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<ul><li><p>May/June 2010</p><p>SavedThird runway plans scrapped</p></li><li><p>BLOW THEWHISTLE ON</p><p>CHEATSHOUSINGWhen somebody with a council or housing association home rents it out </p><p>without permission or obtains a home through providing false information, they </p><p>are guilty of housing fraud. They are using up valuable housing spaces and </p><p>depriving families and vulnerable people on the waiting list. Its not fair. </p><p>If you suspect someone of unlawfully sub-letting </p><p>call us on 0800 389 8313 or email us at fraud@hillingdon.gov.uk Your report will be treated in the strictest confidence and can </p><p>be given anonymously.</p><p> C</p><p>RO</p><p>WN</p><p> CO</p><p>PYR</p><p>IGH</p><p>T 2</p><p>009.</p><p> Cop</p><p>yrig</p><p>ht in</p><p> the</p><p> con</p><p>tent</p><p>, des</p><p>ign </p><p>and </p><p>typo</p><p>grap</p><p>hica</p><p>l arr</p><p>ange</p><p>men</p><p>t re</p><p>sts </p><p>with</p><p> the</p><p> Cro</p><p>wn.</p><p> Pub</p><p>lishe</p><p>d by</p><p> Lon</p><p>don </p><p>Bor</p><p>ough</p><p> of H</p><p>illin</p><p>gdon</p><p>hillingdon people magazineMay/June 20102</p><p>advertisements</p></li><li><p>hillingdon people magazine</p><p>May/June 2010</p><p>20</p><p>hillingdon people magazine May/Ju</p><p>ne 2010</p><p>21</p><p> "%</p><p>!""!"#!</p><p>$!</p><p>#"#!</p><p> $</p><p>%(</p><p>%</p><p> #</p><p>%!'</p><p>" %!</p><p>!"</p><p>"%</p><p>!" '"</p><p>&amp; #"</p><p> ( "%</p><p>!</p><p>!"#!</p><p>&amp; "</p><p>PhilipCorthorne</p><p>hillingdon council</p><p>hillingdon council</p><p>Following the council </p><p>elections on Thursday </p><p> May, Conservative </p><p>councillors and Labour </p><p>councillors were elected. </p><p>The Conservative party </p><p>has a majority and will </p><p>be running the council </p><p>for the next four years.</p><p>The names and photos of all 65 </p><p>councillors for the borough are </p><p>pictured on these pages. On 13 </p><p>May, the Leader of the Council, </p><p>Cllr Ray Puddifoot, appointed </p><p>his Cabinet. Cabinet Members </p><p>are also shown opposite.</p><p>The turnout for this election </p><p>was more than 63 per cent, </p><p>meaning there were 124,047 votes</p><p>counted. Ickenham ward had the </p><p>highest turnout, with 75 per cent </p><p>of residents having their say. </p><p>All councillors will be arranging </p><p>surgeries for their constituents to </p><p>meet with them and discuss issues </p><p>face-to-face. If you want to get </p><p>in touch with one of your ward </p><p>councillors, you should speak </p><p>to the relevant group office:</p><p>Conservative Group Office</p><p> conservativegroupsecretariat </p><p>@hillingdon.gov.uk</p><p>Labour Group Office</p><p> labourgroup@hillingdon.gov.u</p><p>k</p><p>You can also find this information</p><p>on our website at www.</p><p>hillingdon.gov.uk then click </p><p>Council and democracy.</p><p>More information on how you </p><p>can get involved in the decisions </p><p>made by the new council can be </p><p>found on the following page.</p><p>SandraJenkins</p><p>RichardMills</p><p>BrianStead</p><p>Brunel</p><p>RichardBarnes</p><p>HenryHiggins</p><p>Harefield</p><p>MichaelMarkham</p><p>DouglasMills</p><p>SusanOBrien</p><p>Manor</p><p>ShirleyHarper-ONeill</p><p>AllanKauffman</p><p>JudyKelly</p><p>South Ruislip</p><p>MikeBull</p><p>PaulButtivant</p><p>AnitaMacDonald</p><p>West Drayton</p><p>Raymond Graham</p><p>EddieLavery</p><p>MichaelWhite</p><p>Cavendish</p><p>DavidBenson</p><p>SukhpalBrar</p><p>JuneNelson</p><p>Heathrow Villages</p><p>RichardLewis</p><p>CarolMelvin</p><p>ScottSeaman-Digby</p><p>Northwood</p><p>LindaAllen</p><p>PeterCurling</p><p>RobinSansarpuri</p><p>Townfield</p><p>JohnRileyBrian</p><p>Crowe</p><p>West Ruislip</p><p>LindsayBliss</p><p>RoshanGhei</p><p>JohnMajor</p><p>Barnhill</p><p>BeulahEast</p><p>NeilFyfe</p><p>MaryOConnor</p><p>Charville</p><p>TimBarker</p><p>WayneBridges</p><p>PatJackson</p><p>Hillingdon East</p><p>JonathanBianco</p><p>JohnMorgan</p><p>AndrewRetter</p><p>Northwod Hills</p><p>JosephineBarrett</p><p>GeorgeCooper</p><p>DavidYarrow</p><p>Uxbridge North</p><p>DavidAllam</p><p>JanetDuncan</p><p>SidGarg</p><p>Yeading</p><p>JanetGardner</p><p>Phoday Jarjussey</p><p>Mohammed Khursheed</p><p>Botwell</p><p>BruceBaker</p><p>CatherineDann</p><p>DavidPayne</p><p>Eastcote and East Ruislip</p><p>JohnHensley</p><p>RayPuddifoot</p><p>David Simmonds</p><p>Ickenham</p><p>JazzDhillon</p><p>KuldeepLakhmana</p><p>AvtarSandhu</p><p>Pinkwell</p><p>JudithCooperKeith</p><p>Burrows</p><p>DavidRoutledge</p><p>Uxbridge South</p><p>DominicGilham</p><p>PeterKempPaul</p><p>Harmsworth</p><p>Yiewsley Conservative councillor</p><p>Labour councillor</p><p>Cabinet members</p><p>Leader of the Council</p><p>Labour Group Leader</p><p>Mayor </p><p>Cabinet members </p><p>and portfolios</p><p>Position/portfolio Councillor</p><p>Leader of the </p><p>Council</p><p>Ray Puddifoot</p><p>Deputy Leader and </p><p>Cabinet Member </p><p>for Education and </p><p>Childrens Services</p><p>David Simmonds</p><p>Finance and </p><p>Business Services</p><p>Jonathan Bianco</p><p>Planning and </p><p>TransportationKeith Burrows</p><p>Social Services, </p><p>Health and Housing</p><p>Philip Corthorne</p><p>Culture, Sport </p><p>and Leisure Henry Higgins</p><p>EnvironmentSandra Jenkins</p><p>Improvement, </p><p>Partnerships and </p><p>Community Safety</p><p>Douglas Mills</p><p>Co-ordination and </p><p>Central ServicesScott Seaman-Digby</p><p>3</p><p>hillingdon contents</p><p>11 Cover featureHeathrow campaign victorious New Government abandons plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport.</p><p>9 Older Peoples PageWhat has the council done to help older people in Hillingdon this year.</p><p>10 HillingdonFirst one year onAre you using your residents card? Make sure you are making the most of the benefits available to you through the scheme.</p><p>14 Spring into fitness this summerPhotos from the official opening of Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex and information on the new leisure complex at Botwell Green in Hayes.</p><p>17 Safer HillingdonTips and advice on surviving the football World Cup this June.</p><p>20 Your council 2010-2014Photos of all the newly elected councillors following the local elections in May.</p><p>24 Young HillingdonGet involved in young peoples activities this summer, with the return of FIESTA and the opening of a new young peoples centre.</p><p>Regulars4 News35 Hillingdon volunteers36 Whats on?39 Hillingdon contact numbers</p><p>May/June 2010</p><p>Editorial and advertising enquiriesHannah Collins 01895 250828</p><p> hillingdonpeople@hillingdon.gov.uk</p><p>For a copy in large print or on tape, call 01895 250828</p><p>Published by London Borough of Hillingdon 2010Design Phil Burton 01895 250670 Printed by Warners Midlands PLCHillingdon People, 3E/07 Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge, UB8 1UW. </p><p>Products and services advertised in this magazine are not necessarily endorsed by the council.</p><p>Cllr Ray PuddifootLeader of the Council</p><p>Welcome to the first edition of Hillingdon People of the new council administration. I am delighted and privileged to be continuing as your council leader, maintaining stability in Hillingdon. At this crucial time of economic uncertainty, we will ensure that as far as possible, it is business as usual in Hillingdon by continuing to provide the services our residents expect.</p><p>Our approach will be to continue to manage the councils finances in a way that protects the services our residents tell us are important to them and their family, whilst at the same time, delivering value for money. We will continue to protect the boroughs heritage, enhance our natural environment and promote civic pride so that people are proud to say they live in Hillingdon.</p><p>Although significant new investment is going to be difficult in the coming months for all councils, in Hillingdon we have strong finances and have budgeted to deliver things such as the completion of our library refurbishment programme, extending the burglar alarm scheme for older residents and the refurbishment of Highgrove Swimming Pool in Ruislip. In addition, we will continue our town centre improvement programme, investing in Hayes, Ruislip Manor and Northwood Hills and improvements to the boroughs roads. Next month, we will open the doors of our new state-of-the-art leisure centre in Botwell Green, Hayes to our residents - with the official opening in July. </p><p>We are all expecting uncertain times as far as the global economy is concerned. The one thing that you can be certain of is that in Hillingdon, we will continue to put our residents first, provide value for money and continue to maintain levels of services provided.</p><p>Finally, as I write this we have just heard the news that plans for a third runway at Heathrow are to be scrapped. This is fantastic news and shows what can be achieved when residents and their council work together. </p><p>hillingdon people magazine May/June 2010</p><p>TT-COC-002452</p><p>After reading, please recycle this magazine</p><p>CovEr PHoto CoUrtESy of Ga zE t tE nE WSPaPErS</p></li><li><p>Madness front man Suggs (far right) joins Cllr Jonathan Bianco to launch </p><p>the Direct Debit prize scheme</p><p>hillingdon people magazineMay/June 20104</p><p>You can win yourself 25,000 from Bacs Payment Schemes Ltd. by signing up to pay your council tax by Direct Debit. To be in with a chance of winning, you simply need to register to pay your council tax by Direct Debit by 5pm on 15 July. You can do this by returning a paper Direct Debit instruction to the council, or by signing up online at www.hillingdon.gov.uk or over the telephone by calling 01895 250000. Any residents who already pay by Direct Debit will automatically be entered into the draw. The 25,000 winner will be drawn on 20 July.</p><p>Bringing support, choice and independence From 24 July until </p><p>1 September, Field End Road will be closed while repair work is carried out to the railway bridge near the junction of Rabournmead Drive. A diversion will be in place along A312 Mandeville Road / Petts Hill, A4090 Alexandra Avenue, and Eastcote Lane. Resident access along Field End Road / Eastcote Lane will be maintained. </p><p>Further information on all of these road closures and major works can be found at www.hillingdon.gov.uk/roads. </p><p>Delays are likely and we would advise where possible that residents use alternative routes where journeys permit.</p><p>For more information please contact roadnetwork management@hillingdon.gov.uk</p><p>Major works affecting the boroughs roads</p><p>Hillingdon. A pilot across all groups who receive adult social care took place in February and March, bringing eight personal budgets to four older people, two people with a learning disability and two people with a physical disability.</p><p>50 people who receive home or day care will have been offered a personal budget by the end of May. This will be a big step forward in making SDS the main way that adult social care is offered in Hillingdon.</p><p>To find out more about SDS visit www.hillingdon.gov.uk/selfdirectedsupport or email transforming adultsocialcare@hillingdon.gov.uk</p><p>Win 25,000 by making your life easier</p><p>The way that adult social care works is changing. From August 2010, self-directed support (SDS) is being introduced to residents who currently receive adult social care services from the council.</p><p>SDS is a way to give people much more of a say over how their adult social care needs are met, by allocating them a personal budget. This is a sum of money that covers the costs of the support an individual requires. SDS is designed to give people a lot of flexibility and creativity in the services they receive, offering greater choice so that they can live their life in the way that they want.</p><p>We have just started introducing SDS in </p><p>Since April, National Grid Gas Alliance has been working in Ickenham, Ruislip, Eastcote and through into Harrow to renew major gas mains in the area. A westbound road closure has been in operation in Kingsend, Ruislip since the end of April. A fully signed diversion will be in place and resident access will be maintained. Works will progress into Pembroke Road, Park Way, Elm Avenue and North View into Harrow under phased westbound road closures throughout the summer and into the autumn.</p><p>Works will also be in progress concurrently as part of the gas mains renewal in Fore Street, High Road, and Cuckoo Hill in Eastcote to improve the gas service provision in the north of the borough.</p></li><li><p>inbriefGarden centre extends opening hoursThe Rural Activities Garden Centre (RAGC) is extending its opening hours to include weekends during the summer.</p><p>The centre, based in West Drayton Road, Hillingdon, will be open from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays until 10 July. They are open from 9am to 4pm on weekdays throughout the year. Everything sold by the RAGC is grown locally and the centre offers a range of work experience and training for people with a learning disability.</p><p>For more information please call 01895 443445. You can also visit the Whats On section of the council website at www.hillingdon.gov.uk to check the price list.</p><p>Former staff member sentencedThe council has successfully prosecuted a former manager at Hayes Stadium sports centre who stole more than 900 of taxpayers money.</p><p>Kelvin Hammond, who was employed as a Duty Manager at the stadium from November 1994 to July 2009, was charged at Uxbridge Magistrates Court with ten offences of fraud between December 2008 and June 2009.</p><p>The council conducted the investigation in to Mr Hammonds fraudulent activity after a fellow employee discovered inaccuracies in the stadium accounts and alerted the councils fraud team. </p><p>Magistrates sentenced him to a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years, 180 hours of unpaid work, 920.56 compensation to the council and a 600 contribution to court costs.</p><p>hillingdon people magazine May/June 2010 5</p><p>hillingdon news</p><p>Support services for carers up for new contractThe contract the council has with Hillingdon Carers to provide support services for carers is due for renewal this year. As part of the councils legal duty to ensure we get best value for all the services provided, this has to go through a tendering process. This means that suitably qualified organisations will be invited to bid to provide carer support services in the borough.</p><p>Information and advice services for carers will not be disrupted during this process. You can continue to contact Hillingdon Carers at their Information and Advice Centre in Uxbridge High Street in the usual way.</p><p>For more information please contact Hillingdon Social Care Direct on 01895 556633. </p><p>Womens health awareness courseWomen who are interested in signing up for a women-only health awareness course are asked to get in touch with the Hillingdon Womens Centre. The course would be run on Thursdays starting in early June, but organisers want to know the best time of day to run the course. The course will include healthy heart, healthy eating and women specific issues such as avoiding osteoporosis. The course will be specifically geared towards women and will comprise of six sessions covering a one subject each week. Contact the HWC on 01895 259578 or email hillingdonwomen@aol.com with your details and preference if you are interested. </p><p>Uxbridge town centre in March outside the Pavillions shopping centre, Uxbridge. </p><p>Pupils from Charville, Newnham, West Drayton, Whitehall, and Pinkwell infant and junior schools submitted designs of a very high standard and in various styles from paintings, mosaics and collage to pencil drawing and 3-D models.</p><p>Visitors to Uxbridge can enjoy a new piece of artwork, thanks to the creative talents of young people from across the borough and Hillingdon Council.</p><p>150 pieces of artwork were submitted to Hillingdon Council by pupils from junior schools in Hillingdon for a new mosaic, which was unveiled in </p><p>Town centre mosaic unveiled</p><p>Fire Service best in LondonThe boroughs fire service is top in London according to annual statistics. The Hillingdon brigade hit all but one of their targets, making the borough a safer place to live and work.</p><p>Every year boroughs are given set targets against a range of areas under their control, including the number of arson fires, the number of accidental fires and the number of home fire safety visits. Hillingdon exceeded their targets in 92 per cent of the areas, coming top in London. </p><p>The one target they did not hit was relating to the number of lift rescues, which was reduced by more than 35 per cent on figures from last year.</p><p>Gerard Hollingworth, B...</p></li></ul>