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Russia is the largest importer of tea market in the world. It is a market of interest for all countries exporting tea and has an important influence on international prices for this product.

In Russia, tea has always been considered as an essential nutrient.

Russia produces less than one percent of its needs for tea

The tea is included in the list of products subject to mandatory certification by two organizations, the Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of the Ministry of Health and the State Committee of Standards and Certification. An importer needs a certificate of health or hygiene (Rostest certificate) by certifying that a product meets quality requirementsIntroduction

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN RUSSIA Rusia is the biggest country of the world (more than 34 times Spain) and as such, it possesses an immense wealth in natural and human resources

Ecuador is between the 10 most biodiverse countries in the world, has strong comparative advantages because of its geographical location, climate that benefits the producer so you can have cultivation cycles for all these feature you can get a large variety of products natural for direct consumption and industry, these products stand out medicinal plants, including herbs.

The Diversity in the country there are known approximately 500 species of medicinal plants. 228 are registered like most used and 125 identified ones as most commercialized. They are commercialized as fresh, dry product, pulverized extract, or as essential oils.

USESHuman Medicine. Veterinary Medicine. Natural Pesticides and Herbicides. Condiments. Cosmetic industry


TEA SHOP IN RUSSIAThe tea has never been considered a drink that is served alone, in Russia take it with milk, sugar, lemon, accompanied by jam, pies, honey, etc

Lately this infusion is increasingly giving before the morning coffee and evening cocktails or beer. However, tea shops are never empty and all homes can be found in the kitchen.

Currently in the territory of Russia tea is grown only in the Krasnodar region, with the help of machines, of course, affect the quality of tea.

THE PRINCIPAL COUNTRIES OF TARGET SOUNDUnited StatesGermanyFranceItaly Netherland

The economic value of imports from the Russian Federation in 2008 exceeds 510872 (thousands of dollars) with a growth rate of 18% in value, being the world's largest importer of herbs, even with a global share of 9.7% of total imports from the world. In volume terms the Russian Federation in 2008 imported about 181,859 tones, which has been in the last 5 years with an average increase of 1%


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