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High Performance Teams. Attributes, Dynamics and barriers. Team vs Group. High Performance Team. Functioning Team. Performance. Group. Team formation. Committee. Effectiveness. What is in common?. Purpose Role – Ownership – Make a difference Communication – - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


High Performance Team

High Performance TeamsAttributes, Dynamics and barriers

Team vs GroupEffectivenessPerformance

GroupHigh Performance TeamFunctioning TeamTeam formationCommittee3

What is in common?PurposeRole Ownership Make a difference

Communication Effective frequent clear consistentInternal vs external communicationFeedback

Involvement Role and experience Partnership Respect

Process Orientation Process tools problem solving planning meetings agendas - behavioral norms - process improvement tools

Continuous Improvement Tools knowledge - Time Modified from Sandy Pentland, MIT 2011Key drivers of communicationEnergyLevel of exchange amongst team membersFace to faceVideoconferenceEmail and smsEngagementDistribution of energy amongst team membersCluster engagementDiscoveryExploration outside team boundaries Modified from Sandy Pentland, MIT 2011Features common to HPT Equal distribution listening and talkingFace each othersCommunicate directly Not through the chairSide conversationshortCoffee breaks explore

Dynamics of HPTDont be a hero, the team is.Debate before making decisionLet every one talkIgnore the status quoResolve serious issues, never play it downNo place for casual team membersIdentify barriers

Conflict Performance

Destructive conflictConstructive conflictOptimal healthy conflictConflict and team performance9Choosing team membersDefine primary goal

Skills and know-how

Personality fit




Good HPT membersClick (the X factor)Excellent connectorsTime equityDivide time equally amongst team membersActive good listenersShort high energy conversationAlways bring ideas from outside Not at the group expense

Why teams fail ?Dysfunctional teamLack of TrustAvoidance and holding back, vulnerableAvoiding conflictStagnant thinking, artificial harmonyPatchy CommitmentSuboptimal contribution, ambiguity Lack of AccountabilityLow standardPoor ProcessesIneffective


Captain Richard Crespignythere had been an explosion, and that he and the crew had done what they had done thousands of times before in the simulator.The aircraft is safe. We have four engines. We have lost one. We have shut down. It's possibly could have even perhaps restarted it but to be safe we won't. So you are safe. We practice this procedure probably three or four times every three months and so today we get to work the procedureHPT LeadershipClear visionEvery member can assume leadership roleTeam output is critical in the success chainWhy and how, objectives, time frames, deadlines

One to one meetingsWhat push their buttons?How they measure their performance?How they like to be managed?Every one is motivated differently

Room to deliver less pressure

HPT Leadership Measure achievementsOpen discussion on performanceConstructive frequent feedback = no pile ups Stay positiveKeep your calmReassure and supportSocialize regularly, build friendshipTake time outPlay togetherCelebrate before moving on to the next challenge

There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn,t matter who gets the credit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson