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<ol><li> 1. MEDITECH (INDIA) A TRUSTED HUB FOR MEDICAL DEVICES </li><li> 2. COMPANY PROFILE After analyzing the forthcoming requirements of the medical &amp; health care industry in 1996, Mr. P. R. Bansal took the first step in the incorporation of Meditech India. A company to be engaged in crafting and developing of medical equipments which can empower and enhance the life saving capacity of the healthcare professionals. Meditech India is an ISO 9001:2008 &amp; 13485:2003 and CE Certified Co. Our policy is to satisfy our customers through continues improvements. Innovation in the healthcare market is essential to guarantee continuing good &amp; economic care. In working with the product supply chain we have developed our distributors in every corner of the globe. This is being supported by well-built logistic team to ensure on time delivery. </li><li> 3. QUALITY STANDARDStandards:Meditech products are incompliance with theFollowing standards:ISO 9001:2008ISO 13485:2003CE CLASS I By DNVIEC 60601 -1 </li><li> 4. PRODUCT PROFILE 1. OPERATION TABLE 2. NEURO &amp; ORTHO ATTACHMENT 3. LED OPERATION LIGHT 4. HALOGEN OPERATION LIGHT 5. EXAMINATION LIGHT 6. HOSPITAL BED &amp; FURNITURE 7. STETHOSCOPES &amp; SPHYGMOMANOMETER 8. HOLLOW WARES </li><li> 5. 1. OPERATION TABLEWe are manufacturing different kind and use of Operation Table to cater every clients need.We produce Electromatic &amp; Hydraulic Operation Table. ELECTROMATIC O. T. TABLE MI 103 Features: C-Arm Compatible Longitudinal Top 250mm 304G S.S. Body Split Leg Section Specialized Table CardiologyNeurology, Laparoscopy,Gynecology &amp; Urology </li><li> 6. MI - 101 MI - 111 MI - 2003 </li><li> 7. 2. NEURO &amp; ORTHO ATTACHMENT MI - 112THREE PIN NEURO ATTACHMENT HORSE SHOE ATTACHMENT </li><li> 8. 3. LED OPERATION LIGHTIt is now possible to use Light Emitting Diodes for required illumination in medical lightingLEDs have a technical advantage over the traditional halogen lamp. Thanks to LEDstechnique, now surgeon can work in low heat and great life cycle of LEDs working hours.Meditech India bring 2nd Generation LED Lighting TechnologyLED O. T. LIGHT XN 243FeaturesIllumination Intensity : 0 280000Variable Color TemperatureCold Light360 RotationLess FatigueDigital Control Panel &amp; Remote </li><li> 9. XN - 255XN - 266 </li><li> 10. 4. HALOGEN OPERATION LIGHTWe are manufacturing different kind and use of Operation Lights in halogen lamp categoryCeiling, Mobile &amp; Wall mount. O. T. LIGHT CMI 220 Features Illumination Intensity : 0 180000 Cold Light Digital Control Panel &amp; Remote </li><li> 11. CMI -203 CMI - 204CMI - 216 </li><li> 12. 5. EXAMINATION LIGHTWe take care clinical requirement and examination room in order to servetheir need we have special range of examination cum spot lightEXAMINATION CUM SPOT LIGHT EL 510 Features Soft &amp; natural light for clear vision Chrome / Plastic base Illumination Intensity : 0 10000 </li><li> 13. EL - 530 EL - 550 </li><li> 14. 6. HOSPITAL BED &amp; FURNITUREMeditech India, open its complete rage of hospital bed &amp; furniture, so the buyer assureto get products in single umbrella i.e. ICU beds, fowler bed &amp; ward furniture ICU BED MI 901 Features Mechanically Operated 4 Section CRCA Sheet Top ABS Bows at Head &amp; Foot End Four revolving corner buffers </li><li> 15. CRASH CART S. S.EMERGENCY TROLLEY S. S. TELESCOPIC LABOR TABLE </li><li> 16. 7. STETHOSCOPES &amp; SPHYGMOMANOMETERAs per today customer requirement all products from single source, Meditech bringsof diagnostic items such as Stethoscopes &amp; SphygmomanometerSTETHOSCOPESFeatures Dual Head Chest Piece High Acoustic sensitivity &amp; sound condition Sensitive floating Diaphragms </li><li> 17. ST - 320ST - 340 ST - 350 </li><li> 18. 7. STETHOSCOPES &amp; SPHYGMOMANOMETERSPHYGMOMANOMETERFeatures Portable Aluminum pressure die cast body Superior quality cuff Scale of 0-300 mmHG with a reading accuracyof 1mmHG </li><li> 19. SM - 380 SM - 390 </li><li> 20. 8. HOLLOW WARES We offering a wide range of quality S. S. wares in order to cater hospitals ward and clinical requirement SURGERY TRAYKIDNEY TRAYDRESSING DRUMS </li><li> 21. M /F URINALDUST BIN M /F BED PAN </li><li> 22. For Further Information, contact: 5, Avtar Enclave, Paschim Vihar, Rohtak Ring Road New Delhi, India 110063 Tele: 91-11-45545258 / 238 Fax: 91-11-45545259 Mail: Web:</li></ol>