Heritage Week 3 - Pre Islamic Arabia and the Prophet

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<ul><li> 1. Pre-IslamicArabia:AL-JAHILIYYA</li></ul> <p> 2. The People of the Peninsula The Arab Peoples: Origins al-arab al-bida (the lost Arabs) al-arab al-riba (the true Arabs) -Qahtan [S/W Arabia] al-arab al-mustariba (the ArabisedArabs) Adnan [C/N Arabia] 3. The People of the Peninsula The Arab Tribe (qabla , pl.qabail ) Anaza, Shammar, Harb, Mutayr,Ajman, Zafir, al-Murra, Qahtan,Utayba, Dawsir, Qawsim, Tamim. 4. The People of the Peninsula Tribal Structure qabla, pl. qabil (tribe) ashra, pl. ashir (clan) fakhdh, (five generations) bayt (three generatons) 5. The People of the Peninsula The Arab Tribe (qabla )- the virtues (al-muruwwa): Valour/Bravery (al-shaja) Generosity (al-karam) Faithfulness (al-wafa) Vengeance Boasting (al-fakhr) 6. MakahTrade centerCultural centerReligious center 7. ByzantineEmpire *PersianEmpireAn ArabianAn Arabian dynastydynasty * 8. Prophet Muhammad, 570-632 570 Muhammad (PBUH) born in Mecca. 610 First revelation in the cave of Herraa. 622 Hijra the immigration from Mecca to Madinah(Yathrib). Year 1 in the Islamic calendar Missionaries sent all over Arabia 629 Muhammad (PBUH) conquers Mecca peacefully 632 The prophet dies in Madinah. 9. AbrahamIsmailAdnanQuraiyshQussaiyAbdmanafAbdshams HashemAdbelmuttalib(Amneh+) Abdallah Abutalib Hamzeh Alabbas Abulahab AlharethMuhammad AliUmmayad Dynasty Abbbasside Dynasty(661-750) (750-1258) 10. His father Abdullah, a Qurayshite of the clan of Hashim,had died before the prophet was born. His mother dieda few years later. At the age of 25, married Khadija, a Qurayshite widow,and prospered as a trader between Damascus, Busra,Mecca and Yemen. Before his fortieth year Muhammad (PBUH) had oftensecluded himself in meditation. In Ramadan, July 610C.E., as he sat in a cave in mount Hira, God revealed hiswords to the prophet through the angel Gabriel. 11. First revelation The first verses of theQuran were: Read(or recite) in thename of your Lordwho created,created man from aclinging clot.(Quran, 95:1-2) 12. 615 CESome of theMuslimsemigrate toAbysinnia.ETHIOPIA 13. The revelations he reported receiving at Makkahand Madinah came over 23 years, betweenabout 610 and 632 CE. The revelations weretransmitted by Muhammad (PBUH) to hisfollowers in Arabic, and they were memorizedand written down during his lifetime. These wordswere known as the Quran, literally, therecitation. 14. After thirteen years of teaching and persecutionat Makkah, the Muslims migrated to Madinah in anevent called the Hijrah, which marks the beginningof the Islamic calendar (Hijri), in 622 CE (CommonEra). 15. The years following the Hijrah were marked byconflict between Quraysh in Mecca and theMuslims (now in Madinah), including severalmajor battles and a treaty. Muhammad (PBUH)lived for ten more years, during which the Muslimcommunity grew from a few hundred to manythousands, developed a stable community witha system of beliefs, practices and leadership,and secured a bloodless victory over Makkah. </p>


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