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Healthy Food for Kids Healthy Food, healthy children, healthy life Slide 2 The importance of good nutrition Growth and brain development Health protection and immunity Protection against adult diseases Energy regulation Protection of teeth and gums Improved behaviour Development of good eating habits for life Slide 3 Birth to twelve months First year of life is greatest period of human growth Growth is directly reflected by nutrient intake Head circumference nearly doubles in first 12 months Birth weight doubles in first 5 months and triples by 12 months Birth length increases by 16-18 cm in first 6 months and 25 cm in first 12 months 50% of food intake is used by the brain. Slide 4 Toddlers, one to three years Growth slows reduction in appetite Head circumference increases by 3-4 cm from 1-3 yrs 70% of adult brain size is achieved by age three To predict childs height, double height at age 2. Slide 5 Children, three to ten years Slow steady growth in both boys and girls Average growth of 5-6 cm and 2-3kg per year until 9 th or 10 th birthday Brain growth continues slowly and steadily until full brain development is achieved at around 16 95% of the adult brain size by age 7 Total body fat decreases in toddlers until age 6, when it begins to increase again Slide 6 Children, three to ten years Puberty may begin in girls as young as eight Both boys and girls develop a layer of fat about 8-10 yrs to fuel puberty growth spurt. After age 8-9, girls naturally have more body fat than boys rounder, more curvaceous figure Girls begin puberty growth spurt from 9-11, about 2 years earlier than boys Boys develop more muscle (therefore more strength) than girls at puberty and girls develop more fat. Slide 7 Health protection and immunity Good nutrition is essential for production of protective immune cells to fight infection and disease. Breastmilk contains anti infection agents Breast fed babies have fewer colds, ear infections and gastroenteritis, and fight off illness more quickly Full breastfeeding with no additional food, drinks or water recommended by WHO for first six months. Slide 8 Health protection and immunity Lymphatic system doubles by age 7, then again by age 12. Good daily nutrition vital to produce immune tissues and white blood cells to engulf and destroy viruses & bacteria Malnourished children suffer more infections produce fewer white blood cells, immunoglobulin, anti-bodies and other immune cells. Can become vicious cycle as appetite is affected by illness, leading to poor nutrition leading to illness again. Slide 9 Protection against adult diseases Major diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers have origins in childhood. Providing fruit and vegetables to babies, toddlers and children is known to reduce their risk of cancer. Low fat diet, particularly saturated fats. Protects arteries against build up of fatty deposits and cholesterol atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis can lead to heart disease, kidney disease or stroke Overweight or obesity often begins in childhood. Obesity leads to atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Slide 10 Other benefits Protection of teeth and gums Energy regulation Improved behaviour Development of good eating habits for life Slide 11 Childrens needs Protein meat, fish, poultry, legumes, eggs, -2g of protein /kg of body weight /day Calcium 600-750 ml milk (or equivalent) per day Iron haem iron from animal foods; non haem from plants eat with Vit C to help absorption. Fibre after age 2, need minimum of 5g + age (7yr child needs 12g fibre per day min) Slide 12 Food Groups Cereals and Bread provide energy, preferably wholegrain; Need at least 4 serves per day Vegetables most brightly coloured provide most protective substances. 5 serves from a range of different types Fish, meat, eggs, legumes protein, minerals and iron. 1-2 serves per day Milk and dairy builds bones & teeth. 600 ml per day or equivalent.