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From world-class athletes, to your next door neighbour. Millions of people agree that the Paleo diet is awesome. I personally have lost 6.1kg since January 1st, 2015. I love this stuff and I really do feel great and full of energy. We found 1000 Paleo recipes and a heap of Paleo ground beef recipes on the next page. All very simple to follow recipes. However, I do have one gripe… I kinda like the dog ear wear and tear on my cookbooks from over use. This is digital so I don’t get the feel of over use. Its always new.


  • Benefits of Paleo Diet That You Must KnowDid you know that nearly 30% of Americans suffer from a metabolic syndrome and their body cannot convert most of what they eat into useful energy. The irony is they have no idea of this since they have been eating like this their whole life and do not know whats wrong.with every problem, theres a solution for this to. No, I am not going to tell you to starve yourself for 50 hours. I will just ask you to switch your diet switch your regular diet with a Paleo Diet is a solution to this problem. Believe me your life be no longer be the same.

  • Benefits of Paleo DietYou Get All the Vitamins and Minerals Having Paleo Diet is like eating a whole buffet of Vitamins and Minerals. It suggests having a variety of seasonal vegetables in your meal. Vegetable of different colors depending on their nutrients are recommended so that your body gets every bit of the rainbow.

    Better Absorption, Fixes Digestive Problems Paleo Diet recommends that you eat the foods that were eaten by our early ancestors and to which out body has adapted over thousands of years. Dont be doubtful about whether you can digest starch of grass-fed meat. Your ancestors did it and they have transferred their powers to do so to you too. You can pull it off easily.

    Less Sensitivity Towards AllergiesPaleo Diet recommends us to reduce the consumption of food items that are allergic to certain sections of society. Some people are not able to digest grains and dairy products (except for raw milk).People often shy away from Paleo Diet because they think it bans grains, but the facts is it just does not recommend them.

  • Paleo Ground Beef Recipes, No Harsh Chemicals

    1 :- The Paleo diet was created back in the 1970s by gastroenterologist Walter Voegtlin.

    2 :- Can sharply reduce your changes of modern diseases such as Crohns disease, diabetes, obesity and indigestion.

    3 :- Processed foods are avoided as are grains and dairy as prehistoric man didnt cultivate crops or raise animals for meat or milk.

    6 :- Meat should ideally be grass fed as this closely resembles the diet of grazing prehistoric animals.

    5 :- Paleo can take you back to a simpler, more authentic and most importantly, healthy way of life.

    4 :- Paleo consists of nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.

  • Quick And Easy Paleo Ground Beef Recipes

    Hi, John here, this time around I am going to tell you what I really thought about his product. Be warned, I am going to tell you the good and the bad, so if that something you might not want to read you may as well leave now.

    I found the recipes in this site to be so easy ranging from Beef Stroganoff, Bacon Topped Meatloaf, Swedish Meatballs, Avocado & Tomato Topped Burgers and so much more. The step by step layout made it so simple even I had dinner ready on time. Healthy and appetising, the whole family enjoyed these meals and since we started with these recipes and lifestyle of paleo, I have lost 5.8 kilos. This has been effortless and I am surprised at how easy this was and how good the food is.

    My only gripe is that now I have proven I can cook, I have been added into the dinner rotation. Also I am used to referring to a book rather than online (not totally computer/ipad literate), but it does reduce bookcase space and clutter.

  • Quick And Easy Paleo Ground Beef Recipes Here

    At last, the most paleo recipes I've found on one site

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