hexidine-ep - chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash

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Equi Potent antimicrobial action {0.12% CHX (15 ml) as potent as 0.2% CHX (10 ml)}

Effective Plaque Control (no reduction in effectiveness)

Employs Plasdone (fights the stains)

Extended Protection (long term use)

Routine ProphylaxisMaintenance of Aesthetic restorationsOrthodontic patients For long term oral hygiene maintenanceImplantology - Maintenance of Implants and peri-implant tissue health.Offers Extended protection in

Dosage and Directions of useDose 15 ml twice a day, at least 30 minutes after tooth brushing.For treatment and protection, swish in the mouth for one minuteDo not wash mouth, eat or drink thereafter for 30 minute.

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