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  1. 1. How to Choose a Crossfit GymWe recommend you visit or try out several CrossFit gyms before choosing one, and we hope youll chooseus on this basis. Da Factory - CrossFit Miami provides the best quality CrossFit training available. (Ifyoure price shopping, you can leave now.) Were fully committed to CrossFit as the best path to fitness,and weve been doing CrossFit longer than anyone else in Miami Beach.CrossFit, Inc does not franchise; they dont grant territories; they operate the basis of licensing the CrossFitbrand name to "affiliates." CrossFit does not specify anything about how an affiliate should run their gym.Thus, each CrossFit gym is different. Each has a different vibe. It isnt like McDonalds or LA Fitness.Some will let you bring your dog, some wont. Some wont allow chalk (stay away from those!). Somewill allow you to take your shirt off during the workout and flop down and make sweat angels on the floorafter the workout, some wont. So choose one that suits you, one where you feel comfortable, where youwill stay the course.Not so long ago the world of CrossFit consisted almost exclusively of folks who truly believed thatCrossFit was the best general physical preparation regimen in existence. Nowadays many establishedfitness facilities feel threatened by the rapid growth of CrossFit. Viewing it as the latest fad, like Tae-Bo,Zumba, or cardio kickboxing, they seek to retain or gain clients by hopping on the bandwagon and addingit to their fitness offerings. Sometimes they do so without much understanding of CrossFit methods orbelief in CrossFits efficacy. So, questions you might want to ask could include "How long have you hadCrossFit?" "Is this a CrossFit only facility or is CrossFit just one of many methods you offer?" "If youreally think CrossFit is the best path to fitness, why do you offer so many other training options?"Gyms that are dedicated CrossFit only have a totally different feel, a very different culture, than franchisegyms. In many gyms the people working out are alone: focused inward with their headphones, watchingTV, or checking themselves in the mirror. At CrossFit gyms, there are no mirrors, and everyone is talking,interacting with each other, encouraging one another, having fun, and making friends.We dont sit on machines that take all the skill out of human movement because we believe that doing thatis about the most ineffective way to get fit imaginable. CrossFit involves complex, multi-joint movements,and teaching them involves recognizing and correcting movement faults. We teach people how to movecorrectly. Consequently, coaching expertise makes a difference. Greg Glassman, the CrossFit founder, hassaid that even bad CrossFit training is better than almost all other training, and this is true. By comparison,good CrossFit training is remarkably more effective. Most people are not equipped to judge whether theyare getting good, mediocre, or bad training. So why do we claim to be the best? One reason is that wehave great trainers. The CrossFit Level One certification is currently attendance based and test based. It isdesigned to test the trainers ability to teach correct movement patterns, and to see and correct movementfaults. Very soon we hope and expect that it will be the only fitness certification in the world accredited byANSI. All the trainers coming out of our gym have a 100% pass rate on the 1st try.Having the trainers, knowledge, expertise, and reputation in the CrossFit community goes a long way.Theres a reason why we are who we are, Da Factory - CrossFit Miami!