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What would your application look like if it were written by the people who write the testing frameworks? If unit tests make classes more modular, by forcing you to test it in isolation, then what is the effect of expanding this to a less granular level, the acceptance and functional test. The more modern application architecture evolves, the more we hear the very old patterns being rediscovered and re-adopted. 1979 Trygve's MVC is a classic example, so are the SOLID principles. In this talk we will look on how Symfony allows for a really decoupled, easy to test application, by following on the footsteps of Alistair Cockburn's hexagonal architecture.


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  • @_md SensioLabs Key in making great and growable systems is to design how its modules communicate [and not] what their properties and behaviours should be. ViewpointsResearchInstituteSource-BonnieMacbirdURL-http://www.vpri.org
  • @_md SensioLabs real procedure Sum (k, l, u, ak) value l, u; integer k, l, u; real ak; begin real S; S := 0; for k := l step 1 until u do S := S + ak; Sum := S; end; x := Sum( i, 1, n, V[i] );
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  • @_md SensioLabs Glyph Class Char (c); Character c; Begin Procedure print; OutChar(c); End;
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  • @_md SensioLabs controller use case utility uses uses Nave Implementation
  • @_md SensioLabs ! public function updateAction($id) { $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager(); $product = $em->getRepository('AcmeStoreBundle:Product')->find($id); ! if (!$product) { throw $this->createNotFoundException( 'No product found for id '.$id ); } ! $product->setName('New product name!'); $em->flush(); ! return $this->redirect($this->generateUrl('homepage')); }
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  • @_md SensioLabs The hexagon is not a hexagon because the number six is important, but rather to allow the people doing the drawing to have room to insert ports and adapters as they need :) [Cockburn 08]
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  • @_md SensioLabs /** * @Route(service="controllers.skills") */ class SkillsController { private $competencyFinder; private $raterFinder; ! public function __construct(CompetencyFinder $competencyFinder) { $this->competencyFinder = $competencyFinder; } ! /** * @Route("/skills", name="skills") * @Template() * Show the skill for the learners role */ public function indexAction() { return ['competencies' => $this->competencyFinder->findDictionary()]; } }
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