henrik larsson by linnea rosberg who is henrik larsson? his real name is henrik edward larsson. his...

Download Henrik Larsson By Linnea Rosberg Who is Henrik Larsson? His real name is Henrik Edward Larsson. His nickname from the fans is “Henke”. Henrik Larsson

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Henrik Larsson

Henrik LarssonBy Linnea Rosberg

1Who is Henrik Larsson?His real name is Henrik Edward Larsson. His nickname from the fans is Henke.

Henrik Larsson is a famous football player who has been playing for one of Swedens teams called Helsingborgs IF.

Henrik Larsson was born in Helsingborg, Sweden on the 20th of September 1971.

2When did Henrik Larsson start playing football?He started playing at Hgaborg when he was six years old. When he started playing he was just a normal student in a team for boys but he improved and improved every years so he started playing professionally at the age of 17. Then after a few years he became a captain of a team and people started to like him more and now he is famous around Sweden and some countries like Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, England and a few more.

3Which clubs did Henrik Larsson play for?19881992 Hgaborgs BK

19921993 Helsingborgs IF

19931997 Feyenoord

19972004 Celtic

20042006 Barcelona

20062009 Manchester United

2007 Helsingborgs IFHenrik Larsson played for loads of teams but it stopped and now he's a coach of Landskrona BOIS.The main thing he played for was his home town, his country andHelsingborgs IF.

Here Henrik scores an awesome goal by jumping up in the air and shooting away the ball with his forehead.

4Pictures of the different teams he was in.

Henrik Larsson

5How was Henrik Larsson good out on the football pitch?Henrik Larsson played as an striker which he was really good as. He was also really good scoring goals for his teams and he was very committed doing his job out there. Henke was known as a good person that told/tells the truth!

The teams he played for and the goals he scored:

Hgaborg 23Helsingborgs IF 50Feyenoord 26Celtic 174Barcelona 13Helsingborgs IF 38Manchester United 1Total Goals 325

Henrik Larsson

6Why do I like him and no one else?I like him because he was the captain and played in the team I cheer for. I also like watching him because hes from my home city Helsingborg and my home country Sweden. Another reason why I like him is because he is caring and always tell the truth about something it doesnt batter if it is good or bad he always tells the truth. The last thing I like about him is that he is always happy and smiles all the time.

7The 3 questions I would ask Henrik Larsson in front of the camera.1. Did you have a favorite team to play? Which one was it?

2. When you were a child did you want to become a football player or did you want to become something else? What was that? 3. How long did it take you to become really really good at playing football?














9Thank You For Watching!