.

    Because the system is inte-gral to school security, theboard authorized the contractas an urgent necessity, meaningit did not have to go out for com-petitive bid. Lavalle says its asafety and security issue.

    We had an incident recentlyin which a teacher was injuredduring a fight in one of thebuildings and it was not cap-tured on video because the cam-era in the area of the accidentwas not operational, he said.

    We dont have someone whosits and looks at a bank of cam-eras all day. So we likelywouldnt know a camera is notoperational until we need tolook at the video.

    The system is web-based,which means it can be accessedoutside the building. Lavallesaid the new software has anumber of upgrades, includingone that makes it easy to track apersons movements throughthe building from camera tocamera and produce a video ofthat movement.

    The cameras really are in-valuable in getting to the bot-tom of problems or issues thatcome up in our buildings, La-valle said. The video can cor-roborate a story, or show thecomplicity of people involved.

    Superintendent Lori Han-dler agreed. In some cases, thecameras act as a deterrent, shesaid. In others, where we haveone kids word against anoth-ers, the camera is our bestchance to get at the truth.

    Mt. Healthy replacing security system Jennie Keyjkey@communitypress.com





    MountHealthyofficialscan checkall of thedistrictscamerasviacomputer,but someof themdontalwaysfunctionbecause ofsoftwarefailures.



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    The 13th annual MountAiry Way of the Cross willwind its way through thecommunity on Good Fri-day, April 3, at 3 p.m.

    The program is spon-sored by the Churches ofMount Airy.

    Everyone has a crossto carry, maybe morethan one. Thats why wewalk this walk, in solidar-ity with all the cross-car-riers of the world, saidPastor John Douglas.

    The Way of the Cross isan outdoor processionthrough Mount Airy. Par-ticipants from Mount Ai-ry churches and all overthe area carry a largewooden cross and thinkabout how Jesus carried

    the cross for humanity2000 years ago. You got-ta be there to experienceit. Its a heavy cross, andwhen you take your turncarrying it, you come outa different person, saidRalph Vosseberg, whotries to make this pilgrim-age every year. My kidsget right in there and taketheir turn. Its an emotion-al experience for us, hesaid.

    The theme of thisyears event is Embrac-ing the Cross, highlight-ing the belief that crossesare unavoidable and arebetter embraced thanshunned. The processionbegins at the Church ofTruth and Destiny on

    North Bend road, near thewater tower in Mount Ai-ry, and winds its wayalong Colerain Avenue,stopping along the way atthe four churches ofMount Airy. It ends at thecorner lot at Kirby Roadand Colerain Ave. whereparticipants sign theirnames to the cross as aprayer until the next yearthey are able to come.

    The four churchessponsoring the event in-vite all tri-state Chris-tians to share this walk offaith. They are PraiseChapel, Impact WorshipCenter, Truth and DestinyMinistries, and St. The-rese Little FlowerChurch.

    Good Friday Way of Cross will wind through Mt. Airy April 3


    Residents of Mt. Airy and the tri-state join in carrying an 80-pound cross during a previousGood Friday Way of the Cross. The events starts at 3 p.m. at Truth and Destiny Church on NorthBend Road, near the Mt. Airy water tower.

    Program focuses onRuth Lyons

    Join longtime Cincin-nati radio announcer andhistorian Mike Martini at7 p.m. Thursday, April 16,at the Forest Park SeniorCenter as the Forest ParkWomans Club remem-bers and celebrates theremarkable career of Cin-cinnati's "First Lady of

    Broadcasting, Ruth Ly-ons.

    For nearly 40 years, Ly-ons dominated Cincinnatiradio and television withcelebrity guests and con-versational style. Her leg-acy continues today in thecharity that bears hername.

    The Forest Park SeniorCenter is at 11555 WintonRoad.

    Tickets available forThe Music Man

    This years spring mu-sical at Winton WoodsHigh School is the Broad-way classic, The MusicMan. Performances areFriday, April 17, and Sat-urday, April 18, at 8 p.m. inthe David Bell Perform-

    ing Arts Center at WintonWoods High School.

    This Tony Award-win-ning musical is the storyof the trouble caused inRiver City, Iowa, whentraveling salesman Har-old Hill shows up in town,cons the people there intobuying musical instru-ments and falls in lovewith Marian the librarian.The show