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If you are experiencing problems with your large file transfer take a look at the introductory slide show for Hermstedt StingRay, the large file transfer solution.


  • 1.Hermstedt StingRay Simple, Secure Large File Transfer

2. Do you experience problems with

  • Sending and receiving large files as email attachments?
  • File transfers failing with no notification or record of the transmission?
  • The level of control you currently have over your file transfer activities?
  • Being forced to use unreliable, costly courier services?
  • Lack of functionality and security with existing FTP servers?

3. Would you like to

  • Automate the sending and receiving of your files?
  • Simplify the file transfer process for both you and your customers?
  • Have the option of using more than just one delivery protocol?
  • Integrate file sending into your existing workflow?

4. Sound familiar?If so, we can offer a solution to your file transfer problems Hermstedt StingRay 5.

  • StingRay is an in-house appliance dedicated to sending and receiving large files.It provides a range of file delivery options including :
      • Email file delivery
      • Web Browser upload and download
      • FTP
  • StingRay offers incredible flexibility and will centraliseALLfile transfers within your organisation.

What is StingRay? 6.

  • StingRay provides a selection of file delivery options, giving users
  • maximum flexibility when they need to send large files including:
  • Email Hyperlink
    • Initiate a transfer and StingRay will send an email containing a link to the file.Simply click to download.
  • Web Browser
    • Customers can upload and download files via any web browser to their secure, customer specific folder.
  • FTP
    • Use any FTP client to upload or download files from StingRays securely partitioned FTP server.

File Delivery Options 7. Features Workflow Forwarding Configure StingRay to deliver files from specific customers, automatically into your existing workflows. 8. NotificationStingRay sends automatic email notifications once a file has been successfully sent, received, downloaded, uploaded or deleted. Features 9. Tracking and Logging All files sent via, received by and downloaded from StingRay are tracked and logged.Features 10. Mac and PC Client StingRays client application can be used on both Mac and PC. Features 11. Group Sending Send one job to more than one destination in one click, irrespective of the delivery protocol. Features 12. Hot Folder Sending Automate outgoing file transfers with Hot Folder Sending.Supports all outgoing delivery protocols and group sending too! Features 13. Benefits

  • Savetime ,moneyandincrease efficiencybyautomating file transfer and streamlining yourbusiness processes.
  • Increase flexibilityby offering your customers a variety of ways to submit large files.
  • Providepeace of mindwith email notifications upon successful transmissions.

14. Some testimonials.. 15. Printer At SP Group we've been using StingRay for a number of years to send and receive files both internally and externally.We have four installed throughout our organisation and they cater for around 99% of our data transfer requirements.SP Group has worked with StingRay for a number of years and we're pleased to see the progress that it is making and are excited for the future of the product. Nick Stevens Technical Director SP Group - part of St Ives 16. StingRay has revolutionised our prepress workflow. All pictures and graphics entering our building via FTP, E-mail or ISDN are now directed via StingRay into our automated picture workflow. Pages are also sent via StingRay to our print site in the UK.We are now expanding StingRay into our subsidiary papers. Michael Hinch Deputy Pre-press Manager Irish Independent Publisher 17. The Stingray File Transfer Server has been a huge success for us. Originally installed in 2004 and used almost everyday since, it's difficult to imagine how our business could operate successfully without it. The benefits of group sending via FTP are unparalleled, as is the ease of use and overall reliability of the machine. Ian Williams Apex News & Pictures Photo Agency 18. For further information or a demonstrationplease contact us on0870 250 2220oremail[email_address]


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