helping businesses prosper and grow for more than following up with a broadleaf weed killer when the

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    Volume 16, Number 3 March

    The gift of living in this country NURIA RIVERA CEO, Novation Title Insurance Agency

    Being an immigrant to this coun-try I understand hard work and the opportunity that it provides. I truly believe in the power of creating the life you truly desire and I am extremely grateful that I have the gift of living in this country where all of my dreams can really come true and it’s something I don’t take for granted. I’m an entrepreneur and launched my title and escrow business a little over 3.5 years ago. I wanted to create a completely different experience and dis- rupt the way business has been done in my industry through ancient times. I believed there was much more to the closing ex- perience of purchasing one of the biggest investments in people’s lives whether it was to achieve the American Dream or the investment benefits of real estate.

    I finally stepped over the fear that was holding me back and I looked at it straight in the eye and said, “This is it, and this is something much bigger than I.” It was by that defining moment that Novation Title Insurance Agency was born and noth- ing was going to stop me or get in the way of birthing this baby. It is an absolute

    pleasure to have seen this baby grow and for those business owners out there you understand that it is not easy; it is very challenging and, oh boy, do we learn so much.

    The best part of this whole journey has been the person who I’ve had to become through this process. The purpose behind my brand and building a company is to

    create a space for people to grow and re- ally achieve their goals and I just happen to sale title insurance. That’s my purpose and fulfillment. Even with all of the highs and the lows I would do it all over again. In fact, it has been the best thing I’ve ever created in my life so far.

    I have a deep desire to help others live the lives they truly want to create and

    pushing them to go for it. I have a desire to help serve my community at differ- ent levels where customer experience is always the top priority and brining people massive value. I come to Stansbury Park within Tooele County to help change people’s lives; to really create something that disrupts the way people are used to being treated. Why not treat people in such a way that we make their lives hap- pier just by stepping foot in our doors and by having contact with our team? What’s the difference? Simply taking care of people because that is our mission behind our brand. In hopes that you know as a consumer you are able to choose the title company you do a real estate transaction with, whether it’s a refinance, purchase or listing, keep us in mind as we simply care about you.

    Being an immigrant to this country and understanding what people most value in life, which is feeling important, I’ve built my business that way. I am grateful to be in your community to help serve you at the highest level, and trust me, I know the feeling of what that’s like, purchasing your first home, investing and creating memories with your families and the true freedom that brings.

    Train like an athlete Spring lawn care tips JORDAN ROBINSON Tooele VASA

    “National Athletic Training month.” This may sound invit-ing to some... scary to others. Here at VASA, we are putting our own little twist on things.

    “Train like an Athlete.” Whether you’re a professional football player or an average ol’ Joe, our VASA personal trainers are going to help you feel like you can conquer anything! From our one on one sessions to our meetings about nutrition and goals, they will always have you feeling like the all-star you were always meant to be!

    While going through our personal train- ing program the main three focus points are mobility, strength, and endurance; whether you’re running down the field or walking through the grocery store these three pillars of fitness will benefit you. You start to notice yourself correcting the way you move in your day to day life. “After he told me that I stand with my feet pointing out, I started paying attention to it and

    correcting it everywhere… it’s helped my ankles and feet not hurt so bad at the end of my days. It’s the little things that count,” stated one of our clients here at Tooele VASA Fitness.

    All of VASAs trainers are required to have their CFSC certification however, most all of our trainers here in Tooele have

    CHRIS BUSICO Busy Bees Lawncare

    The first thing I like to do is get everything off of my lawn. I’m talking about raking leaves and dead grass and picking up the blown in garbage. Your grass is ready to breathe after being under the snow all winter, so give it a helping hand. Yearly aerating is also highly recommended.

    Get ahead of the weeds. Even if you

    don’t have any, spring is the time to make sure it stays that way. Having your entire lawn sprayed with a pre-emergent weed killer will keep you ahead of the game. Pre-emergent prevents new weed growth. Following up with a broadleaf weed killer when the temperature starts to rise (into the 60’s) will kill pre-existing weeds.



  • 2 Tooele County Chamber of Commerce March 2019

    Blue Antler 140 E. 200 S. Suite 38 (Tooele Valley Wellness Center) Tooele, UT 84074 We had a wonderful

    ribbon cutting with Blue Antler. Ken, Kelli, Chris, and Iciyapi are wonderful! They

    offer meditation, Reiki, and other forms of balancing your mind and body. Their rooms are very peaceful, tranquil and relaxing. They are located in the Tooele Valley Wellness Center next to Asylum 49. Go check them out!

    DDA Executive Transportation & Tourism, L.L.C. P.O. Box 282 Tooele, UT 84074 (385) 201-3871 Weather won’t keep

    Danny down! We had a wonderful ribbon cutting. We provide transportation to and from the airport, Wendover, Park City, and more, as well as tourism throughout Utah. We also provide courier/hot shot service.

    American Family Insurance, Brewster Insurance Group

    7 South Main Street, Ste 110 Tooele, UT 84074 (435) 833-9541 Meet Kandace Brewster and Dixie

    Brown with American Family Insurance/ Brewster Insuarnce Group. Dixie mans the Tooele office with the support and help from the SLC office. Great group of fun and knowledgeable people! Thank you all who came and supported their ribbon

    cutting and grand opening! Our team is here to serve. Our unique backgrounds, training and experience have prepared us well to help meet your insurance needs. Additionally, as residents of your commu- nity, we understand

    how important it is to be there for you - our trusted friends and neighbors. Together, we’re building strong partner- ships that help everyone succeed. Need insurance – come see us.

    Blue Antler

    DDA Executive Transportation & Tourism

    American Family Insurance

    Let Us Double Your Training Budget

    Custom Fit is a Utah funding program offered though Tooele Technical College to for-profit businesses in Tooele County of any size or type. Its purpose is to make employee training more accessible, effective and affordable for Utah Businesses.

    To learn more about Custom Fit or to see if your upcomming training plans qualify for funding, contact us today. You’ll be amazed at how simple making your training dollars do more, can be.

    Up to 50% of employee training costs may be available for your company through a Custom Fit grant.

    Training can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

    Pre-approval is required and can be obtained simply and quickly for qualifiying, for-profit businesses, often in a matter of minutes.


    CustomFit-ad1.indd 1 10/30/2018 11:28:36 AM

    Feed your lawn, it’s hungry! March and April are the best months to have your lawn fertilized for the first time of the year. Don’t wait for your lawn to start looking stressed before you feed it. Fertilize in the early spring to make your lawns roots healthy before our hot and dry months. It is much easier to have your lawn in prime condition heading into the summer than

    it is to try and repair it during the hot and dry months.

    Let your lawn grow. You can start the year by cutting your grass short because the temperatures are still low and we will be getting rain and an occasional snow flurry. However, I like to bump up the height of my mower blade as we get closer to summer. Longer blades of grass mean deeper reaching roots. The longer blades also keep the ground level cooler. This means less watering to keep your lawn healthy. The height of your lawn should be 3 to 4 inches during the hotter months.

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  • 3Tooele County Chamber of CommerceMarch 2019

    Planning Your Spring Cleaning? Don’t forget your...


    With winter departing and spring on the way, thoughts turn to spring cleaning, from carpets to decks and yards to new paint, our lists are long as we celebrate the coming season.

    We are promoting the importance of colorectal screenings for adults 50 and over this spring. To schedule a colonoscopy call 435-228-0061.

    196 E. 2000 N, STE 109 • TOOELE


  • 4 Tooele County Chamber of Commerce March 2019



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