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Healthy Hair Tips for Natural Hair by hair specialist doctor in Vadodara Dr. Jyoti Patil is the number one trichologist in Vadodara


Natural hair growth tips

Natural Hair Growth Tips

Longer, thicker hair...Everybody wants healthy and long hair. It gives an impression of a person that takes care for the overall appearance and a person that wants to look good. The hair grows 0.5 inches a month. You cant make it grow faster. However, you can make it look like it is growing fast if you make everything in your power to stop the negative effects and maximize the positive effects on your hair. With a few hair growth tips you will be able to make your hair healthy and shiny. Your confidence will boost and you can go everywhere proudly showing your beautiful hair.

Hair growth tips for a long and healthy hairIf you do not take proper care of your hair, its growth can slow down and the hair can become damaged. You have to stop with all the things that are bad for your hair. Make sure you dont use too much chemicals and hair dyes. You should never blow dry your hair while it is still soaking wet. You should not comb it roughly through knots nor cut it with scissors that are dull. These hair growth tips will help you avoid the things that slow down the growth of your hair.

Use a Good Conditioner and ShampooIf you have to color your hair, make sure it is as infrequent as possible. It is of utmost importance to use a good conditioner and shampoo that is made for colored hair. Washing your hair every day is also not a good idea. Your hair will be more protected by its natural oils. If you wash the hair too often, the natural oils will be washed as well. Another important thing is how you style your hair. Avoid curling irons, hot rollers, and blow dryers. Damage can be cause by rough combing of the hair knots and some tight hair styles, like braids and pony tails.

Natural Hair Growth Tips

Having a balanced diet and eating a lot of vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy are natural hair growth tips. Processed foods and drinks, sweets, alcohol and caffeinated beverages can have a negative effect on your hair. It is very important to eat food that is rich in protein. The hair requires Vitamins B, C and E, so it s recommended to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

You should also quit smoking if you want to have a healthy hair that grows naturally. The sun can be an enemy to your hair. Avoid continuous exposure to direct sunlight. If it is really necessary to go in the sun, make sure you wear a scarf around your head or simply a hat.

Eliminating stress and relaxing as hair growth tipsYour hair growth can be slowed down and even stopped if you live with high stress levels. Hair growth tips you need to take into consideration are eliminating the stress and trying to relax. Get a good night sleep and take time to relax. It is also advisable to start practicing yoga or meditation. Try to limit your stress levels by doing relaxation exercises.

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