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  1. 1. Amany R.Abo-El-SeoudAmany R.Abo-El-Seoud Prof. Of Community MedicineProf. Of Community Medicine Zagazig University,EGYPTZagazig University,EGYPT HEALTH PROMOTIONHEALTH PROMOTION
  2. 2. Health promotionHealth promotion It is the science aiming at reaching optimal (perfect) health All activities aiming at increasing well-being, prevention of disease and health hazards, or control of disease are included under health promotion. (it is the highest aim of CM) Health promotion is to addHealth promotion is to add life into thelife into the yearsyears and not just addand not just add years onto lifeyears onto life
  3. 3. Definition of health promotionDefinition of health promotion Is a process of activating communities,Is a process of activating communities, policy makers, professionals and thepolicy makers, professionals and the public in favor of health supportivepublic in favor of health supportive policies, systems and ways of living.policies, systems and ways of living. It is carried out through acts of advocacy,It is carried out through acts of advocacy, empowerment of people and buildingempowerment of people and building social support systems that enable peoplesocial support systems that enable people to make healthy choices and live healthyto make healthy choices and live healthy lives.lives.
  4. 4. The basic principles for health promotion: Promotion of health requires a secure foundation in these basic prerequisites. Sustainable resources Peace Shelter Education Food Income A stable ecosystem Health Social justice & equity
  5. 5. Advocate for health: - Good health gives better quality of life so it necessitates advocacy (fighting for it). - The following factors can favor health or can harm it: - Health promotion aims at making these conditions favorable for health. Political conditions Economic conditions Social conditions Cultural conditions Environmental factors or conditions Behavioral factors or conditions Biological factors or conditions Health
  6. 6. Approaches for health promotionApproaches for health promotion How can we promote health?How can we promote health? Healthy population (infrastructure)Healthy population (infrastructure) Healthy lifestyleHealthy lifestyle Healthy environmentHealthy environment
  7. 7. 11--Healthy populationsHealthy populations By targeting all life stages and groups.By targeting all life stages and groups. Since the health needs of people varySince the health needs of people vary according to their stage in the life cycle oraccording to their stage in the life cycle or their gender, the healthy populationtheir gender, the healthy population approach encourages initiatives that focusapproach encourages initiatives that focus on the health needs and contributions ofon the health needs and contributions of people at every life stage.people at every life stage.
  8. 8. 22--Healthy lifestylesHealthy lifestyles This approach focuses more on theThis approach focuses more on the behavior of individuals and how theirbehavior of individuals and how their decisions and actions can lead to healthierdecisions and actions can lead to healthier outcomes. This can be done throughoutcomes. This can be done through health education, social mobilization andhealth education, social mobilization and advocacy programs.advocacy programs. No smoking, better nutrition and exerciseNo smoking, better nutrition and exercise are examples of healthy lifestylesare examples of healthy lifestyles approach.approach.
  9. 9. 33--Healthy settingsHealthy settings Creating social, economic andCreating social, economic and environmental conditions that areenvironmental conditions that are favorable to good health. Healthfavorable to good health. Health conditions in developing countries must beconditions in developing countries must be viewed in a wider socio economic contextviewed in a wider socio economic context because millions of people are trapped inbecause millions of people are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, despair,the vicious cycle of poverty, despair, disparity, illiteracy and diseasedisparity, illiteracy and disease
  10. 10. Other approach for healthOther approach for health promotionpromotion Prevention Immuniz. Environment H.Services Protection Laws&policy Health education Appreciate health Keen to keep healthy
  11. 11. Who promote health?Who promote health? Individual role Governmental role Legislation Environmental health Health services Other ministries Policy & budget H.Conciousness Life style Genetic Beliefs Occupation
  12. 12. WHO PROMOTESWHO PROMOTES HEALTHHEALTH?? International organizationInternational organization Health authoritiesHealth authorities Non-Governmental OrganizationsNon-Governmental Organizations Primary health care teamPrimary health care team Private physician.Private physician. Other health professions: nurses,Other health professions: nurses, professions allied to medicine.professions allied to medicine. Religious organizationsReligious organizations
  13. 13. Guiding Principles of HealthGuiding Principles of Health PromotionPromotion EmpoweringEmpowering individuals and communities.individuals and communities. ParticipatoryParticipatory (involving all).(involving all). HolisticHolistic (all four dimensions of health).(all four dimensions of health). IntersectoralIntersectoral (collaboration of all agencies)(collaboration of all agencies) EquitableEquitable (equity and social justice)(equity and social justice) SustainableSustainable (changes are maintained)(changes are maintained) MultistrategyMultistrategy (variety of approaches)(variety of approaches)
  14. 14. Health promotion "23 years of continuous development" - Ottawa (Canada) 1986: first international health promotion conference as an extended application for the Alma Ata declaration 1978 on primary health care. - Australia 1988: Concept of healthy public policy being a human right. gender dimension was given specific attention. - Sweden 1991: Concept of supportive environments conductive to health and the links with sustainable development.
  15. 15. -Jakarta, Indonesia 1997: Issues related to globalization (the potentials and controversies around public-private partnership) infra-structures and funding. - Mexico city, Mexico 2000: High level political commitment to health promotion. Positioning health promotion higher on the political agenda and recognizing it as a priority in local, regional, national, and international programs. - Bangkok (Thailand) 2005: Identified major challenges, actions & commitments needed to address the determinants of health in the world by reaching out to people, groups & organizations that are critical to the achievement of health.
  16. 16. Ottawa Charter put five action areas for promotion: 1- Develop healthy public policy. 2- Create supportive environment for health 3- Strengthen community action. 4- Develop personal skills i.e. modifying their life style towards healthy behaviors. 5- Reorient health services.
  17. 17. 11--Develop healthy public policyDevelop healthy public policy health should be on the policy agenda in allhealth should be on the policy agenda in all sectors, and at all levels of government.sectors, and at all levels of government. Governments are ultimately accountable to theirGovernments are ultimately accountable to their people for the health consequences of theirpeople for the health consequences of their policies, or the lack of policies. A commitment topolicies, or the lack of policies. A commitment to healthy public policies means that governmentshealthy public policies means that governments must measure and report on their investmentsmust measure and report on their investments for health, and the subsequent health outcomesfor health, and the subsequent health outcomes of these investments and policies in a languageof these investments and policies in a language that all groups in society readily understand.that all groups in society readily understand.
  18. 18. 2-Create supportive environment: (1) Protection and conservation of the natural environment - as a natural resource - must be addressed in any health promotion strategy. (2)We must create a healthy working & living conditions and making them safe, stimulating for health, satisfying & enjoyable.
  19. 19. (3) Systematic assessment of the health impact of any rapidly changing environment as in Work places, energy production areas and rapidly urbanized areas. (4)Encourage research studies for detection of environmental hazards on health and methods of controlling them.
  20. 20. 3-Strengthen community action Health promotion depends on concrete & effective community action. The community has to share in: Setting priorities Making decisions Planning strategies Implementing these strategies
  21. 21. This can be enhanced by: Empowering the community Create ownership Control of their actions & efforts This requires: Continuous access to information. Learning opportunities for health. Funding support.
  22. 22. 44--Health promotion strategiesHealth promotion strategies directed towards individualsdirected towards individuals 1.1. Increase individual awareness of disease andIncrease individual awareness of disease and disability prevention actions.disability prevention actions. 2.2. Changing lifestyles to healthy onesChanging lifestyles to healthy ones 3.3. Encourage individuals to have check-ups andEncourage individuals to have check-ups and to use health screening use health screening opportunities. 4. Early seeking for medical advice4. Early seeking for medical advice 5. Compliance to physician5. Compliance to physician instruction and treatment scheduleinstruction and treatment schedule
  23. 23. 55--Reorient hea


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