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    HEART Matter over Mind Chatter

    By Heike Shaolina

    The Heart is humble enough with itself. The heart does not ask for much then only love and being in the awareness of its creation in beingness - the frequency of this beautiful energy that resides in each of us. It is waiting to be remembered and to get in touch in the essence of follow your Heart. The process is simple and anybody can follow it. It just can happen in an instant to bust out of mind chatter and align with the heart matter the building bridge to Soul and Higher Self.

    What might that be that is so easily done with no confusion of thought forms created by the mind?

    It is as simple as we breathe in and out, as simple as the day is divided into day and night. When we remember our true Self existence, we will be on the way back home, back living in our heart.

    Art by Heike Shaolina

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    Our morphogenetic field stores informa-tions and programmings not only in our brain or midbrain. We have learned through all our physical, emotional and mental body. The memory mostly re-corded in little pictures, in our atoms and cells, beside throughout our aura-field and chakra system. We can change our reality when we start changing our nega-tive mind set and we can do this with the beautiful help of our heart and Spirit that connects 69 us back to our divine Self.

    Lets move on to the more practical way which is fun and brings joy and, easily achieved! The center of our attention we are talking about is the heart level- This is the place where the heart Chakra vibrates; even though, not in a physi-cal sense. The Heart CHAKRA is also called the ANAHATA Chakra in Sanskrit. The heart chakra is the building the con-nection between the first three chakras from a lower frequency rate to the higher chakras vibrating on a higher level in the chakra system.

    Let the mind go with all its thousands of thoughts it creates on daily basis. The mind is eager, involved in creating more and more thoughts, the very same as a production line manufactures prod-ucts for the industry, to make an easy gateway for the consumers to consume things you might not necessarily need.

    The subconscious mind does not filter or reject negative believes or programming as it simple does not make a difference between good or bad thought forms.

    We are all individuals and we all tick in our own rhythm but be reassured and know that we are safe to be in it, in the space of our heart.

    The heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the blood vessels to various parts of the body in rhythmic contractions, repeating for as long as we are alive and strive to be in the body, our physical incarnated vehicle.

    The average human heart is beating 72 beats for a minute that will make it beat about approximately 2,5 billion 88 times during an average 66 year lifespan and with it pumps about 4.7 to 5.7 liters blood per minute. Be as light as you heart can tell and in physical weighs in would just make up approximately 250 to 300 grams ( 9 to 11 oz.) in females and 300 to 350 grams ( 11 to 91 12 oz.) in males.

    In this you see that the heart perfor-mance an enormous job. For this short introduction to the anatomically insights of the heart I love to bring you back to the center, our heart and let the mind go.

    And to keep this article not just theoreti-cally we make it as vivid as possible for the time we practice the given exercise. Let love rule and let go of the mind, sim-ply enjoy the following.

    Heike Stenzel www.ascensionofthesoul.comheike.st@hotmail

    Question is, do we trust this process or are we going back to our mind chatter, convinced that only this is the true real-ity? Metaphysics sources pointing out, the power of the heart goes beyond limi-tation and we will get a closer look at it later on. If we only give credit towards the mind, we never will free ourselves from the illusion our thought forms cre-ate and manifest in our daily reality.

    In many articles of the heart and mind in metaphysical views, we have been in-formed that the heart and the brain keep up a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing 33 the others functioning.

    Admitting it is out of the ordinary, but the heart sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart and the signals the heart delivers to the mastermind can impact emotional pro-cessing, perception and cognitive func-tions.

    More insights of the heart matter are that the hearts field is a transmitter and acts like a person who negotiates agree-ments. These agreements are of bio-electromagnetic communication, within and outside the vehicle, we call our body. Research demonstrates our hearts field diverse clearly as we experience differ-ent emotions.

    The heart also generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field in the body and this actually can be measured in the brain waves of people around us. We can choose every moment to create the better, the love and joy our Spirit lov-ingly provides.

    We are truly able to change our reality and come out of the illusion by the Ego. We can learn to be in the heart space- we have done it before and we do it again. We just have to remember how it felt when we were aligned in our hearts and shared this beautiful reunion in love and joy. The impossible was made possible.

    I love to make this article as vivid as pos-sible and for this reason I embedded a beautiful and easy exercise you can practice.

    Give it a try and see for yourself. Be re-assured that over time we will become better and better and more comfortable while we practice.

    What do we have to do? As simply as that it is that we just have to give ourselves permission to do and the doors will open. Stepping out of our comfort zone that might not necessarily is a healthy com-fort zone anymore, but it is owned by our ego mind. Why we wonder? And the an-swer finds its approval towards we find in our habitual daily activities, our comfort zone that we have done over and over again and is so familiar but sometimes can be programmed by us through self-sabotage, consisting of belief systems 59 in the way we have programmed our-selves, consciously or subconsciously and have accumulated over the years.

    Opinions, views and believes that very often we blindly have absorbed in an age of when we were born until the age of 6 the so called theta state.