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By: Metab Al-Saaq. Henry VIII Becomes King. Who is Henry VIII ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Henry VIII Becomes King

Henry VIII Becomes KingBy: Metab Al-Saaq Who is Henry VIII ?Henry Tudor was born in 28 June 1491 in Greenwich Palace near London. He was married to six wives but only had 3 kids who lived: Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. He died in 28 January 1547 in Whitehall Palace, London, England.

How Henry VIII Became King ?He became king after his father (Henry Tudor VII) died. His father died in 1509.

3When Was Henry VIII Crowned ?He was crowned King of England in 24 June 1509 which was the year that his father died in.Where Was Henry VIII Crowned ?Henry VIII was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

What Did Henry VIII Do Other Than Being King?He used to learn jousting, archery, hunting and other military arts.

Why Did Henry VIII Marry 6 Wives ?Henry VIII married 6 wives mostly so that he gets a boy which he got (King Edward). King Edward was crowned when he was only 10 years old !! He was crowned in 1547 which was the year that his father (Henry VIII) died in.