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  1. 1. THE GOALS 6 HOURS 75 DANCERS $120 $20 $270,000 500 Time spent dancing. Friends youve inspired to sweat. Fundraising goal for each dancer. Total fundraising goal for over 30 cities. LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS who will nish their schooling with your support. Amount per hour a dancer is encouraged to raise. (Dancers can set their own fundraising goal) ($9,000 per Dance Marathon)
  2. 2. LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMTo date, weve supported 2,000 secondary and universitylevel scholarship students. All of these students have been affected by LRA violence in some way, and they are now using their education to strive to succeed and change the future of Uganda. We are committed to fullling the education of 500 students currently in the Legacy Scholarship Program, and we need your help to do it. Were asking you to take the nal step with us and empower these students to nish their education, giving them the tools to become Ugandas future leaders and improve their communities. We need you. With your support, these 500 students will be able to nish their education. We must make this happen! 100% of the funds raised from your dance marathon will go directly to these Legacy Scholarship students, empowering them to nish their education and pursue their passions.
  3. 3. WHY DANCE? Dance is a universal language. It needs no dictionary or translator. Everyone has a heart that beats. We want to use the medium of dance to bring people together, reinforcing the values of justice and community, which is what Invisible Children is all about. You have been chosen to host a HEARTBEATS DANCE MARATHON in your community this fall. We need your awesome fundraising skills, sick dance moves, and passionate heart to pull off the biggest and best dance marathon Invisible Children has ever seen. But dont worry; we are here to help and support you every step of the way. You have an entire ofce of Invisible Children staff behind you as you plan your dance party. LETS GET STARTED. MUSIC IS ABOUT AS PHYSICAL AS IT GETS: YOUR ESSENTIAL RHYTHM IS YOUR HEARTBEAT. ANNE LAMOTT
  4. 4. HERES HOW: WE WANT YOU TO HOST A DANCE MARATHON FOR 75 PEOPLE, OR MORE. 1. FIND A LOCATION This can be your schools gym, a local park, or a community center. As long as it can accommodate 75 people having the time of their lives, it will work. Ask about rental fees (if there are any) and mention you are hosting a fundraiser; many places will offer you a discount or let you use their facilities for free (#bonus). Need help nding a venue? Let us know and well have someone personally help you nd a cool spot. 2. ASK ABOUT A SOUND SYSTEM Heres the thing about throwing an epic dance party: you need epic music. But dont worrywere providing you with a sixhour playlist to keep your party moving. The only thing you need: speakers or a sound system to make sure your beats are heard. Ask at the venuethey may provide you with what you need.
  5. 5. 3. CONTACT LOCAL STORES FOR INKIND DONATIONS We are asking you and your friends to dance for 6 hours. At some point during that time, you are going to need food and water to keep you and your 75 guests PUMPED. Many times, local stores and restaurants are willing to donate water bottles or pizzas for a good causelike a dance marathon for Invisible Children. Ask your local pizza shop to show up with 20 pies to kick off the night right, or ask your local grocery store to donate a few cases of water to pass around the dance oor. 4. GET PEOPLE EXCITED Create your STAY CLASSY page, upload your video, and start sharing your event on social media. Plaster the walls of your school, college, community center anywhere and everywherewith HEARTBEATS posters (tip: make sure to ask permission before you hang them up). Well get you started with templates and your video. All you need to do is start posting!
  6. 6. 5. GET 75 FRIENDS TO SIGN UP We dont want you to be dancing with yourselfwe want 75 of your best friends and family members to join in! Your video and posters should help with this. People always love a personal touch, so creating a Facebook event where you invite all of your friends or reaching out to people when you pass them on the way to class are perfect ways to let your friends know that you want them at your dance party. Tip: Texting and oldschool phone calls are the most effective. 6. FUNDRAISE We know youre already a pro at this, so well just ll you in on the details. Each of the 75 people who sign up will fundraise $120 for 6 hours of dancingthats $20 per hour of dance. Thats $20 from parents, family members, friends, mailmen, anyone you know that will support your sick moves for 1 hour (tip: demo your moves for themhow can they say no to that?). Everyone who participates gets to create their own STAY CLASSY page to track how much they have fundraised. Obviously, if dancers want to set their hourly goals for more than $20, well let them.
  7. 7. 7. MAKE IT YOUR OWN This is YOUR dance party. We want you to have a say in what it looks like. Here are some activities and events that you can do to make it your own: Tip: Schedule this ahead of time and let people know. Charge $5 at the door for people who just want to come watch the battle. Rafe off prizes to dancers (those inkind donations make great prizes!) Have everyone show up in neon clothes! Get a smoke machine, strobe lights, glow sticks Anything to exceed expectations! Invite local bands, DJs, or dance groups to perform at a certain hour to boost the hype! Dance Battle Prize Rafe Blacklight Party Bubble Machine Local Bands
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA #HEARTBEATSDM Social media is an awesome way to create a huge buzz around this event. Here are a few ideas we have to promote your dance party. Tip: Every cool event needs a hashtag, right? Use #HeartBeatsDM, and youll be able to connect with other dance marathons around the world.