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  1. 1. Heroes ofIntermodal FreightTransportation
  2. 2. Who are We?PFQ is a company in thetrucking and transportationindustry who is known forour reliable deliveriesto destinations acrossthe country.
  3. 3. Meet Our Intermodal All-StarsExplore the stories of bravetravelers from 1985-2011 withour 16 individual all-star tales.Know someone who deservesto be recognized? Submityour story today!
  4. 4. Kenneth BassIn 1990 Bass saw a car driveoff a bridge and into a Floridariver at night. He saved thedrowning driver byrepeatedly plunging into thestream to pull him from hissubmerged vehicle.
  5. 5. Connie Cooper & Patrick FeeIn 1992 this husband and wifeteam saved a woman whohad been attacked andthrown under an overpassin California. Also theirtestimonies led to theimprisonment of the attacker.
  6. 6. Bobby GreenIn 1992 while watching live TVduring the LA Riots Green sawtruck driver being pulled from histruck and beaten. He raced tothe scene to help savethis driver.
  7. 7. To Nominate Someone or See MoreHeroes, Go To:http://pfqcompanies.comCall For More Information About PFQ:1.800.233.0237


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