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2. HIDDEN MOBILE TRACKER Hello friends So you must be all thinking about the Hidden mobile tracker . It is the easiest way to create your own hacking device with the help of your mobile phone and you can easily track out others activities. You can use it to listen any secret information you want to hear from any one you want. So just see this script and create your own tracking device and enjoy it. 3. Two Types One time use Lifetime use One time use In the one time use the tracker can be used only once. Once the battery of your mobile gets discharged your Hidden Mobile Tracker also stops working . Life Time Use In the lifetime use your mobile is connected with the charger so that it gets automatically charged and your Hidden Mobile Tracker keeps working. 4. Requirements Your old mobile phone. (with a very good battery backup ) Two sim cards. (of the same telecom company) A wall painting or (A Teddy Bear) A wire A mobile charger LED lights Black permanent marker A black tape/ribbon Scissor 5. Requirements 6. Brief about requirements 1. Mobile phone You can use any old mobile phone or new with a good battery Back up. 2. Mobile Charger A mobile charger to charge your mobile phone. 3. Two sim cards Buy two sim cards and good if both are of the same telecom companies. 4. wire Take 1 meter of electric wire for electric connections. 5. Tape Take a tape of black colour 6. Scissor 7. cont.... 7.Take a medium size Teddy bear or any wall painting to fit your device (hidden mobile tracker) in it. 8.LED Lights . You can take led lights or any other bulbs ranging to volts . 8. So lets begin Firstly take your mobile phone you want to use and remove its outer body just to make it small in size. Remove all possible things you can remove leaving the main machine present inside Insert the sim card you want to use with your mobile phone. Now switch on your cell phone and put it on the silent mode Make sure all your sound effects are off and also your vibration mode is off. 9. Remove all the extra plastic body just leaving the main machine 10. . Now cover your cell phone completely with the black cello tape including your display so that even your display cant be seen. Take care do not cover the mike of the cell phone that you will find at the bottom of the cell phone. Apply tape in such a way that no one can trace it out it was a cell phone 11. cont..... Now take your charger. Remove the outer covering of your charger just to make it small in size and completely cover it with the cello tape just to prevent electricity danger. Attach the charger with the mobile phone fix it tight with help of tape so that it cant be removed easily. cover it with the black tape 12. BACK SIDE OF THE WALL PAINTING or TEEDY BEAR 13. cont... Now take the teddy bear you have with you and remove all the cotton from it so as to place your cell phone inside it. 14. Attaching lights to teddy bear Make common connections for the mobile charging and the lights you will put in the Teddy Bear such that if any one plug in the main cable the mobile charging and the lights should glow up the same time. Note The lights are just added to charge our mobile device with making a common connection of lights and the charger 15. cont... Take your toy you have with you example you have teddy bear . Remove all the cotton or any other material filled in it . Now place your cell phone in the Teddy Bear such that the Mike of the cell phone just comes at any end of the teddy beer so that voice can be easily transferred . Now join the two wires at the end of charger and the wires of the singing device in common. Such that they both are attached to the same same port 16. cont..... Now add a wire joining the ends of cell phone charger and singing device. This wire would come out of the Teddy beer and the only wire which can be seen outside and the rest arrangement you made is hidden and nobody knows about it. Now fill the cotton and completely pack your Teddy Beer just with the wire out the main wire and your Hidden mobile tracker is ready. 17. Working So lets come to the main point you must all be thinking how would it work. So you remember a sim card you have already inserted in your hidden tracking device and the other one you have still with you . Now put the other in your cell phone . What the secret behind all this The mobile you have used in Teddy Beer should be on the Auto answer mode. 18. cont.... Now when you will give a call to the cell phone you have placed would automatically receive the call and you can easily hear all what is happening in the place your Hidden mobile tracker is placed. Every time you will make a call it would be always received and you can easily hear all what talk is going to the next place. So gift someone special a teddy or beautiful gift with your hidden mobilr tracker inside . :) 19. One time Hidden Mobile Tracker In the one time Hidden Mobile Tracker you just need to remove the extra covering of the Cell phone Insert the sim in it Put on the automatic answering mode Cover it completely with the black tape . And your device is ready Now you can hide it where ever you want to hide In your car Under your boss seat (Make sure you do not come in camera ) Once it gets discharged you can again charge it and use again. 20. Places where you can fit H.M.T Behind wall painting Electric Appliances Car Seats Bags Electrical Toys Behind switch boards Enjoy your Hidden Mobile Tracker Thanking You www.HackingIdeas.com by... Ankur Agarwal facebook/AnkurTheMysteryBoy 21. Thanking you Enjoy your Hidden Mobile Tracker www.HackingIdeas.com facebook.com/HackingIdaes by... Ankur Agarwal facebook/AnkurTheMysteryBoy


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