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Healthy Body Healthy Mind Workshop

Workshop ObjectivesDefine health and discuss key elementsDiscuss Importance of health as it relates to improving physical and mental well-beingDiscuss how to improve health through Moderate exerciseBalanced dietImproving self-esteem and body imageProvide resources for assistance

What is health?What are your ideas about what it means?Where did you develop those ideas?

Health DefinedAccording to the World Health Organization, health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

Why is Good Health Important?Healthy behaviors reduce your risk of physical and mental disorders, such as:

-Heart disease-Diabetes-Stroke-Cancer-Anxiety-Body Image Issues-Depression-Eating Disorders

to name a few

Body Image InterviewI conducted an interview of healthy women concerning the own body image perceptionsIn general, these women portrayed reasonable positive attitudes about their body image.There seemed to be a slight tendency to want to be just a little more in shapeI believe this is common trend in our society that no matter how lean or in shape you are its as if youre never fully satisfiedThis mindset can become obsessive in some people and lead to disordered eating and obsessive exercise behaviors

Key Elements of HealthThe most important thing to remember about health is that it is continuum of progress throughout your entire life

Health is about striving for improvement, NOT for perfection

Health is about creating balance in your life and your activities

Physical Health

Ways to Improve Physical HealthGet Moving!Engage in regular, yet moderate physical activityTry different activities to find what you enjoy the mostStrive for a total of 60 total minutes most days of the week, can do in incrementsEvery little bit counts!

Suggestions for ActivitiesDog-walkingHikingSnowshoeingContact sportsWalk instead of take the busTake the stairsPark far away & walkJoggingSkiing/snowboardingSkateboarding

House-cleaningYard workYogaWeight-trainingMartial artsGym equipmentDancingRunningSwimmingBiking

Ways to Improve Physical Health

Ways to Improve Physical HealthImprove Your DietStrive to eat more real & homemade foodReduce consumption of sugar, salt and processed foodsIncrease consumption of fruits and veggiesLearn to cook.its a life skill worth learning!Offer to cook a meal for your parents/family once a week

How to Improve Physical HealthAt you can customize daily meal plans and guidelines for yourself Its free and easy to useIt helps you understand how much food is right for your body and your activity level

Basic Meal Guidelines:

Principles of Mindful EatingLearn to sense physical cues for hunger and use them as a guide for beginning and stopping eatingLearn to observe when you are engaging in emotional eatingBe a non-judgmental observer of your eating habits Learn to savor and appreciate what you eatVisit for more information

Mental Health

Ways to Improve Mental HealthSelf-esteem is your overall sense of self-worth bases on your internal beliefs of selfImproving your self esteem is one of the most important protective factors for reducing your risks ofDepressionAnxietyBody image issuesEating disorders

Ways to Improve Self-esteemHaving a positive self-esteem, a sense of self-confidence, and a high level of self-efficacy takes effort Developing these traits is a lifetime journey of self-discovery and self-analysis

Ways to Improve Self-esteemCultivate skills, talents, and hobbies. These increase your self-discipline as wellFocus on positive thoughts of self. Challenge pessimistic thoughts that occurIncrease your connection to others. One way to do this is through volunteerismLearn from your mistakes instead of seeing them as personal failures

Ways to Improve Self-esteemDo not internalize the criticism of others. Their opinion of you does NOT define youCelebrate every personal victory, no matter how small it may seemAppreciate yourself for exactly who you are right nowEngage in activities that encourage a mind-body connection, such as yoga, meditation or Tai Chi (or other martial art forms)

Ways to Improve Self-esteemSet realistic goals, both small and large, to work towards and be patient with your progress and know that you may have set-backsSurround yourself with positive people who will support good mental health habits and will not perpetuate abusive or overly critical behaviorsDo NOT strive for perfection, it will only serve to make you unhappy. Realize that you are human and will make mistakes! It is how we learn and grow !

Ways to Improve Body ImageHaving a positive body image is part of having a positive self-esteemMedia often depicts the average person as overly thin and physically flawlessRealize that these images are often air-brushed to produce a flawlessness that is unobtainable.Engage in exercise to improve health, not as means to produce a flawless figure

Ways to Improve Body ImageAcknowledge that media often engages in objectification of both men and women to sell products or increase ratingLimit your exposure to sources of media that encourage this mindset, such as certain television shows commercials, glamour and diet magazines, and music videosLearn to examine media with a critical eye to see what message is being portrayed

Workshop SummaryCultivation of positive health habits increases you sense of physical and mental well-beingThese things also improve your self-esteem and self-confidenceThese are protective factors that reduce your risk of certain physical and mental disordersRemember to strive for improvement and an overall balanced lifestyle, not for perfection

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