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Sales/ Marketing/Finance


  • 4 EPs have successfully matched with Malaysia in 2013 ITS YOUR TURN!!

    Notice about Taxation: All interns get 26% deducted from their salary for taxation reasons, however, the money is reclaimable if the intern stays in Malaysia for 184 days (six months) without leaving the country.

  • Limkokwing University Worlds most Globalised University http://www.limkokwing.net/


  • Limkokwing University

    The role in Limkokwing University will be very flexible and depending on the interns interest, past experience and educational background. The right candidates should fulfill the basic requirement in TN form. Then it will mainly based on personal characteristics. Duration: 52 weeks Only Excellent English required

    Salary: 756$ For students with Bachelor degree: TN-In-MY-MC-2013-1321 (BA) (1 slot left!) For students with Master degree: TN-In-MY-MC-2013-1324 (Marketing), TN-In-MY-MC-2013-1325 (BA) In order to apply please send you CV, EP number and the blank page challenge describe yourself include past experience, values, ideas etc. (one page only) to: applicantsmalaysia@gmail.com; Limkokwing is interested to hire individuals who have a flexible mindset, are open minded and understand to adjust themselves to new environment in an smooth way.

    BA/Marketing/Language and Culture Teaching HOT

  • AIC Exhibitions TN-In-MY-UP-2013-1914: Business Administration

    http://www.aicone.com/index.html Duration: 45- 52 weeks Excellent English required, Basic Chinese preferred

    Salary: 645$ Bachelor

    Prefer those with prior project management and event management experience. Western European and SouthEast Asian would have an advantage. Send your cover letter, resume with picture to tionglay.lee@aiesec.net /tionglay@gmail.com

  • Okachi (M) Sdn. Bhd. TN-In-MY-TU-2013-449: Compliance Dept (Finance)

    Okachi (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1980 to cater to the expanding need by customers to seek access to Malaysian futures markets. We provide quality executions and clearing services to a very broad clientele around the world and locally. Okachi in Malaysia is also a licensed firm to trade futures markets in the United States, United Kingdom and of course Japan. Duration: 52 weeks required Excellent English required

    Salary: 785$ Undergraduate

    In order to apply please send you CV, EP number to nicolelimxt@gmail.com

  • HESCAR Sdn Bhd TN-In-MY-US-2013-1751: Sales and Marketing

    Duration: 52 weeks (preferred) Only Excellent English required

    Salary: 833$ Open for student with Undergraduate/Bachelor/ Master Degree Why HESCAR??? oOffice is located next to Malaysias largest Shopping Mall in its Capital city - Kuala Lumpur, with great transportation connectivity oBasic Salary & benefits with High commission & bonus structure; oExcellent personal development opportunities; oSuperb working Culture & Environment; oMedical Insurance will be provided if Intern is absorbed as a permanent staff on completion of internship oInternational travel may be required In order to apply please send you CV, EP number to suhui.lim@aiesec.net

  • oRead more about Malaysia at http://issuu.com/gip.ftuhcmc/docs/malaysia oPlease do cc your buddy in every mail to TN Manager so your buddy can follow-up and try other way to contact TN Manager if they dont reply you within 7 days.