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A workshop presented by the Henna Sooq on henna and natural hair care. Perfect for teaching others about henna and how to use it.


<ul><li>1.Henna &amp; Natural Hair Care Workshop<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Coloring &amp; Caring For Your Hair Naturally<br />Caring for your hair naturally will take more time, and care as with any natural process. Chemicals speed up this process, and really arent benefitting us like natural herbs, and products will. <br />Using henna, natural herbs, pure hair oils, and cleansers will help you maintain, strengthen, condition strong, and healthy hair.<br />As long as you have chosen properly, and follow your natural hair regimen, you will never go back to chemicals again! Your hair will love you for it.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />3. Henna is a Natural Plant<br />Henna is a plant that grows in countries such as India, Yemen, Morocco, and Pakistan. The henna plant needs dry, and hot conditions to grow well. <br />Henna stains orange-reddish tones on hair. The results vary between henna powders. <br />Henna is a permanent hair dye.<br />For best results, 100% pure (BAQ), fresh, and well sifted henna powder is the best to use.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />4. What are the benefits of using henna?<br />Henna is an all natural hair treatment, and colors your hair without damaging it.<br />It will condition, and strengthen your hair.<br />It adds shine to every hair strand.<br />It removes dandruff, improves scalp conditions, and removes lice. <br />It colors beautifully, and covers grey hairs.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />5. Every Henna Powder is Unique<br />Henna powders will vary in results, texture, sift from country to country.<br />Moroccan henna gives orange-red tones<br />Jamila gives orange to cool red tones<br />Yemeni henna gives deepest red tones<br />Rajasthani Indian henna gives red tones up to burgundy.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />6. Basics on Mixing Your Henna and Herbs<br />Choose the right henna, and herbs for your recipe.<br />You always need to use a warm liquid to mix into your recipe, such as water. Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, tea, or coffee can also be used. <br />Dye release. This is the amount of time needed for the henna, and herbs to sit as a paste before it is ready to use. <br />You can add essential oils, hair oils, and/or conditioners to your recipe to benefit your hair, or just for scent. <br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />7. Mixing Henna Powder into Paste<br />Take the necessary amount of henna powder for your hair, and place into a stainless steel bowl.<br />Add any other herbs, or dry ingredients to your henna as desired (except indigo, katam as they need to be mixed seperately).<br />Slowly add your warm liquid until your henna turns into a thick paste like toothpaste consistency(you can adjust as desired). Mix well.<br />Allow to sit from 1 to 12 hours, depending on your henna powders dye release time. <br />Next, apply the henna onto your hair. <br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />8. How to Apply Your Henna and Herbs<br />Your hair should be clean before application.<br />Applying henna onto damp hair, makes the application easier.<br />Wear an old t-shirt, use lots of towels, and gloves as needed. Henna, and herbs can stain.<br />Using a dye brush, or your hands apply the henna by starting at the back and working forward.<br />Make sure to saturate all areas of your hair, and massage in well.<br />Cover with shower cap, saran wrap, or old towel, and leave on for 3-4 hours.<br />Wash out thoroughly.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />9. Natural Herbs on Hair<br />Cassia Obovata colors light, and grey hairs golden-blond tones. Cassia doesnt color dark hair tones.<br />You can mix cassia, and henna together to create strawberry blond, to copper tones. <br />Indigo, when used with henna, can create reddish-brown, brown, chocolate brown and black tones.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />10. Mixing Cassia Obovata into Paste<br />Take the necessary amount of cassia obovata, and mix as you would your henna powder. <br />Allow cassia to sit for 30 minutes for deep conditioning treatments<br />Allow the cassia to sit for 2-3 hours for golden-yellow tones<br />Apply, leave in, and wash out as you would your henna paste.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />11. Mixing Indigo as a 1 Step Process<br />A 1 step process is done when wanting to achieve reddish-brown, brown to chocolate brown tones.<br />Prepare your henna paste as directed.<br />Take the necessary amount of indigo, and mix with warm water (salt is optional), until the consistency of thick yoghurt.<br />Allow to sit for only 10-15 minutes (not longer).<br />Put indigo paste into the henna paste, and mix well. Follow the same process you would for coloring your hair with henna. <br />Leave the paste in your hair for about 3-4 hours.<br />Wash it out thoroughly.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />12. Mixing Indigo as a 2 Step Process<br />A 2 step process is done when wanting to achieve black tones.<br />Prepare the henna as directed. Follow the complete process of mixing, applying, and washing it out.<br />Prepare the indigo as directed. Follow the complete process of mixing, applying, and washing it out.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />13. General Proportions used in Recipes<br />For red tones, use henna alone.<br />For toning down red tones, use amla powder at about 3-4 tbsp per 100 grams.<br />For strawberry blond tones, use 25% henna, and 75% cassia obovata.<br />For copper tones, use 50% cassia obovata, and 50% henna.<br />For reddish brown tones, use 75% henna, and 25% indigo.<br />For brown tones, use 50% henna, and 50% indigo.<br />For black tones, use henna first, and then indigo second, as a 2 step process.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />14. How much should I use?<br />Deciding how much powder you should use/purchase depends on your hair length, and thickness. Based on average thickness this is the estimated amount you should be using.<br />For hair up to the bottom of your ear, use about60-75 grams.<br />For shoulder length hair, use 100 grams<br />For bra-strap length hair, use 150 grams<br />Waist length hair, use 200 grams to 250 grams<br />You can also freeze any leftover paste for up to 6 months, excluding indigo, and katam.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />15. Beneficial Indian Herbs<br />Amla Powder. This herb is great for toning down the red of henna, adding volume to your hair, maintaining your curl pattern, and promoting hair growth.<br />Aritha (soapnuts). Natural hair cleanser. Create a soapy liquid, or foam to gently wash your hair with. Can even be used to wash clothes, or as a natural pesticide!<br />Shikakai. You can cleanse your scalp, and hair with this herb, and add it to your henna recipe for anti-dandruff, strengthening, and conditioning benefits.<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />16. Facts &amp; Tips <br />You dont have to use lemon juice as your liquid. Warm water is sufficient. Adding lemon juice or an acidic liquid is optional. <br />Henna, and herbs can be drying for your hair. Make sure to use a good hair oil, and moisturize. <br />Henna can loosen your curl pattern. Amla powder can help you maintain your curls.<br />Henna will not lighten your hair. There are no chemicals, or bleaching agents in this herb to cause hair lightening. <br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br />17. Your Hair! Your Way!<br />Remember that this is your hair, and you know whats best to keep it looking healthy, strong, and gorgeous!<br />Always keep an open mind about your henna, and natural hair care regimen because your hair is unique, and needs to be treated as that. Someone elses regimen may not be good for you, and your hair. <br />At the Henna Sooq, we are just a call and email away!<br /> Henna Sooq 2010<br />www.HennaSooq.com<br /></p>