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Highlights of Current Research Ron Hays. UCLA GIM/HSR Introduction to Fellows August 10, 2007 ~ 12:19 pm. Satisfaction With care. Other Patient Characteristics. Health Behaviors (Adherence). Quality of Care. Technical Quality. HRQOL. Preferences For Care. Patient Reports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Highlights of Current Research Ron Hays

    UCLA GIM/HSR Introduction to FellowsAugust 10, 2007 ~ 12:19 pm

  • SatisfactionWith care

    HRQOLQuality of CareOther PatientCharacteristicsPatient ReportsAbout CareTechnical QualityHealthBehaviors(Adherence)PreferencesFor CareNeedsAssessment

  • Main Research ProjectsHealth outcomes in cancerNational Cancer Institute IPALinking preference measuresNational Institute on AgingItem banking (PROMIS)NIH Roadmap for Medical Research Initiative CAHPSAgency for Healthcare Research and QualityCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services

  • Forthcoming PublicationsTarn, D. M., Paterniti, D. A., Heritage, J., Hays, R. D., Kravitz, R. L., & Wenger, N. S. (in press). Physician communication about the costs and acquisition of newly prescribed medications. American Journal of Managed Care.Khanna, D., Hays, R. D., Park, G. S., Braun-Moscovici, Y., Mayes, M. D., McNearney, T. A., Hsu, V., Clements, P. J., & Furst, D. E. (in press). Development of a preliminary scleroderma gastrointenstinal tract 1.0 (SSC-GIT 1.0) quality of life instrument. Arthritis Care and Research.Vickrey, B. G., Strickland, T. L., Fitten, J., Adams, G. R., Ortiz, F., & Hays, R. D. (in press). Ethnic variations in dementia caregiving experiences: Insights from focus groups. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment.Varma, R., Wu, J., Chong, K., Azen, S. P., & Hays, R. D. (in press). Impact of severity and bilaterality of visual impairment on health-related quality of life. Ophthalamology.Hahn, E. A., Cella, D., Chassany, O., Fairclough, D. L., Wong, G. Y., & Hays, R. D. (in press). A comparison of the precision of health-related quality of life data relative to other clinical measures. Mayo Clinic Proceedings.Farivar, S. S., Cunningham, W. E., & Hays, R. D. (in press). Correlated physical and mental health summary scores for the SF-36 and SF-12 health survey, V. 1. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes.Khanna, D., Furst, D. E., Wong, W. K., Tsevat, J., Clements, P. J., Park, G. S., Postlethwaite, A. E., Ahmed, M., & Hays, R. D. (in press). Reliability, validity, and minimally important differences of the SF-6D in systemic sclerosis. Quality of Life Research.Derose, K., Kanouse, D.E., Weidmer, B., Weech-Maldonado, R., Garcia, R., Hays, R.D. (in press). Developing a Spanish-language sample report for CAHPS. Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety.Revicki, D., Hays, R. D., Cella, D., & Sloan, J. (in press). Recommended methods for determining responsiveness and minimally important differences for patient reported outcomes. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.Fryback, D. G., Dunham, N. C., Palta, M., Hanmer, J., Buechner, J., Cherepanov, D., Herrington, S., Hays, R. D., Kaplan, R. M., Ganiats, T. G., Feeny, D., & Kind, P. (in press). U.S. Norms for Six Generic Health-Related Quality-of-Life Indexes from the National Health Measurement Study. Medical Care.Hanmer, J., Hays, R. D., & Fryback, D. G. (in press). Mode of administration is important in U.S. national estimates of health-related quality of life. Medical Care.Weech-Maldonado, R., Fongwa, M., Gutierrez, P., & Hays, R. D. (in press). Language and regional differences in evaluations of Medicare managed care by Hispanics. Health Services Research.Hepner, K., A., Morales, L. S., Hays, R. D., Orlando, M., & Miranda, J. (in press). Evaluating differential item functioning of the PRIME-MD mood module among black and white women in primary care.

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