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  • Starting A New Salon? Here Are Tips For Salon's Design & Decor Planning and designing a new salon can be both exciting and overwhelming experience for theowner. It involves a lot of headaches and investment. That's why, pre-planning is essential to get apositive outcome. Salon furniture and dcor is one of the important aspects to consider whileestablishing a salon. Following are a few helpful tips to create your high-functioning dream salon.

    1. Invest in Essentials such as Salon Furniture & Equipment You need to allocate your funds properly, when outfitting your new salon. Although, it is quite easyto get carried away by spending more money on not so useful things. It is advised to create a list ofnecessary items that you require for your salon, including the furniture and equipments. You needto make your salon appealing and for that it is good to invest on the things that clients will see andexperience most, like salon chairs, styling stations, the front desk, and dressing rooms. You can alsosave some money by looking for used salon equipment.

    2. Design Your Space Like You Are A Pro There are various salons that are adorned to cater to their owners' personal taste. Remember, justbecause you love low lighting and warm colored walls, it doesn't mean that your clients will alsolike it. The surroundings sound be bright and clear, so that when your clients sits in the chair,he/she could look the best. Show them that you are a pro and know how to enhance their beauty.And in this, lighting also plays a vital role. You surely don't want any shadow on their face whendoing makeup or their hair. Avoid ceiling mounted lightings that create shadows on the face andeyes.


  • 3. Be Realistic About Your Space Stylists need space to easily move around. There's nothing frustrating than working in a limitedspace where you're pushing up against your co-workers. So, plan out the space accordingly. Makesure you provide minimum 150 square feet of work space per stylist. Once all your stylists havesufficient space, now you can consider filling the left space with equipment and dcor.

    4. Less is More On a busy day, a salon can get very hectic. People running around, magazines all above thefurniture, color bowls piling up can create a lot of mess in your salon. This is why, it is always goodto make your space look clean and modern. Avoid clutter and too many decors, you need to design aspace where people can work and move easily. Make sure you buy your essential equipment andfurniture first and then plan the space accordingly.

    Keep all the above things in mind to create a fabulous salon with sufficient space and equipments. Ifyou are looking for affordable salon furniture and equipments, then call Salon Furniture Depot.Salon Furniture Depot is a leading retailer of salon furniture. It delivers high quality productsacross the GTA.


  • Do's and Dont's of decorating a hair salon Are you looking for Salon Furniture Canada? The way you decorate your salon is a reinforcementof your brand of styling. Since beauty industry is all about looking your best, the decor you choosefor your salon decides good you look for your customers.

    So here are a few do's and dont's for decorating your hair salon

    1. Pick a theme

    Choose a theme which echoes the location, target group and especially the vision of your salon. AHollywood theme may work in California but not in Canada. The color you choose for the salonmust reflect the essence of the intended theme. Sleek furniture coupled with an all-white themeworks well for a new wave theme. A salon with a day spa could have neutral tones.

    2. Pick a style

    If you own a salon that can be described as upscale, go for marble tops and crystal chandeliers. Ifyour salon only cater to male clients then chrome hardware, study leather and stainless steel will gowell with the theme. The styling of your salon need to be akin to the demographics of your salon.

  • 3. Try and stay away from the past

    Until or unless you own a salon based on a 1950's theme, stay away from retro decor. You couldbuy furnitures that is evergreen and wouldn't go out of style. Consult an expert in salon equipmentCanada for better assistance. Be it your styling chairs, seating of the hair dryer, flooring, cabinetsor logo- everything should be modern with no signs of looking out of date and out of style.

    4. Don't afraid to be bold

    Huge over sized mirrors, contrasting colors make a bold style statement. Large mirrors help give anexpensive feel. A cutting edge vibe is provided by industrial or statement lighting. If you have ahigh ceiling, use floor to ceiling drapes. A red couch in an all white salon pop of color.

    5. Don't be messy

    Clutter only sends a bad message to the customers. An organized space enchants the customers andinvokes a sense of serenity and productivity. Avoid having plants in your salon. They tend to attractbugs and that is the last thing you want a customer to see in your salon. The magazines in yourwaiting lounge should be latest and not out dated.

    Still don't know where to buy your Salon Furniture Canada from? Salon Furniture Depot offer alarge collection of professional salon & spa furniture and equipment. We have the most extensivecollection of salon furniture. If you can't find it anywhere...we can definitely arrange for it.