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<ul><li><p>Healthcare Startup Innovation ZoneA Healthcare Sabha Partner Proposal</p></li><li><p>The Indian public healthcare spend at 1.4 % of GDP is amongst the lowest worldwide. </p><p>Given the increase in operational costs, a rise in life style diseases, a low doctor-patient ratio at 1:1,674, a </p><p>workforce requirement of 7.4 million by 2022, a 6-7 lakh bed deficit that must be addressed in the next six </p><p>years, and that the majority of patients are in rural areas with limited or no access to hospitals or clinics... the </p><p>need of the hour is to bridge the gap between demand and supply of quality healthcare services. </p><p>Rising up to the challenge are Healthcare Startups striving to make healthcare both accessible and </p><p>aaffordable. As new entrants to the healthcare ecosystem, they offer fresh perspectives to complex issues </p><p>coupled with innovative cost &amp; time efficient solutions delivered over digital channels. All with an urgency to </p><p>raise scale to reach and serve the greatest numbers. </p><p>In 2015, around 300 healthcare startups had emerged. Further to this, according to the NASSCOM Startup </p><p>Ecosystem Report 2015, 6-8% of the recent B2C startups in India have been in the health-tech sector. </p><p>Supported by the government's Startup India initiative, the sector is expected to see ample and continued </p><p>traction over the next few years. </p><p>TTo overcoming vast challenges over the short and long term, Startups need to work closely with and ally with </p><p>multiple stakeholders spanning policymakers, academics, technologists and several government </p><p>departments. What would greatly aid and accelerate the process would be a National Platform providing </p><p>them access to the decision makers that matter.</p><p>THE HEALTHCAREECOSYSTEM</p><p>Medical Torism</p><p>Medical Devices</p><p>HOSPITALS</p><p>Clinical Trials</p><p>PharmaceuticalsTelemedicine</p><p>Health Insurance</p><p>Start-ups</p></li><li><p>HealthcareSabhaWith an aim to drive a revolution and facilitate a dialogue in public health, The Indian Express Group and </p><p>Express Healthcare, India's leading B2B Healthcare magazine launched </p><p>Healthcare Sabha The National Thought Leadership Forum on Public Healthcare.</p><p>The first edition (held from March 4-6, 2016 at Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Center) brought </p><p>together significant stakeholders in public health to deliberate on cohesive, unified and together significant stakeholders in public health to deliberate on cohesive, unified and </p><p>innovative ways to achieve the National Health Missions Vision pertaining to Universal Access to </p><p>Equitable, Affordable and Quality Healthcare Services to All.</p><p>In keeping with the learnings from the first edition, Healthcare Sabha 2017 will create a blueprint to </p><p>facilitate evidence-based policy making, augment excellence in healthcare delivery and eliminate barriers to </p><p>equitable access. Healthcare Sabha 2017 will therefore work toward Co-creating a </p><p>Manifesto for a Healthy India. This manifesto will contain 4 pillars:</p><p> Tackling Talent Crunch: Improving Capacity and Competence </p><p> Developing Sustainable Health Financing Systems </p><p> Ushering Good Governance in Public Health </p><p> Ensuring Access to Quality Health Services and Essential Medicines </p><p>CO-CREATING A MANIFESTO FOR</p><p>A HEALTHY INDIAEVIDENCE. EXCELLENCE. EQUITY</p></li><li><p>Delegate Profile Secretary, Addl. Secretary, Jt. Secretary, DG, DDG etc from Ministry of Health &amp; Family </p><p> Welfare, Government of India </p><p> NHM Mission Directors of various States </p><p> NHM Policy Makers and Planning Officials </p><p> Dignitaries from Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (DCGI, Jt. Drugs Controller, </p><p> Deputy Drugs Cont Deputy Drugs Controller) </p><p> Key dignitaries from NHSRC/SHSRC, NIHFW </p><p> Dignitaries from State Health Corporations, State Health Society and State Health Mission Director </p><p> Director, Deputy Director of autonomous institutions like AIIMS, JIPMER, PGIMER, NIM HANS etc. </p><p> Dignitaries from ESIC (Director General, Medical Commissioners, Deputy Medical Commissioners) </p><p> DG AFMS, Addl. DG-AFMS </p><p> DG, ED, Director, Deputy Director Railway Health Services, CMOs of various railway zones </p><p> Chief P Chief Procurement Officer, Medical Superintendents, Administrative Heads of premier </p><p> Government and Municipal Hospitals from various states &amp; cities </p><p>Organiser The Indian Express Group is one of Indias largest media conglomerates with a wide selection of publications </p><p>and a network of offices spread across India. Today, with 32 national editions, 13 publication centers and 4 </p><p>language dailies we reach over 19 million people daily. The Express Group of publications has stood for ex-</p><p>cellence in journalism for over 80 years. Our Group publications include The Indian Express, The Financial </p><p>Express, Loksatta, Lokprabha, Jansatta and Business Publication Division.</p><p>Established in 1990, the Business Publications Division (BPD) of the Group manages B2B publications like </p><p>Express Computer, Express Pharma, Express Healthcare, Express TravelWorld, Food and Hospitality World, </p><p>as well as organizes marquee events like Technology Senate, Technology Sabha, Healthcare Senate, Health-</p><p>care Sabha &amp; BFSI Technology Conclave. </p><p>As the No.1 Business Magazine for the healthcare industry, Express Healthcare has a Pan-India readership </p><p>that includes CEOs, senior management and business heads. Our editorial offering includes news, views, </p><p>analysis and interviews and covers every segment including-hospital management &amp; strategy, radiology &amp; im-</p><p>aging, hospital infrastructure, and IT. We also have an annual publication, In Imaging, for the radiology and </p><p>imaging segment.</p></li><li><p>Keeping the strategic importance of startups in mind, we have set up an Innovation Zone to showcase solutions </p><p>from:</p><p> Doctor Networking &amp; Engagement</p><p> Patient Education/ Awareness/ Network</p><p> Health Records, Data &amp; Claims Management </p><p> Consultation &amp; Appointment Management </p><p> Healthcare Delivery Startups</p><p> Home Healthcare Se Home Healthcare Services</p><p>Your participation in the Innovation Zone gets your company:</p><p> Unmatchable Reach to 150+ of the leading decision makers in the Public Healthcare space.</p><p> Showcase Your Technology at 9 sq m Exhibit Booths specially designed and strategically </p><p> placed to help you interact and share your expertise with the key influencers that matter.</p><p> Industry Citations at an special ceremony that highlights your company and its unique </p><p> solution and the way it is transforming lives and healthcare </p><p> The Perfect Pitch. Your company receives a 5 minute slot at a strategically timed slot before </p><p> this august audience</p><p> Build Alliances with industry leaders and allied businesses in congenial settings such as </p><p> the After-Citation Networking Dinner.</p><p> Leverage the Power of a well co-ordinated multimedia campaign that includes print and </p><p> banner ads, EDMs, advertorials, interviews, and post event coverage. </p><p>Cost of Participation: 1 Lakh plus applicable government taxes</p><p> Self Care Services</p><p> Diagnostic Services</p><p> Chronic Condition Management</p><p> Treatment-focused Solutions</p><p> Content/ Outsourcing</p><p>Healthcare Startup Innovation Zone</p><p>1.pdf2.pdf3.pdf4.pdf5.pdf6.pdf</p></li></ul>