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  1. 1. Taking Great Travel PicturesKnow when to use a tripodTripods dont need to be used during the daytime, but it can be really fun [for taking]these longer exposure pictures, and most cameras these days have an automaticmode that will give you this type of long-exposure night photography.Get up earlyIn cities, of course, one advantage to getting up and out early in the morning is thatyou have the streets and parks to yourself, And out in the woods, or on the beach, orin the desert, morning light is often perfect for capturing a mood of stillness and quietthat simply isnt there when the sun is up.Take time to find charactersYou can probably find events and places that are sure to have genuinely interestingcharacters. Dont avoid those places. The lesson here is that travel photographyshould not just be about the landmarks youll see, but also about the people youll seeat those landmarks. Turn people-watching into candid photography.Haputale, Sri Lanka
  2. 2. Find a guideThere is a huge advantage to finding local tour guides when youre travelling,whether youre going abroad or someplace not too far off. Guides can getyou access to places you wouldnt otherwise find. Theyll know the less-visited areas, or the really beautiful, secret locales. Basically, hiring a guidecan dramatically increase your chances of getting memorable shots.Keep your camera by your sideUnplanned moments can be great. Its kind of the inverse of making sure youget out and do specific things that you know will result in opportunities forgood pictures. Keep your eyes open, and your camera by your side.Bring a FriendYoull end up feeling more of a connection to the images you bring back fromvacation, if you make sure you include friends or family in the pictures. Youregoing to be able to find a postcard of a famous anywhere, but making surethat somebody youre traveling with is included in a good number of yourpictures can make them so much more compelling.Elephant climbing a rock. Yala, Sri Lanka
  3. 3. Turn Off Your FlashSo many of us make time for trips to galleries and museums when we vacation,when you go into a museum, youll often be asked to turn off your flash. Manypeople think thats a problem, and they try to sneak photos with their flash on.But really, you shouldnt be using your flash in a museum -- not only for the artssake, but for your own pictures sake, too. Youre probably going to get badlighting, no depth, and harsh reflections using your flash. Just turn it off.Know Your LocationOne of the basic rules for taking good travel pictures: be prepared. Know thelocation youre traveling to. Read up on it, check blogs and photography sites,and find out what other people have done when traveling there. Make sureyour gear is safe and you have what you need. You just never know whatyoure going to run intoTell a Story With Very LittleYou have to look for a scene that will tell a complete story with minimal effort onyour part. Just pay attention, and youll find scenes that are happening in front ofyou. If youre staying somewhere for a few days, keep an eye out for interestingroutines, rituals, and there might be a story there that you can catch in one photo. Ahungalle. Sri Lanka
  4. 4. Get Up ThereIf youre visiting somewhere, and you dont know what youre doing or where to go in anew town, always go up. If you go uphill or to the tops of buildings -- or the top ofanything youre pretty much guaranteed to have a good time, and get some good photos. Plus,when youre high above a city, or overlooking a valley, or wherever, feel free to focus onthe people around you, rather than what everyone else is focusing on. Taking pictures ofpeople taking pictures can sometimes produce great pictures!Ref BBC / Tyler Stalman, visit stalman.ca. Mihintale, Sri Lanka