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  • Heir of paradise (Neptune's Daughter)

    Anne Weale

    Bianca Double No. 518.2

    Heir of paradise

    (Neptune's Daughter)

    Anne Weale

  • An island in the Caribbean, love and hate in an unexpected reunion

    "You invaded a private island. Get out of here! "The

    voice of Oliver Thornham sounded firm and authoritative. Acknowledging this,

    Laurian felt shudder. He remembered the past, time was the owner of the island

    and he the visitor. Now the positions had been reversed. But the moment why so

    much expected had arrived. Oliver would pay for evil that he did it in the past!

    Just could not let him discover his true identity. Neither the love that brought

    hidden in his heart for so long ...

  • Scanning: Tinna

    Review: Renata D.

    Copyright 1987 by Anne Weale

    Originally published in 1987

    & Boon by Mills Ltd., London, England

    All rights reserved,

    including the right to reproduce all or part, in any form.

    This edition is published by agreement with Mills & Boon Ltd.

    All characters in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or

    dead is entirely coincidental.

    Original title: Neptune's Daughter

    Translation: Silvia Lucia Sardo

  • Copyright into Portuguese: 1992


    Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2000 -. 3? walk

    ZIP code 01452 - So Paulo - SP - Brazil

    This work was composed in New Cultural Editora Ltda.

    Printing and finishing: Graphic Circle


    Laurian Bradford decided to take some time off to buy a birthday present for

    Susie, the youngest of his adoptive family.

    He had a full day, divided between interviews because of the indication of his

    name to the year Stylist Award and also of the many steps to ensure that the

    progress of the service would not be harmed during his absence.

    That night happened dinner in which the Princess of Wales deliver the prize to

    the winner of the contest and the next day, after so many years of uninterrupted

    work, leave on vacation to a place still unknown. Robert insisted on keeping secret

    the name of the place he had chosen. Only warned her not to take too much

    luggage. According to him, bathing suits, shorts, T-shirts and an evening gown

    would be sufficient.

    Knowing of his passion for deep sea fishing, I imagined that fate would be one

    of the many Pacific islands or so Seychelles. Regardless of location, Laurian

    anticipated pleasure to rest for two weeks, lying in the sun and swimming in warm

    and crystal clear waters.

    Even at dinner that night the title was awarded to another bidder, the name

    Laurian Bradford would be consolidated among the first high fashion of England.

  • He left his studio in Albermarle Street and went straight to the Hatchards

    bookstore in Piccadilly, knowing that nothing would please more to Susie than

    some books.

    Susie Lingfield was a baby when Laurian, thirteen, arrived in England to study

    in a boarding school. And even now, at thirty-four, she trembled as she

    remembered this phase of his life, when the difficulties of adolescence worsened

    with the desperate homesickness and the death of his father, shortly after his

    departure. The anger and hatred by the intruder responsible for all his unhappiness

    increased further their sense of loneliness and abandonment.

    Gradually the love and security that found in the school doctor's family, who

    hosted during the holidays and, later, the struggle to become a respected and well-

    known stylist were mitigating negative feelings, resentment and bitterness .

    Now, this young tall, slender, of dark brown hair and expressive face, via all

    the efforts and dedication rewarded. Become a respected professional, not for

    beauty, but its capacity, creativity, remarkable intelligence and personality.

    And walking through Mayfair, I thought of Robert Adstock. He wondered as

    agreed to spend the holidays next to it, when, in fact, was not sure he wanted a

    more serious and intimate commitment, beyond the great friendship that united

    them. At the bookstore he separated some books and after writing dedications,

    returned them to the seller to provide the Package and shipment to the birthday

    girl. Then it went down to the lower level in order to choose their own reading for

    the holidays.

    As he entered the room, she noticed a tall man, standing at the bar, while the

    seller took note of a stack of books. Judging by tanned skin, this was a foreigner.

    It was early October and the summer was cold and wet, so that even people with

  • availability for sunbathing certainly would not have achieved the tan skin tone of

    the man. Perhaps it was an Englishman, fresh from a hot and sunny region.

    Laurian, motionless, watched the stranger who suddenly turned, wrapping it

    with intensity and eloquence of his gray eyes. They stared at each other for a long

    time and she immediately remembered a song that talked about a stranger in the

    crowd. It was the impression that moment exactly. A deep sense of recognition, a

    sudden and inexplicable attraction, as though they had met before. The impact was

    so strong that Laurian stopped on the bottom step, staring at him with wide blue

    eyes, hoping he spoke to her.

    The lips of the unknown curved into a soft smile and, even without saying

    anything, left no doubt that the attraction was mutual.

    Baffled by his reaction, Laurian looked away and walked quickly toward the

    store background, trying to focus on the titles of the books arranged on the shelf,

    waiting for your pulse is normalized.

    Throughout his career, he met many men, however, except for the affection for

    his adopted family and friendship by Robert Adstock, Laurian never been involved

    emotionally with someone and always kept his emotions in check.

    He knew how to recognize a sensual man, but always from a distant and

    impersonal way, never getting to be affected by the charm of anybody. Often he

    believed that suffer trauma in adolescence inhibited emotions.

    Now considered extremely disconcerting to be dragged into a crazy co m o

    this. With much effort, it contained the urge to turn to see if the man was still

    there. She did not see him when he walked to the cashier to pay for books bought.

    As he climbed the stairs to the ground floor, he remembered that there had

    lunch and dine that evening. We decided to eat in a cozy restaurant that was


  • Imagining that the unknown had already left the store, approached the front

    door and only when looked up to thank the person who opened the door, he noticed

    he had been the author of the act of kindness.

    - Oh ... thank you - muttered, between surprised and excited to find him still

    waiting. It would be waiting for you or would be much pretension of you imagine

    that? Perhaps no more than coincidence.

    In order to test it, he pulled into the driveway, looked both ways and then

    checked the time on his wristwatch. If the stranger was not waiting for her at this

    point, I would have followed his path. At a glance, he realized he was still

    standing in front of the bookstore, aware of her movements.

    Anxious, Laurian headed to the left, under normal steps, and when he reached

    the restaurant saw through the window of the mirror, the image of the unknown

    behind him. He came and realized that most of the tables were occupied by

    fashionable women, a break between afternoon shopping.

    - Table for two? - The maitre d 'asked casually, thinking Laurian was in the

    company of the man standing beside him. None of them was concerned to clarify

    the misunderstanding. They walked to the indicated table and a waiter came to

    serve you. The stranger pushed back his chair to Laurian sit.

    - I hope you do not mind to share the table with me. - His accent was English

    and not American.

    - Absolutely. By now this restaurant is usually packed - she said, smiling.

    She put the bag with the books under the chair and straightened his Italian

    style bag on the table corner, against the wall. It was part of the new fall

    collection. Unlike many designers, itself drew accessories for their models, so that

    by buying a dress or a group, women would have no trouble finding the bag and

    the proper shoes.

  • Laurian drew thinking of women like her. Active women, who liked practical

    clothes and good quality, but they had no time or willingness to roam shops and

    boutiques. The Laurian the label spared this marathon and, though expensive, their

    models obeyed the classical style, which represented a long-term investment.

    There was only one menu on the table and she studied quickly, though he

    knew beforehand what they would ask. Then he handed it to his companion.

    While entertained, he chose his plate, Laurian watched the details of his

    appearance. Her hair was not gray, but the man looked about forty-four, and his

    features seemed very familiar.

    If they had