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Psychological Analysis on King Henry VIII


Henry VIII of England A Psychological Analysis

Henry VIII of England(1491 1547)A Psychological AnalysisPC MagnayeEd 282September 15, 2014Henry VIII is known forHaving six wives: two of which he had beheaded, another two whom he divorced

The English ReformationBeing severely obese and overly harsh and suspiciousFamily BackgroundParents:Henry VII and Elizabeth of YorkSiblings:Arthur, Prince of WalesMargaret TudorMary Tudor, Consort of France

Childhood and Young AdulthoodBorn on June 28, 1941Second sonwas envisioned to be a high-ranking church officialWas taught by private tutorsturned to be very intelligent and wittyAthleticloved jousting and huntingChildhood and Young AdulthoodAssumed to claim the throne after his older brother Arthurs deathWas offered to marry his brothers widow, Catherine of Aragon, to keep alliance with SpainCrowned as King of England on June 24, 1509Executed two of his fathers ministers, Sir Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley, for high treason *

*this became his default solution to stop anyone who defies himWife #1: Catherine of Aragon (m. 1503 1533)Youngest daughter of King Ferdinand II of AragonPreviously married to Arthur, Prince of WalesBore a total of 6 children to Henry VIII, 3 of which were sons, but only one survived (Mary)Could not bear Henry VIII a son

6Wife #1: Catherine of Aragon (m. 1503 1533)Led Henry VIII to have women on the sideElizabeth Blount and Mary BoleynHenry petitioned for an annulment, that started the English Reformation

FATE: Divorced

On February 18, 1516, Queen Catherine bore Henry his first child to survive infancy, Princess Mary. Henry grew frustrated by the lack of a male child and began keeping two mistresses at his beckon. His philandering ways were tame by the standards of his contemporaries, but they nonetheless resulted in his first divorce. One of his mistresses, Mary Boleyn, introduced him to her sister, Anne Boleyn. Anne and Henry began secretly seeing one another. Catherine, by now 42 and unable to conceive, set Henry in a tizzy. Henry configured a way to officially abandon his marriage with Catherine. The Book of Leviticus stated that a man who takes his brother's wife shall remain childless. Though Catherine had borne him a child, that child was a girl, which, in Henry's logic, did not count. He thusly petitioned the pope for an annulment. The debate, during which Catherine fought mightily to maintain both her own and her daughter's titles, lasted for six years.7The English ReformationHenry VIII declared himself as Supreme Head of the Church of EnglandHe declared that the king was the only Supreme Head in Earth of the Church of England.Led to the separation of Church of England from RomeWife #2: Anne Boleyn (m. 1533 1536)I beseech you now with all my heart definitely to let me know your whole mind as to the love between us; for necessity compels me to plague you for a reply, having been for more than a year now struck by the dart of love, and being uncertain either of failure or of finding a place in your heart and affection."

Wife #2: Anne Boleyn (m. 1533 1536)Sister of one of Henry VIIIs mistressesWas speculated to be already pregnant when Henry VIII married herGave birth to a daughter named Elizabeth

Wife #2: Anne Boleyn (m. 1533 1536)Miscarried twiceWas accused of adultery and having relations with three men, and plotting to kill Henry VIII

FATE: Executed

Wife #3: Jane Seymour (m. 1536 1537)Married to Henry VIII 24 hours after Boleyns executionBore a son named EdwardHenry VIII claimed she is his one true wife

FATE: Died

Wife #4: Anne of Cleves (m. Jan Jul 1540)Was sought for for political alliance with GermanyHenry VIII was not attracted to her as she did not match the painting of herWas domesticated, did not grew up with the same upbringing as Henry VIII

13Wife #4: Anne of Cleves (m. Jan Jul 1540)She declared that her marriage to Henry VIII has not been consummatedReceived a generous settlement for the annulment

FATE: Divorced

14Wife #5: Catherine Howard (m. 1540 1542)

First cousin of Anne BoleynLady in waiting to Anne of ClevesMarried Henry VIII at 19 years oldLifted Henry VIIIs spirits (as his leg was badly ulcerated at this point)Wife #5: Catherine Howard (m. 1540 1542)

Was called Henry VIIIs rose without a thorn and the very jewel of womanhoodSentenced to death because of adultery (relations with men her age)

FATE: ExecutedWife #6: Catherine Parr (m. 1542 1547)Highly educatedTwice widowed before marrying Henry VIIIProvided a stable family life to Henry VIII and his childrenWas Henry VIIIs nurse

FATE: Widowed

Late Adulthood and DeathHis leg was severely ulcerated, from an injury in a jousting tournamentHad a habit of binge eating (probably from stress), was said to have a waistline of 54Was thought to have suffered complications of Type II DiabetesDied on January 28, 1547 at the age of 55Presenting Problems/ConcernsQ: What happened in his childhood that molded him into becoming self-centered and stubborn?Q: What made Henry VIII so intent to be always in control, that he divorced or beheaded his wives, or executed people who worked for him just to always have his way?Q: In what ways did his declining health affected his overall demeanor?Underlying IssuesOn his obsessive desire for a male offspringRooted in his sudden succession of the throneRECALL: He was yanked into the spotlight after his brothers deathPressured to continue the lineageOn his stubbornness and narcissismGrew up with the spotlight on himEveryone followed his wishes at whimSeemed to be in an eternal state of adolescence: Look at me! I am invincible!-type of thinkingBottom line: He had a constant need to validate his manliness and how he earned the throneCounseling GoalsUncover childhood issues that might have led him to hold on to persistent/lasting notions

Make him re-evaluate his actions and what he values

Rationalize events instead of reacting based on intense emotionsRecommended Counseling TechniquesEriksons Psychosocial Dynamic TheoryTo dig deeper into his childhood and adolescence and reconcile his unresolved issues in his younger days

Ellis Rational Emotive Behavior TherapyTo lessen intensified emotions and be able to dissect his immediate reactions to situationsReferenceshttp://www.bbc.co.uk/history/people/henry_viiihttp://www.royal.gov.uk/historyofthemonarchy/kingsandqueensofengland/thetudors/henryviii.aspxhttp://tudorhistory.org/henry8/http://tudorhistory.org/wives/http://www.biography.com/people/henry-viii-9335322


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