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This is my ignite presentation. It's probably the worst ever, but it demonstrates the format.


  • 1. Henry VIII 1491 - 1547

2. Henry VIII was king of England from 1509 until his death in 1547 3. All he ever wanted was a son... 4. ...But unfortunately for Catherine of Aragon (his 1st wife) 5. ...and Anne Boleyn (his 2nd wife) 6. The birth of a son never happened. 7. So he annuled his first marriage to Catherine 8. ..and sent Anne Boleyn to the Guillotine. 9. Henry's third wife however, Jane Seymour.. 10. ..was the one to give him his son, Prince Edward. 11. Unfortunately, however,Jane Seymour died shortly after childbirth. (I really hope you weren't expecting an image...) 12. 3years later, Henry married Anne of Cleves 13. Less than 6 months later, Henry annuled the marriage to marry Catherine Howard (Anne Boleyn's 1st cousin) 14. She got the Guillotine as well - for adultery 15. Henry's next, and final wife, was Catherine Parr (doesn't she look pleasant?) 16. 4 years later, in 1547, Henry died on what would've been his father's 90th birthday. His son Edward VI was left to rule. 17. Some have speculated that his death could have been caused by Diabetes 18. But some also believe he could've died from untreated Syphilis (That's what Syphilis looks like) 19. Allegedly, his last words were"Monks! Monks! Monks!" 20. The End